Volleyball quotes collection

Volleyball quotes are inspirational quotes from players, coaches, and sports enthusiasts.

These represent the spirit of volleyball and inspire the players.

In this article, we have collected famous volleyball quotes.



Collection of famous volleyball quotes (world edition)


  1. “Volleyball is more than just a game, it’s a way of life.” – Unknown

    • This phrase expresses the depth of impact volleyball has on players.
  2. “In order to build a strong team, it is essential that the individual players trust each other.” – Karch Kiraly

    • Trust is the key to success in team sports.
  3. “A perfect setup is worth more than a good spike.” – Unknown

    • This quote emphasizes the importance of teamwork in volleyball.
  4. “Play without fear of losing and always aim to win.” – Unknown

    • Encourages players to have a positive attitude and confidence.
  5. “In volleyball, you don’t know what’s going to happen until the last point.” – Unknown

    • We will teach you the importance of never giving up until the end.
  6. “You can’t play alone, you have a team.” – Misty May Trainor

    • Success is not the result of an individual’s accomplishments, but the efforts of a whole team.
  7. “The game isn’t over until the ball hits the ground.” – Unknown

    • It shows the importance of giving your all until the last moment.
  8. “Volleyball is a game played at the highest level.” – Unknown

    • It emphasizes the dynamic aspect of volleyball and the importance of jumping.
  9. “The road to victory always begins with practice.” – Unknown

    • It shows that success can only be achieved through continuous effort and practice.


These quotes capture the motivation for the challenges volleyball players face and the essence of volleyball as a team sport.

Players can take these words to heart and translate them into real life through practice and games.



Collection of famous volleyball quotes (Japanese version)



  1. “A strong mind creates a strong body.”

    • Japanese volleyball emphasizes the importance of mental strength. The idea is that never giving up when faced with a challenge will ultimately lead to physical strength.
  2. “Teamwork surpasses individual talent.”

    • It represents the essence of volleyball as a team sport. Even the most talented players cannot reach their full potential without cooperation and unity as a team.
  3. “Put your heart into every ball.”

    • These words teach the importance of giving your all to each ball. This spirit is important not only in volleyball but in many Japanese sports and activities.
  4. “Never give up until the last point.”

    • The Japanese volleyball team is often known for its indomitable spirit. I value the attitude of continuing to fight until the last point is decided, no matter how badly you are at a disadvantage.
  5. “Don’t be afraid of failure and always keep trying.”

    • Growth and progress requires the courage to take on new challenges and sometimes learn from failure. This spirit applies on and off the volleyball court.


These quotes and thoughts reflect the spirit that Japanese volleyball has cultivated over the years.

Teamwork, mental fortitude, sustained effort, and a positive attitude to always take on challenges are the foundations for Japanese volleyball players to succeed on the global stage.


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