7 recreational activities using volleyball

Recreational activities using volleyball are a great way to have fun and get your body moving while improving communication.

By slightly changing the rules of traditional volleyball or creating an entirely new game, you can provide an activity that all participants can enjoy.


In this article we will introduce some ideas for recreation with volleyball.




1. Sitting volleyball

  • Rules: Same as regular volleyball, but players sit on the floor. This game reduces motor ability differences and is suitable for people of different ages and abilities to play together.


2. Volleyball relay

  • Rules: Divide the team into two, and each team lines up in a line. The first player takes a volleyball and goes around cones and obstacles while holding the ball above his head, returns to the starting point and passes the ball to the next player. The team that repeats this and everyone completes the task wins.


3. Volleyball Bowling

  • Rules: Place bowling pins on one side of the volleyball court. Players roll the volleyball from the service line to knock down pins. Compete for points based on the number of pins that fall.


4. Volleyball Soccer

  • Rules: Use a volleyball court and handle the ball with your feet, not your hands. It is played by hitting the ball with the feet, head, and chest and follows normal volleyball rules. This game combines volleyball and soccer skills and helps improve athletic ability.


5. Beach volleyball blind

  • Rules: Beach volleyball is used, but a large cloth or sheet is placed over the net so that the opponent’s court cannot be seen. This tests your ability to predict your opponent’s moves.


6. Volleyball juggling

  • Rules: Team members form a circle and one person in the center juggles the volleyball. The other members support the ball so it doesn’t fall, and take turns moving into the center to increase the difficulty of juggling.


7. Balance volleyball

  • Rules: Play volleyball on a tightrope or on an unstable surface. Players hit the ball while balancing and compete for points according to regular volleyball rules.


These recreational activities provide participants with fresh challenges and fun by changing the basic way of enjoying volleyball.

It is designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages, regardless of their level of athletic ability.

Incorporating these games into group activities and events can strengthen bonds between participants and encourage an active lifestyle.





Valley recreation recommended for seniors


When it comes to volleyball recreation for the elderly, it is important to provide fun activities that allow for exercise while taking into account physical ability and safety.

Below are some ideas for recreational activities using volleyball for seniors.

These activities help seniors stay healthy by reducing lack of exercise, improving their sense of balance, and providing opportunities for social interaction.


walking volleyball

  • Overview: A volleyball game in which players play while walking instead of running. Since the movements are slow, you can exercise without putting stress on your body.


3. Balloon Volleyball (Balloon Volleyball)

  • Summary: Use a light balloon instead of a volleyball. The balloon moves slowly, giving you plenty of reaction time and making it safe for even the elderly to enjoy. Recreation that can be used in nursing care facilities


4. Beachball Volleyball

  • Summary: A beach ball that is larger and lighter than a regular volleyball is used. The slow movements make it easy to play and can be enjoyed in groups.


5. Mini volleyball

  • Overview: Play with simple rules using a small ball and a low net. You can enjoy the fun of volleyball while reducing the intensity of your exercise.


6. Volleyball style, balloon hitting

  • Overview: A seated balloon shooting game where you send balloons to your opponent without letting them fall. You can exercise easily while developing coordination and reflexes. This is a recreational activity that takes place in nursing care facilities.


7. Soft volleyball

  • Overview: Uses a soft material volleyball made especially for the elderly. It’s gentle on your hands and safe for long periods of play.


8. Volleyball Quiz

  • Overview: This is an activity that incorporates quizzes that ask about volleyball knowledge and general knowledge. Quizzes are given between activities using balls, which can also be used to exercise the brain.


These recreational activities are designed to allow seniors to have fun while being physically active.

Please choose activities according to your athletic ability and health condition, and carry out them while keeping safety in mind.

Another major objective is to help the elderly maintain social connections and reduce feelings of isolation through these activities.



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