What is the rabbit punch in boxing? Why is it a dangerous offense?

The term “rabbit punch” in boxing is familiar to contact sports fans and athletes, but many are unaware of its dangers and why it is strictly prohibited.

This article explains what a rabbit punch is and why it is considered a dangerous foul.


What is Rabbit Punch?

A rabbit punch refers to a blow delivered to the back of an opponent’s head.

This name is said to come from the behavior of rabbits, which kick strongly with their hind legs when they feel threatened.

In a boxing match, such a blow is clearly considered a foul.


Why is Rabbit Punch dangerous?

The back of the head is one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body.

Hits here can cause concussions and more serious brain damage, as well as injuries to the cervical vertebrae and spinal cord.

In particular, the cervical vertebrae are very close to the spinal cord, so impacts to these areas can cause severe damage to the nervous system.

As a result, there is an undeniable risk of temporary or permanent paralysis and even death.


Why is it considered a violation?

Many contact sports, including boxing, have strict rules in place to keep athletes safe.

Rabbit punching is strictly prohibited as it violates the spirit of the sport due to its high risk.

This rule exists to encourage players to compete based on skill and strategy, and to prevent unfair advantage from unsafe practices.



Rabbit punches are strictly prohibited in boxing due to their potential danger.

Players, coaches, and fans must understand and respect the importance of these rules to keep sports safe and fair.

Boxing is a sport of skill and strategy, and to keep it that way, it is essential that all participants follow the rules.

How to defend against Rabbit Punch


The rabbit punch in boxing is a blow to the back of the head, and is strictly prohibited as it is extremely dangerous.

Preventing this requires an understanding of proper defensive techniques and tactics. Here are some ways to protect yourself from Rabbit Punch.



1. Maintain appropriate distance

  • Mastering your sense of distance : Reduce the risk of rabbit punching by keeping an appropriate distance from your opponent. If you are too close, you will be more susceptible to being hit, so it is important to adjust the distance to your opponent and stay out of the reach of the blows.


2. Strengthening the guard

  • Maintain a high guard : To protect your head, it is important to keep your hands high, especially the back of your head. By keeping your guard up, you can protect your head from unintentional rabbit punches.


3. Body rotation and movement

  • Rotate your body correctly : When punching or dodging, properly rotating your body will keep the back of your head away from your opponent. This move not only reduces the risk of rabbit punches, but also creates opportunities for counter attacks.


4. Use of clinch

  • Strategic use of the clinch : When your opponent approaches you, use the clinch (the technique of hugging your opponent) to eliminate the chance of a rabbit punch. This allows you to temporarily interrupt your opponent’s attack.


5. Improve footwork

  • Active Footwork : Move quickly to miss the target of your opponent’s attacks. By using good footwork and changing your positioning frequently, you can reduce the risk of a rabbit punch.


6. Stay alert

  • Always be alert : During a match, you must always be alert to your opponent’s movements and be prepared for unexpected attacks. It is important to carefully observe your opponent’s behavior and detect early signs of aggression.



These defense methods will help you protect yourself not only from Rabbit Punch, but also from other types of foul play and attacks.

In order to practice safe boxing, it is important to learn these techniques and apply them appropriately.