Make a difference with Kendo! Thorough explanation of how to make a cool voice and its effects

In Kendo, not only technique but also “voice” is an important element.

A powerful voice can not only boost your own spirits, but also give your opponents an overwhelming presence.

However, many Kendo enthusiasts have the question, “How do you make a cool voice?”


In this article, we will explain how to use your voice effectively in Kendo for everyone from beginners to advanced players.

Learn in detail from the basics of voice to applied techniques, and refine your voice along with Kendo techniques.



Introduction: Why voice is important in Kendo

In Kendo, how you use your voice is just as important as learning the technique.

Speaking out loud has more meaning than just uttering it; it is an act of adding “spirit,” which shows the strength of one’s will and has the effect of putting psychological pressure on the opponent.

In this way, in Kendo, the voice can be an element that motivates oneself and influences the flow of the match.


When practicing Kendo, we recommend that you speak loudly from the beginning.

Beginners in particular can draw out their inner strength and increase the accuracy and power of their techniques by shouting out loud.

The habit of speaking out loud can also improve your concentration and help you stay mentally focused.

Even when it comes to how you use your voice, the technique and timing are directly linked to your Kendo ability, so it is important for beginners to master the basics.



This section details the importance of voice in Kendo and the basic knowledge and techniques for using it effectively.

This will not only help you improve your Kendo skills, but also develop your mental strength.



Basic technique: How to use your voice correctly in Kendo

Correct technique is required to use your voice in Kendo. This section provides detailed step-by-step explanations, from the basics of how to express your voice to how to actually practice.

In Kendo, the voice of “kiai” is not just about shouting out loud, but the timing and method of shouting greatly affects the precision of the technique.


Basic roles and techniques of voice

When using your voice in Kendo, it is important to understand that your voice functions as part of the technique.

The voice not only indicates the intention to attack, but also serves to motivate oneself and intimidate the opponent.


Basic vocal techniques include the following points:

  1. Timing of vocalization : It is essential to vocalize in time with the moment you perform the technique. This increases the power of the technique and gives you a sense of mental satisfaction when you actually nail the technique.
  2. Loudness and quality of voice : Keep your voice clear, even if it is loud, and pay attention to how you use your breath. The voice must be strong and clear from the heart.


Subheading: Actual practice method

To practice vocalization in Kendo, follow these steps:

  1. Basic vocal practice : Start with a basic standing position in the dojo, take a deep breath, and practice speaking powerfully. By repeating this, you will learn how to use your body to naturally produce your voice.
  2. Speak while moving : Next, practice vocalizing while performing movement techniques such as moving forward and backward. This way you will learn how to control your voice during movement.
  3. Practicing in a real combat format : Practice using your voice while maintaining a sense of distance from your opponent, simulating actual Kendo forms and competition formats. It is important to adjust the timing of your voice according to the other person’s movements.



Mastering the correct way to use your voice will directly improve your overall performance in Kendo.

Refine these techniques through daily practice and prepare to face the competition with confidence.



What is the effect of speaking out loud?

The way you use your voice in Kendo is not just a technical aspect, but also has great psychological and tactical effects.

This section provides a detailed analysis of how the voice affects Kendo matches and training.


Psychological effects of voice in Kendo

Speaking out loud is a way to strongly express one’s will in the practice of Kendo.

A powerful voice can increase your own fighting spirit and give an impression of intimidation to your opponent.

Especially during a match, a loud, clear voice can disrupt your opponent’s concentration and give you a psychological advantage in allowing you to progress at your own pace.


Tactical effects of voice

The tactical use of the voice has a direct effect on the execution of Kendo techniques.

It is possible to increase the instantaneous power of a technique by speaking out at the same time as releasing the technique.

The act of vocalizing concentrates the energy in the body in one point, which contributes to increasing the accuracy and power of the blow.

Voice also serves as a way to maintain one’s rhythm during a match, helping to establish a rhythm for continuous attacking and defensive movements.


The effect of voice in rehearsals

Actively using your voice during the practice process not only helps you acquire technique, but also improves your stamina and concentration.

Continuously speaking out loud makes it easier to maintain concentration even during long periods of practice, accelerating the rate of technical improvement.

Additionally, the way you use your voice during rehearsals can help instructors better understand the student’s condition.

When students speak out loud, they can more clearly communicate their state of energy and physical strength, making it possible to provide more effective instruction.



By understanding the psychological and tactical effects of how to use your voice in Kendo and using them appropriately, you can greatly improve the quality of your matches and training.

Even just the way you use your voice is directly connected to deep learning of Kendo and improving your technique, so it is an important point to focus on in your daily practice.



Advanced vocal techniques

In Kendo, the way an expert uses their voice is one of the important indicators of their technical proficiency.

In this section, we will explain vocal techniques used by advanced vocalists and tips for learning these techniques effectively.


vocal control and timing

Advanced players have better control over their voices. They can precisely adjust not only the volume of their voices, but also their resonance and timing.

During competitions and practice, speaking out loud just before performing a technique can increase the accuracy and power of the technique.

This advanced timing is honed through years of practice and experience.


How to use your voice to change your voice

Advanced players can not only use a single loud voice, but also change the strength of their voice depending on the situation.

They use their voice tactically, for example by intentionally speaking softly to confuse an opponent, or by being especially loud to get their attention before delivering a big blow.

Manipulating the dynamics of your voice in this way can help you appear unpredictable and maintain a mental edge.


How to practice during rehearsals

In order to hone your vocal skills to become an advanced singer, it is important to consciously try out how to use your voice during daily practice.

For example, you can improve your vocal control by performing techniques while vocalizing at different intensities and pitches.

It is also effective to observe how other advanced students use their voices during practice and imitate their techniques.



Vocal technique is an essential element in improving your Kendo skills, and in order to further improve as an expert, you are required to master these advanced techniques.

Aim to maximize your inner power through your voice and comprehensively improve your Kendo techniques.



Summary: How your Kendo skills can change by training your voice

In Kendo, voice is just as important as learning technique, and is an important element for improving individual ability.

In this section, we will reaffirm the benefits of expressing your voice well and the importance of voice in daily practice.


How the way you speak your voice affects your Kendo ability

Using your voice properly will greatly improve your Kendo technique.

A powerful voice not only boosts your own spirits, but also puts psychological pressure on your opponent, allowing you to control the flow of the match.

The voice also provides a rhythm to harmonize your movements with those of your opponent, helping you perform techniques more accurately and effectively.


The role of voice in daily practice

It is recommended that you actively incorporate vocal practice into your daily practice.

By speaking out loud, you can improve the quality of your rehearsals and maintain sustained concentration.

In addition, since it is possible to clarify the state of one’s own energy and physical strength through the voice, instructors can provide more effective guidance based on this information.

Vocal practice is not just about making your voice louder, it also includes understanding and controlling its use, timing, and strength.



Understanding the importance of voice in Kendo and seriously working on practicing your voice during daily practice will not only improve your technique, but will also greatly contribute to your spiritual growth.

Make the most of the power of your voice to fundamentally change your Kendo abilities.


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