Kendo promotion examination: Complete guide from application to fees

Dan promotion examination is an important process in Kendo that evaluates whether the skill and knowledge have reached a certain level.

This article provides a comprehensive explanation of all information related to Kendo promotion examinations.

By providing specific guidance on how to apply for the examination, the necessary fees, key points to prepare for, and the flow of the day, we will provide solid support for your next step as a Kendo practitioner.

Let’s start preparing for the promotion examination, an important step to advance to the next stage in the path of Kendo.



Introduction: What is Kendo promotion examination?

Kendo promotion examinations are exams for swordsmen to prove their own technical and spiritual growth.

Through this examination, the Kendo practitioner becomes eligible to proceed to the next stage.

Judging will be based on multiple aspects, including accuracy of basic technique, strategy and judgment during competition, and attitude toward Kendo.


The importance of promotion examinations is not limited to simply improving technique.

This process is also an opportunity for you to grow as a kendo practitioner and to develop your mental maturity.

Dan promotion examinations also serve as indicators for understanding one’s position within the Kendo community, and provide a good opportunity to self-evaluate the extent to which one’s own technique and spirit have matured.


Different standards are set for each stage of judging, and kendo practitioners must acquire the techniques and mindset appropriate for the stage they aim for.

By advancing to the next stage, a new path to self-fulfillment as a Kendo practitioner will open up.



Flow of promotion examination

Preparations for taking the promotion examination must proceed in a planned manner.

Here, we will provide a detailed step-by-step guide from application to the day of screening.


1. Application for examination

Applications for examination are usually made through the dojo or Kendo Federation to which you belong.

In addition to paying an examination fee, you are often required to submit necessary documents to apply.

Please check the application deadline and prepare well in advance.


2. Payment of examination fee

The examination fee varies depending on the rank and is usually paid at the same time as the application.

Fee details are set by your organization, so it is important to check them in advance.


3. Preparation before examination

In order to pass the examination, it is essential to practice daily.

Be sure to not only focus on technique, but also on form and preparation for interpersonal matches.

Also, don’t forget to prepare the equipment and tools you will need on the day of the examination.


4. On the day of the examination

On the day of the examination, it is important to arrive at the venue early and be prepared.

Please confirm your acceptance and make sure that you can concentrate both physically and mentally on the exam.

Judging generally consists of kata demonstrations and free competitions, during which the judges evaluate the accuracy of the techniques and the spirituality of Kendo.


5. Announcement of screening results

The results of the examination are usually announced on the same day. If you pass, you will be given a new rank, and if you fail, you may be given instructions to try again.

Regardless of the result, take it as feedback to deepen your understanding of Kendo and further grow.



By understanding the process of promotion examinations and preparing systematically, you can face the examination day with confidence.



About the fee for promotion examination

Kendo promotion examination fees vary depending on the dan level being examined.

Here you will find a detailed breakdown of the fees at each stage and how to pay.


From first dan to third dan

  • Shodan : Examination fee usually ranges from 10,000 yen to 15,000 yen.
  • Second stage : Examination fee is approximately 15,000 to 20,000 yen.
  • Third-dan : The examination fee is often between 20,000 and 25,000 yen.

These fees may include examination administration fees and certificate issuance fees. In addition, there are some differences depending on the organization to which you belong, so it is necessary to check with each organization for details.


4th grade or higher

  • 4th Dan : Examination fee is approximately 30,000 to 35,000 yen.
  • 5th dan : Usually 35,000 to 40,000 yen.
  • 6th dan and above : Often costs 40,000 yen or more, and the fee increases as the dan rises.

Examinations for 4th Dan and above require not only technique but also a deep understanding of Kendo and spirituality, so the examination fees are set high.


method of payment

The payment method for the examination fee is generally as follows.

  • Bank transfer : Transfer money to the bank account specified when applying for screening.
  • Cash payment : You can also pay directly at the venue on the day of the screening, but please confirm in advance.
  • Credit Card : Some organizations may accept credit card payments.



The Dan promotion examination fee is an important investment in proving your growth as a Kendo practitioner, and it is important to properly prepare for the challenges at each stage.

For fee details and payment methods, please follow the instructions of your kendo organization.



Mental attitude and preparation for the examination

Proper mental attitude and preparation are the keys to success when approaching the Kendo promotion examination.

Here, we will give you advice on the preparations you should make before taking the exam and how to prepare on the day of the exam.


Refinement of technology

During the examination, a wide range of evaluations will be conducted, from basic technology to applied technology.

In daily practice, it is important to thoroughly hone the accuracy, form, and ability to apply techniques in interpersonal competitions.

Especially when it comes to shapes, aim for beautiful and accurate shapes by giving meaning and flow to each movement.


Cultivation of mental strength

Kendo is the “way of the sword” and is not only about technique, but also about spirituality.

During the examination, you are required to remain calm and focused.

Even during daily practice, try to maintain a unified mind and be able to act calmly in any situation.


Check and prepare equipment

It is important to prepare and have the tools and equipment you will need on the day of the examination in advance.

Everything including the protective gear, bamboo sword, kendo uniform and hakama must be clean and orderly.

It’s also a good idea to prepare new tools as needed.


Health management

A few weeks before the examination, I will also pay close attention to my physical condition.

Be sure to get enough rest, eat a balanced diet, and stay hydrated to ensure you are in the best possible condition for the judging.


Preparation for the day

On the day of the examination, it is important to arrive at the venue early and get used to the environment.

Prepare with plenty of time to calm your mind. During the examination, it is important to concentrate on demonstrating your skills to the fullest and to show a sincere attitude towards the examiner.

Even if you feel anxious, use the mental strength to overcome it.



These preparations and attitudes are the foundation for achieving good results in the promotion examination.

Daily practice is the best preparation for this important day.



Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers regarding Kendo promotion examinations.

We hope this will be helpful to those preparing for the examination or who have questions.


Q1: What are the conditions for applying for promotion examination?

A1: The conditions for applying for promotion examination vary depending on the dan, but generally a certain period of time must have passed since obtaining the previous dan. In many cases, a recommendation from your affiliated dojo or federation is also required.

Q2: What kind of points are evaluated during the screening?

A2: During the judging, the accuracy of form, technique and strategy in interpersonal games, accuracy of basic movements, etc. will be evaluated. Behavior and attitude that reflect the spirit of Kendo are also important evaluation points.

Q3: How is the examination fee set?

A3: Examination fees vary depending on the rank, and generally speaking, the higher the rank, the higher the fee. Details vary depending on the organization you belong to, so it is recommended that you check in advance.

Q4: If I fail the examination, is it possible to try again?

A4: Yes, you can try again even if you fail. You can reflect on the reasons for your failure and prepare for the next examination by practicing further. Many organizations set a certain period of time before the next review.

Q5: Is there anything I need to bring on the day of the examination?

A5: On the day of the examination, you will need to bring your kendo uniform, hakama, protective gear, and bamboo sword. Also, if you are notified in advance, please bring other required documents such as payment of the examination fee and identification card.

Q6: When will I be notified of the screening results?

A6: The examination results are usually announced after the examination ends on the day of the examination. However, for large-scale events or under certain conditions, results may be announced at a later date. The specific timing of announcements will vary depending on the organization conducting the review.



These FAQs are intended to answer basic questions regarding promotion examinations.

If you require further information, we recommend contacting your dojo or federation directly.



Summary: Key to success in promotion examination

In order to pass the Kendo promotion examination, not only technical proficiency, but also mental preparation is extremely important.

Here, we will summarize the key points and final advice for successfully passing the examination.


Refinement of technology

Judging requires a high level of skill in both kata and free play.

Through daily practice, acquire accurate techniques and fluid movements to enhance the beauty of the shapes and the ability to apply them in actual combat.


spiritual maturity

Kendo is about mastering the “way of the sword,” and it is not just about technique, but equally important is how you train your mind.

The examination will test your calmness and concentration, so be sure to prepare yourself mentally.


Health management

In the weeks leading up to the judging, it is important to prepare yourself for optimal performance.

Prepare your body and mind by getting enough sleep, a balanced diet, and proper rest.


Maintenance of equipment

On the day of the examination, you are required to be fully equipped.

Make sure that your kendo uniform, hakama, and protective gear are clean, and that the bamboo sword you use is in proper condition.


Respect for examiners

During the examination, it is important to behave politely towards the examiner.

Observing etiquette is an essential element in embodying the spirit of Kendo, and it also leads to making a good impression on the judges.


Awareness of sustainable growth

The promotion examination is just one passing point. Whether you pass or fail, it is important to learn from the experience and aim for further growth.

Regardless of the results of the examination, please reconsider your own kendo and strive to improve your technique and spirit.



By keeping these points in mind when approaching the promotion examination, you will be able to increase your chances of success.

Above all, mastering the art of Kendo requires constant effort and self-reflection.


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