Is it dangerous to use glasses in Kendo? Safety measures and alternative options

Kendo is a martial art whose purpose is to train the spirit and technique, so it is extremely important to practice safely.

Using glasses can be a big challenge, especially for Kendo players with poor eyesight.


In this article, we will explain in detail why wearing glasses in Kendo is considered dangerous, the risks, and specific safety measures.

We will also introduce safe alternatives to glasses and provide information on how to enjoy Kendo safely and comfortably.

This will help all Kendo players practice without any accidents while aiming to improve their technique.



Risks of using glasses in Kendo

Wearing glasses in Kendo carries unique risks.

This martial art’s intense movements can result in broken glasses and blows to the face.

Here, we will introduce the specific dangers of using glasses in Kendo, as well as examples of common accidents that have occurred in the past.


Damage to glasses and impact on face

Strong blows are frequently exchanged during Kendo matches and practices.

Glasses are easily damaged by these impacts, and there have been reports of accidents resulting in serious injuries due to fragments hitting the eyes or face.

The risk is especially high if you wear regular glasses, which have fragile frames and lenses.


Blurred vision due to misalignment

Your vision may become blurred if your glasses shift during intense movement.

This makes it impossible to accurately capture the opponent’s movements, which not only reduces performance but also risks unexpected accidents.


Accident case

  1. Eye injury caused by broken eyeglass lenses : During practice, an opponent’s bamboo sword hit his face, shattering his glasses. In one case, a fragment lodged in the eye, requiring emergency surgery.

  2. Accidents caused by misaligned glasses : There have been reports of people continuing to move with their glasses misaligned, resulting in blurred vision and being attacked at the wrong time, resulting in serious injuries.



Considering these risks, extreme caution is required when using glasses in Kendo.

Choosing a safe vision correction method is the key to safely enjoying Kendo.

For this reason, it is recommended that you consider using protective goggles for kendo instead of glasses or switching to contact lenses for everyday use.



A safe alternative to glasses

To ensure safety in Kendo, there are several vision correction options that can be used in place of glasses.

These are recommended by many kendo athletes because they significantly reduce the risks during kendo practice and competitions compared to glasses.

The main alternative options include contact lenses and sports-specific goggles.


contact lens

Contact lenses are the preferred vision correction method for many sports, including Kendo. Unlike glasses, there is no risk of the lenses breaking due to impact to the face, and they will not shift. This allows you to always maintain a clear view.

  • advantage :

    • Ensure stable visibility
    • Reduced risk of eye damage
    • Increased freedom of movement during practice and matches
  • important point :

    • Before use, you should consult a specialist and choose the appropriate type of contact lenses.
    • Care must be taken when caring for and handling it, and thorough hygiene management is important.


sports goggles

Sports-specific goggles suitable for use in Kendo are also recommended as a good alternative to glasses. These goggles are made from impact-resistant materials to protect your eyes from blows to the face.

  • advantage :

    • High protection and impact resistance
    • Provides a wide field of view with less distortion of vision
    • Strong resistance to misalignment during practice
  • important point :

    • You should check the fit of the goggles and try them on to see if they are uncomfortable even after long periods of use.
    • One of the important selection criteria is whether it has an anti-fog function.



These alternative options allow Kendo athletes to enjoy the sport safely and effectively reduce the risk of injury from accidents.

Kendo athletes who require vision correction are encouraged to consider these options and make the best choice.



How to choose goggles for Kendo and how to use them

Choosing the right protective goggles is important for practicing Kendo safely.

Kendo goggles are safer than glasses and are especially recommended for athletes who require vision correction.

Here, we will explain in detail how to choose Kendo goggles and the advantages and disadvantages of using them.


How to choose goggles for Kendo

  1. Checking the protection performance : The most important thing is that the goggles have high protection performance. In particular, you want to make sure it’s made of impact-resistant materials to protect your eyes from the blows you might receive to the face during Kendo practice.

  2. Comfortable fit : For long-term use, it’s important that goggles fit snugly and comfortably on your face. Choose a model with an adjustable strap so you can adjust it to your individual face shape.

  3. Clear vision : Choosing clear lenses that do not distort your vision will improve your Kendo performance. Additionally, by choosing goggles with anti-fog features, you can always maintain good visibility without the lenses fogging up even during intense movements.


Advantages of using

  • High Safety : Kendo goggles are specifically designed to protect your eyes from direct blows to the face, making them safer than glasses.

  • Persistent Clear Vision : Anti-fog features and a precise fit help maintain visibility and improve performance in games and practices.


Disadvantages when using

  • Initial discomfort : If you are new to using goggles, you will need to get used to the feeling of them on your face. Also, some athletes may feel pressure from the goggles.

  • Heat Sensation and Sweat Issues : During intense exercise, the inside of the goggles tends to get hot and can become wet with sweat. This may affect the usability in the medium to long term.



By understanding how to choose Kendo goggles and how they feel, and choosing the model that suits you, you can improve both safety and performance in Kendo.

By choosing the appropriate goggles, you can practice Kendo more safely and comfortably.



How to safely deal with vision problems

In order to enjoy Kendo safely, it is essential to take appropriate measures to prevent vision problems.

For Kendo athletes with poor eyesight, choosing an appropriate vision correction method is extremely important not only to improve performance but also to ensure safety.

Here, we will explain in detail the vision measures in Kendo and their long-term solutions.


Vision measures in Kendo

  1. Use of contact lenses for sports : It is recommended to use contact lenses designed for sports activities rather than everyday use. These lenses stay in place even during intense sports, reducing the risk of eye damage.

  2. Application of goggles for Kendo : For athletes who require vision correction, it is effective to use protective goggles specifically for Kendo. This allows you to maintain clear vision while protecting your eyes from broken glasses and direct impacts to your face.

  3. Perform regular vision tests : To keep up with changes in your vision, it is important to have regular vision tests and update your vision correction methods as needed. This allows you to perform Kendo with optimal vision at all times.


Long-term vision correction methods

  1. LASIK surgery : LASIK surgery is an option for long-term vision correction. This surgery allows many athletes to maintain good vision without glasses or contact lenses, improving safety and performance in Kendo.

  2. Orthokeratology (corrective lenses) : A method of temporarily improving daytime vision by wearing special hard lenses to sleep at night. This treatment is often recommended, especially for younger athletes, and is a valid option if you want to avoid surgery.

  3. Daily habits to preserve your vision : Maintaining daily habits that help preserve your vision, such as eating a healthy diet, getting proper rest, and maintaining proper lighting conditions to avoid stress on your eyes, can also improve your vision in the long term. Helpful.



By properly implementing these measures and solutions, kendo athletes can safely and effectively manage their vision problems and continue to hone their kendo skills with peace of mind.




In Kendo, vision problems greatly affect performance and safety.

For athletes with impaired vision, the use of regular glasses carries many risks, so choosing safe and effective alternatives is important.

Specifically, sports contact lenses and kendo-specific protective goggles are recommended, as these will stay in place during kendo movements and prevent eye damage.


In addition, LASIK surgery and orthokeratology are effective for long-term vision correction, and it is possible to maintain good vision without glasses or contact lenses.

These measures have the effect of improving the quality of the athlete’s life not only in Kendo but also in daily life.


By incorporating safe vision correction measures, Kendo athletes can create an environment where they can focus on improving their technique.

This will prepare you to perform at your best not only in Kendo practice, but also in matches.

By properly utilizing these methods of dealing with vision problems, kendo athletes will be able to lead a safe and active kendo life.



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