Dress code that Kendo coaches should follow: Style and manners

As a Kendo coach, proper attire is very important when attending matches and practices.

Clothing shows the coach’s professionalism and respect for Kendo, and it also has a positive impact on the players.


In this article, we will explain in detail the clothing regulations that kendo coaches must follow and how to choose them.

We will also touch on the different dress standards for match days and practice days, and provide points for maintaining appropriate attire as a Kendo coach.

Through this, we aim to help the directors themselves respect the traditions and culture of Kendo and fulfill their responsibilities.



Basic dress code for Kendo coaches

A kendo coach’s attire symbolizes the formality and formality of a match or practice, and reflects the coach’s own attitude and respect for kendo.

Appropriate attire is important in maintaining the authority of the coach and the traditions of Kendo.

Below are the basic dress codes and guidelines that Kendo coaches must follow.


Attire for matches and official events

  1. Formal wear :

    • Male coaches typically wear black or navy suits, white shirts, and ties depending on the kendo organization or tournament.
    • Female directors similarly commonly wear conservatively colored business suits paired with appropriate blouses.
  2. Shoes and accessories :

    • Choose clean, formal leather shoes, and shoes should always be polished.
    • Accessories should be kept to a minimum, choosing items that are classy rather than flashy.


Clothes for practice

  1. Practical clothing :

    • When practicing, try to wear clothing that is easy to move in and still adheres to some formality. Polo shirts and sweatshirts with the logo of your kendo organization are suitable.
    • Choose slacks or casual but well-designed pants.
  2. Notes on your feet :

    • Shoes that are comfortable and easy to move in are recommended, with soft soles that won’t scratch the practice floor.
    • It is important to avoid sandals and open shoes and choose ones that provide good protection for your feet.



A kendo coach’s attire is directly related to the image of the kendo community as a whole, so great care must be taken in choosing it.

Particularly in official games and tournaments, clothing represents discipline and formality, so it is important to always dress appropriately.

This shows your professionalism as a coach and helps convey the spirit of Kendo to the players and spectators.



Coach attire on match days

At official Kendo matches, the coach’s attire is especially important.

This is because the coach serves as the representative of the team and embodies the tradition and dignity of Kendo.

Correct attire shows players and spectators the respect and moderation that is appropriate in a formal setting.

Below, we will explain in detail how kendo coaches choose their attire for official matches and its importance.


How to choose clothes for official matches

  1. Wearing a dark suit :

    • It is common for both men and women to choose dark-colored business suits (black, navy blue, dark gray, etc.). The suit should be clean and well pressed.
  2. White shirt and appropriate tie :

    • A white shirt gives a formal look and keeps you clean. Men are encouraged to choose a tie that matches the kendo organization or event, and women are encouraged to choose an appropriate scarf or accessory.
  3. Shoes and socks :

    • Polished black leather shoes are ideal, and socks should be dark and discreet. It is important to match it with the whole outfit.


Importance of clothing

  • Symbol of professionalism : A coach’s attire symbolizes his professionalism and respect for Kendo. Appropriate attire helps visually demonstrate authority and responsibility in conducting the game.

  • Impact on players : When the coach attends games in formal attire, the players also recognize the importance of the event they are participating in and are more motivated and focused. .

  • Maintaining Kendo Tradition : Correct attire is a fundamental element of respecting and maintaining Kendo tradition and etiquette. This makes the matches more prestigious and ensures that the culture of Kendo is properly passed on to the next generation.



The coach’s attire at a Kendo match is more than just a formality; it plays an important role in enhancing the dignity of the event and reminding all participants of the dignity of Kendo.

If the director abides by this, the quality of the Kendo world as a whole will be maintained.



Clothes guide for practice days

Although the coach’s attire on Kendo practice days is not as strict as during official matches, it is still important.

Practice attire must maintain the dignity and educational role of Kendo while emphasizing comfort and functionality.

Below, we will provide some tips and practical advice for choosing clothes for Kendo coaches during daily practice.


Points to remember when choosing clothes for Kendo practice

  1. Emphasis on functionality and comfort :

    • Ease of movement is essential when practicing Kendo. It is important to choose clothing made of stretchy material that does not restrict movement. Lightweight and breathable material is suitable for long hours of practice.
  2. Appropriate casualness :

    • Unlike official game days, casual clothing is acceptable on practice days, but clothing that is too loose should be avoided. Polo shirts, clean sweatshirts, and sports pants of appropriate length are preferred.
  3. Wear with Kendo organization logo :

    • Wearing clothing with your club or organization’s logo can enhance your sense of belonging and togetherness. It also provides a visual indication of your status as a director.
  4. Notes on your feet :

    • Since you’ll be spending a lot of time standing during your practice, it’s important to choose shoes that are comfortable and supportive. Also, when using shoes inside the dojo, choose shoes with soft soles that will not damage the floor.


practical advice

  • Adjust according to the season : By choosing materials that easily absorb sweat in the summer and materials that retain heat in the winter, you can practice comfortably throughout the year.

  • Bring extra clothes : It’s a good idea to bring extra tops and bottoms in case you get sweaty or dirty.

  • Maintaining your personal equipment : You can set an example as a coach by keeping your personal equipment clean as well. Wash regularly and replace as necessary.



The attire of the coach on Kendo practice days is important in order to balance functionality and dignity while maintaining a professional attitude in order to provide appropriate guidance to the players.

This allows the coach to have a positive influence on the players and effectively fulfill the educational role of Kendo.



Manners and etiquette for director clothing

In Kendo, the coach’s attire is more than just a formal appearance.

It is an act of respect and demonstration of culture and tradition, and shows how much respect the coach has for the Kendo world as a whole.

The coach’s attire is an important element in embodying the teachings and philosophy of Kendo and setting an example for the players and other participants.

Below, we will explain the significance of dressing appropriately as a kendo coach and how it is perceived in the kendo world.


Cultural significance of director’s attire

  1. Maintaining Tradition : Kendo is a martial art with a long history and rich tradition. The director’s attire is very important as it respects his cultural background and maintains tradition. Appropriate attire visually represents the spirituality and civility of Kendo, and serves to pass on its values ​​to future generations.

  2. Showing Respect : A coach’s formal attire shows respect for all those participating in games and practices. In this way, the director demonstrates self-dignity and respect for others, and embodies the spirit of Kendo.


How clothing is perceived in the Kendo world

  1. Symbol of authority and professionalism : A director’s attire symbolizes his or her professionalism. Dressing well helps establish a manager’s authority and gain the trust and respect of players and spectators.

  2. Expressing discipline and responsibility : Correct attire is part of the basic etiquette for maintaining discipline in Kendo. When coaches adhere to this code, players are encouraged to do the same, and overall order is maintained.

  3. Educational Implications : Proper attire by coaches has a strong educational impact on players. This is reflected in the attire and attitude of the players when they attend matches and practices, and is the basis for practicing the spirit of Kendo.



Kendo coach attire is more than just a formality; it is an important means of embodying the spirit and culture of Kendo and showing its respect and respect both within and outside the Kendo community.

By observing this, the director will show the correct path to all those who follow the path of Kendo, and fulfill his responsibility.




In Kendo, the coach’s attire plays an important role beyond just looking good.

The coach’s attire respects and embodies the tradition and culture of Kendo and symbolizes authority and professionalism in competitions and practice.

For formal matches, wear a dark suit and appropriate accessories to show the dignity and formality of a formal occasion.

On the other hand, daily practice requires attire that is functional and comfortable, while still expressing the discipline and respect of Kendo.


Such attire is a means for coaches to establish their authority in the kendo world and to demonstrate appropriate respect and responsibility to their players and other officials.

In addition, clothing maintains the standards for practicing the spirit of Kendo, and is also an element that has an educational impact through Kendo.

Coaches should set an example in their appearance and actions to help their players develop according to the teachings of Kendo.


Kendo supervisor attire therefore sends an important message to all those who study Kendo in terms of discipline, respect, and upholding tradition.

Through appropriate attire, the director plays a role in nurturing, maintaining, and spreading the spirit of Kendo.


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