There are women in the Kendo club! Thorough explanation of the fun and hardships of club activities

The daily lives of the female students who belong to the Kendo club are a unique world that is hard to understand from the outside.

Their experiences include many “real” stories that resonate with them, and they strongly reflect the fun and hardships of practicing Kendo.


In this article, let’s take a peek into the inner world of club activities through anecdotes specific to girls in the Kendo club.

You may not only find empathy, but also discover something new. So, let’s begin this journey into the real life of the girls in the Kendo club.



Introduction: What is Kendo club girls?

“Kendo club girls’ life” refers to situations and episodes that female members of the Kendo club commonly experience.

This includes the unique challenges and fun, as well as the friendships and growth moments that are formed during extracurricular activities.

This phrase is used to describe the unique experiences that occur during Kendo practice and culture.


General experience and culture of girls in Kendo clubs

The experiences that the female students who belong to the Kendo club share are wide-ranging, from the rigorous daily training to the tension of matches and their roles within the team.

Kendo training is physically and mentally demanding, and by supporting each other, strong bonds are formed to overcome difficulties.


In addition, during matches and demonstrations, accurate technique and etiquette are required, which forms the unique culture of Kendo.

These experiences provide valuable opportunities for self-growth for club members and lead to confidence as women.


The purpose of the article and the value it provides to readers

Through this article, I would like to widely share the unique experiences and culture of the women in the Kendo club, and convey the appeal of Kendo to people who are interested in Kendo, especially women and young students.

We aim to help readers understand the multifaceted nature of the sport of kendo and the formation of deep human relationships by learning about the real experiences of women in the kendo club.


We also hope to inspire new fans and future Kendo practitioners by showing how Kendo can help you grow mentally and physically.

I hope this article will serve as an introduction to the wonderful martial art of Kendo.



Daily life of girls in the Kendo club: What is the training scene like?

The daily practice for the women’s kendo club is more than just time to hone their skills.

Here, we will introduce how the girls spend their day practicing and the unique episodes that occur during practice.


Daily practice flow

The Kendo club’s day usually begins with some light running and stretching.

This will keep your body warm and prevent injury. After that, move on to repeated practice of basic movements.

This includes practicing footwork and basic striking techniques, with the aim of developing accurate form and rhythm.

Next, we move on to specific interpersonal training (kumite). This part allows you to test your skills and strategies in a way that closely resembles a real match.

At the end of practice, we often calmly reflect on the day’s activities and share our reflections.


Episodes during training specific to female members

Female members of the Kendo club often have unique episodes that occur during practice.

For example, we often share stories of failures while learning new techniques, or the joy of techniques that unexpectedly worked.

Also, as part of the training session, we will talk about ways to manage long hair under a mask, what to do when equipment doesn’t work properly during training, and other issues unique to girls. It becomes.

These episodes not only teach the technical aspects of kendo, but also serve as an important element in deepening team bonding.


Through these daily training sessions and unique episodes, the girls in the Kendo club not only hone their skills, but also grow while supporting each other.

These experiences have fostered a passion for Kendo that has led them to success in all aspects of their lives.



Talking about equipment: Equipment management for Kendo girls

Management and maintenance of the equipment used in Kendo is extremely important.

For female club members in particular, handling equipment has a direct impact not only on daily practice, but also on match performance.

Here, we will introduce how Kendo women choose equipment and how to maintain it, as well as interesting anecdotes and troublesome stories related to equipment.


How to choose equipment and how to maintain it

When choosing Kendo equipment, size is very important. Especially for female members, finding the appropriate size for men, torso, and kote has a big impact on performance.

Equipment that is too large will slow you down; equipment that is too small will cause discomfort and restriction.

When making a purchase, we recommend that you go to a specialty store for a thorough fitting and try on the equipment to choose the equipment that suits you best.


When it comes to maintenance, it is important to keep your equipment clean.

The masks and gloves in particular tend to absorb sweat, so they must be thoroughly dried after use.

In addition, in order to extend the life of your equipment, it is important to regularly inspect it and perform necessary repairs.

Some female club members are attached to their equipment and customize it to make it more unique by adding decorations and embroidery with their names.


Interesting anecdotes and troublesome stories related to equipment

Many Kendo girls have humorous stories and troublesome experiences regarding equipment.

For example, when you put on a new mask for the first time, your field of vision may be surprisingly narrow, or your kote may fly off during practice.

Also, the straps on the mask may break before a match and you have to hastily repair it, or you may accidentally take someone else’s torso home with you.

These stories are sometimes passed down within the team as laughs to ease the tension during practices and games.


Through these stories, the girls in the kendo club learn about the importance of equipment, while also sharing interesting experiences and learnings related to it.

Equipment management is not just a routine, it is an important part of practicing Kendo.



Interaction and bond formation among the female Kendo club members

In the Kendo club, the dynamics of an all-gender team creates a unique culture, and deep bonds are formed between club members.

In this section, we will delve into the types of interactions that take place among the girls in the Kendo club and how friendships are developed.


Same-sex team dynamics

The women’s Kendo team has a unique team dynamic.

Being a same-sex environment creates an atmosphere where each member feels comfortable expressing themselves and encourages open communication.

Additionally, by combining the rigors of Kendo as a competitive sport with the support within the team, a relationship is built that helps each other improve.

Such an environment forms the basis of trusting relationships and contributes not only to individual growth but also to the maturity of the team as a whole.


What kind of friendships are built through club activities?

The hard daily training in the Kendo club is a major factor in deepening the friendships among the club members.

As we struggle together and encourage each other, we form stronger bonds than just friends. Participating in matches and tournaments is a particularly cohesive event.

By not only celebrating each other’s victories, but also sharing the process of learning from failures, a relationship of deeper understanding and respect is built.

Activities and exchanges outside the Kendo dojo are also important opportunities to strengthen friendships.

For example, training camps and social events are a great opportunity to get away from the daily rehearsal room and get to know each other’s different sides in a relaxed environment.


These interactions and bonds formed among the female Kendo club members have value that goes beyond sports.

By supporting and respecting each other, we can learn valuable skills and lessons not only in Kendo but also in life.

These relationships make the Kendo club not just a place for activities, but also a place to foster lifelong friendships.



Matches and tournaments: There are women’s kendo matches.

Kendo matches and tournaments are important events for women in the Kendo club, and there are unique preparations, feelings, and episodes during the matches.

These experiences have more meaning than just competition, and deeply contribute to the growth of the players and the cohesion of the team.


Preparation and state of mind before the tournament

Preparation before a tournament is an extremely stressful time for female Kendo athletes. In addition to final equipment checks, technique checks, and strategy practice, mental preparation is also important.

Players are usually required to find ways to relax.

This often includes meditation, breathing exercises, or conversations with teammates.

The state of mind is generally a mixture of expectations and anxiety, and it is important to believe in one’s own abilities.


Interesting events and attitudes during the match

Funny anecdotes that occur during games often serve as an opportunity to boost team morale.

For example, there may be incidents where a player accidentally shoves a referee, or a player ends up laughing with an opponent during a match.

These have the effect of relieving tension and reducing the pressure of the match.


Regarding mental attitude, Kendo girls always try to “do their best” when competing in a match.

Even if you lose, it is important to have pride in knowing that you did your best, because you can learn a lot from defeat and this will lead to your next growth.

It is also emphasized that you must respect others and be polite in any situation.

These mindsets are often useful lessons not only in kendo matches, but also in everyday life.


Kendo matches and tournaments are a showcase of technical skills, as well as valuable opportunities for spiritual growth and team bonding.

These experiences are important assets that Kendo girls can utilize in various aspects of their lives.



Advice Corner by Kendo Club Girls

We will share valuable advice from experienced Kendo club girls for beginners who are newly joining the Kendo club and current club members who are looking for tips on how to enjoy their club activities even more.

These pieces of advice are intended not only to improve your Kendo skills, but also to enrich your overall club experience.


Advice for beginners

Beginners just starting out in Kendo often find the initial stages particularly difficult, but the following advice can help:

  • Stay true to the basics : Learning the basic techniques of Kendo is extremely important in building the foundation for your improvement. Although it may seem difficult at first, it is important to practice the basic forms accurately and over and over again.
  • Observe etiquette in the dojo : Kendo is a martial art that emphasizes etiquette. Behavior in the dojo and showing respect to your teachers and seniors form the basis of being a good Kendo person.
  • Approach from both physical and mental strength : Kendo is a sport that requires not only physical strength but also mental strength. By exercising regularly and maintaining mental focus, you will train not only your technique but also your mind.


Tips for enjoying club activities

In order to enjoy club activities, it is a good idea to pay attention to the following points:

  • Cherish communication with your friends : The relationship you have with your friends in the Kendo club greatly influences the enjoyment of club activities. By actively communicating and fostering friendships, rehearsals will become even more enjoyable.
  • Learn from every experience : It is important to learn from every experience without worrying about victory or defeat. Learning from failure is a shortcut to success.
  • Enjoy events and exchange matches : Events such as competitions and exchange matches provide new stimulation. You can learn new techniques and mental strength from interacting with players from other schools.



These tips will help you make the most of your time in the Kendo club and help you grow not only in your technical skills but also as a person.

These experiences from female Kendo club members will be of great help to beginners and other club members.



Summary and future of Kendo club girls

Through this article, we have delved into the stories of the daily lives, challenges, fun, and growth of the girls in the Kendo club.

The diverse experiences faced by the female students who belong to the Kendo club are important factors in shaping them, and the lessons learned from these experiences have an impact on their lives beyond the Kendo dojo. Masu.


Article summary

For the girls in the Kendo club, club activities are more than just exercise and competition.

It is a place for self-discovery and self-actualization, where students improve their physical strength, hone their skills, and learn values ​​such as civility, respect, and patience.

The unique charm of the Kendo club is the process of friendship and bonds forming, supporting each other, and growing as they overcome difficulties together.


The significance of continuing Kendo and future prospects for the women’s Kendo club

There is great significance in continuing Kendo. This is because it can be used not only to maintain physical health, but also to maintain mental strength and peace of mind.

The inner strength gained through Kendo training will give you the ability to cope with the various challenges of daily life.

In addition, the activities of the Kendo club girls can serve as a foundation for nurturing women who will play a role in society in the future.

Their passion and expertise in Kendo has the potential to develop into instructors, coaches, or community activities through Kendo.



In the future, the Women’s Kendo Club hopes that more women will come into contact with the beautiful martial art of Kendo and be drawn to its deep charm.

Their success will contribute to the further spread and development of Kendo, and will breathe new life into the Kendo world in the future.

There are high expectations for the future of the women’s kendo club, which will continue to grow together with kendo by leveraging these experiences.


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