About how to hit table tennis! We will introduce the types and tips for beginners.

We will introduce different types of table tennis and tips for beginners to hit well.

We introduce a variety of ways to hit table tennis, from basic techniques to advanced techniques.

Please refer to it for everyone from table tennis beginners to advanced players.


Table tennis is a sport that requires skill, strategy, and reflexes, and it is important to master the correct form and hitting technique to improve.



How to hit table tennis and types


Basic form of table tennis


Before learning table tennis techniques, it is essential to understand the correct stance and grip of the racket.

Place your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, and bend your knees slightly to stabilize your lower body.

There are two common ways to grip a racket: shakehand grip and penholder grip.

Both styles require a relaxed grip on the racket and a balance between control and power.



forehand stroke

The forehand stroke is one of the most basic strokes in table tennis.

When hitting the ball, turn your shoulders forward and swing your arms down as you hit the ball with your racket.


The trick to hitting the ball is to snap the racket at the moment you hit it in order to spin the ball.


backhand stroke

In a backhand stroke, you use the racket in front of your body and swing your arms to hit the ball.

The point of impact is closer to the body than the forehand, and it features a compact swing.

The key to hitting an accurate backhand stroke is to use the rotation of your hips and shoulders to push the ball forward.



Serving in table tennis is an important technique for leading the match.

When serving, you can put different spins on the ball, which can confuse your opponent.

Master various rotations such as topspin, backspin, sidespin, etc. and use them strategically.


spin and control

In table tennis, by applying spin to the ball, you can send the ball to your opponent in a way that is difficult to predict.

The trick to creating spin is to hit the ball diagonally with the racket and brush it upward or downward.


It takes a lot of practice to spin the ball and hit it where you want it, but

If you can master this technique, you can gain a huge advantage in the match.



defensive technique

In table tennis, not only attack but also defensive techniques are very important.

You can use defensive techniques such as blocks and chops to parry your opponent’s attacks.

These techniques focus on controlling the ball by utilizing the opponent’s spin and power.

The trick may be to not be too conscious of transmitting power and speed to the ball.



If you come across a word you don’t understand, please look it up in the table tennis glossary .



Tips for beginners to hit well


Table tennis is a sport that requires speed, accuracy, and strategy, but even beginners can quickly improve by mastering the basic techniques.

Next, we will introduce tips for beginners to successfully hit the table tennis in various ways.


Tips for hitting table tennis well


1. Correct stance and grip

  • Stance: Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, and relaxed. This allows you to move quickly in any direction.
  • Grip: The most common way to hold the racket is shakehand. Avoid squeezing too much and use your fingertips to maintain control.


2. Master the basic strokes

  • Forehand and backhand: These are the basic strokes of table tennis. By swinging the racket properly, you can add force and spin to the ball.


3. Understand how to hit the ball

  • When hitting the ball, it is important to know which part of the ball you hit and how you hit it. Practice applying various spins to the ball, such as topspin, backspin, and sidespin.


4. Accurate service

  • Service is an important element in table tennis. Try out different spins and speeds and aim for a serve that is difficult for your opponent to receive.


5. Footwork

  • You need quick footwork to hit the ball in a good position. Move in small steps and always maintain your balance.


If you are a beginner in table tennis, the key is to hit the ball as often as possible, practice forehands and backhands, and teach your body the correct form.



Introducing effective practice methods to hit the table tennis ball well


1. Forehand/backhand hitting practice

  • Practice alternating forehands and backhands from one corner of the table tennis table to the other. This will help you improve your accuracy and confidence in your basic strokes.


2. Shadowplay

  • Even if you don’t have a ball or table tennis table, you can teach your body the correct form by repeating the stroke motion. Doing it in front of a mirror can also help correct your form.


3. Multiball practice

  • Have your trainer or practice partner throw you a ball in different directions or spins in succession, and practice hitting it back. Effective in increasing reaction speed and accuracy.


4. Service practice

  • Services that allow you to practice alone are especially important for improving your table tennis skills. Learn how to control the ball by trying out different spin serves.


5. Footwork drills

  • Drills that don’t use a table tennis table are also effective for practicing footwork. For example, practice “side steps” and “cross steps” to move smoothly around the court.



In order to play table tennis well, it is important to learn basic techniques and apply them in combination.

With practice, you will gradually improve your skills and have more fun playing.




There are various techniques for hitting table tennis, from basic strokes to serving, spin, and defensive techniques.

To master these techniques, it’s important to start with proper form and get lots of practice.

Refine your skills through practice and aim to apply them in matches.