List of shouts used in volleyball. If you know this word, you can be active even on the bench.

Volleyball is a sport where teamwork is extremely important, and communication on the court is the key to success.

Various chants are used to encourage effective communication between players.

These shouts not only convey the intent of the play, but also have the effect of boosting team morale.


Below is a list of shouts commonly used in volleyball and their meanings.

If you know these words, you will be able to be active whether you are on the bench or in the audience.



List of shouts used in volleyball


Shouting on the volleyball court is an important means of communication that celebrates successful plays and boosts team morale.

Below are some particularly effective chants.

The words introduced are mainly used only in volleyball. Please note that shouting this slogan in other sports does not make sense.



nice key

Nice key is a compound word of nice and kill.

  • Meaning: Used when making an effective spike and cutting off the opponent’s flow.
  • When to use: Use it to increase the spiker’s motivation when you successfully make a powerful spike.


nice shut

Nice shut is a combination of nice and shutout.

  • Meaning: Praise the player who successfully blocked the opponent’s spike and earned a point.
  • When to use: Use when your team’s blockers successfully block to boost their morale.


nice cut

Nice cut is a combination of nice and serve receive (serve cut).

  • Meaning: Indicates an effective serve-receive.



Koi is used when you want the ball to come to you when receiving a serve.

  • Meaning: Indicates the intention to bring the ball towards you.
  • When to use: Use when serving and receiving to show a confident attitude towards the ball.



Chambo is an abbreviation for chance ball.

  • Meaning: Indicates an easy ball (chance ball) from the opponent.
  • When to use: Use when the opponent gives you a chance ball to motivate your team.



One-chi is an abbreviation for one-touch.

  • Meaning: Indicates that the ball was touched during a block.
  • When to use: Use to notify your team that you successfully blocked and touched the ball.



Nicer is a combination of nice and serve.

  • Meaning: A call to encourage high-quality serve.
  • When to use: Use before your teammates serve to boost their confidence.


nice fi

Nice Fight is a combination of Nice and Fight.

  • Meaning: Used to praise a play that worked hard on defense or connected the ball.
  • When to use: Use this to recognize your teammate’s efforts when they display good defense.



These shouts are very effective in increasing team unity and motivating players while playing volleyball.







List of shouts used in general sports


1. Hi!

  • Used when serving or showing the intention to play the ball aggressively. Tell your teammates that you are ready for action.


2. Mine!

  • Shows that you are willing to take the ball. Used to avoid multiple players going to the same ball.


3. Yours!

  • Indicates a willingness to leave the ball to another player. Especially used to play the ball to a teammate who is in a better position than you.


4. Go!

  • Use it as a signal to attack or to encourage your teammates. It is especially used to encourage players to spike or serve.


5. Up!

  • It is used to signal that the ball is up and to prompt teammates to set up or prepare for the next play.


6. Free!

  • Indicates that the opponent sent a free ball (a ball that is easily returned) rather than an attack. Let your teammates know that an easy ball is coming their way and encourage them to stay calm and prepare for the next play.


7. Help!

  • Use when you can’t handle the ball or need help with a particular play. This is a call for help from teammates.


8. Nice!

  • Used to praise a teammate’s good play. It is often used after a successful play, such as a good serve, reception, or spike.


9. Block!

  • This is a shout used when blocking an opponent’s attack. A frontline player indicates his intention to block an opponent’s spike.


10. Cover!

  • During attacking plays, prompts other players to prepare to defend against a ball that may be blocked.


These words are slogans that can be used in all sports. It doesn’t hurt to remember this.






Finally, about the importance of shouts in sports.


Shouts in sports have many important functions beyond just the act of making a sound.

These have the effect of improving team performance and increasing individual player motivation.


The importance of shouting is remarkable in the following points.


1. Improve communication

Shouts encourage communication between players during play. Particularly in team sports such as volleyball, soccer, and basketball, calls are used to quickly convey information, such as adjusting positions, sharing tactics, and warning of ball location. This increases the team’s sense of unity and facilitates cooperative play.


2. Improved motivation

Shouts have the effect of increasing player motivation. Positive shouts such as “Nice shot!” and “Fight!” help athletes gain a deeper sense of success and confidence. Additionally, feeling supported by teammates increases individual player morale and provides psychological support.


3. Reduce tension

Athletes often get nervous during sports matches. Shouting has the effect of relieving this tension and relaxing. By communicating with your teammates, you can stay calm and focused even in a high-pressure environment.


4. Psychological impact on opponents

Shouts also affect your opponents. A team that consistently uses positive and energetic chants can demonstrate confidence and unity to their opponents. This allows them to increase the pressure on the opposing team and gain a psychological advantage.


5. Build a team identity

Shouts can be a way to express a team’s identity and culture. Certain phrases and words become symbols of the team, reinforcing a sense of belonging and pride for players and supporters. It also serves as an integration aid when new members join the team.







Shouts are an important element in sports and offer multiple benefits, including improving the quality of play, strengthening teamwork, and supporting players’ mental well-being.

Therefore, the use of effective chants is the key to a successful sports team.

It also has the effect of relieving tension, so be sure to shout loudly when competing!