How long is a volleyball game?

If you’re going to watch a volleyball game, aren’t you curious about how long the game takes?


In conclusion, the length of a volleyball match varies depending on whether it is an amateur level match or a professional level to representative class match.

Of course, it also depends on whether it’s a 3-set match or a 5-set match.


This time, we will introduce the volleyball game time.

Please read this article and use it as a guide for your own volleyball viewing experience.




How many sets and points are there in a volleyball match?


First of all, how many sets are played in a volleyball match, and how many points are there in each set (how many points does it take to end a set?)?

I will introduce you from there.


About volleyball sets and scoring system

Volleyball is one of the sports loved all over the world, and its simple yet profound rules are appealing.

In particular, the number of sets and scoring system involved in the progression of a match are important elements in understanding this sport.


Basic rules of volleyball

Volleyball matches are generally played in a “best of five” format.

In other words, the first team to win three sets out of a five-set match wins.

This rule is used not only in international matches but also in many professional and amateur leagues.


Set scoring system

As a general rule, the winner of each set is determined by the first player to score 25 points.

However, volleyball has a “two-point lead” rule, so if the score is 24-24, the set will continue until either team gains a two-point lead.

This rule is in place to ensure that both teams have a fair chance in the end.


As an exception, the 5th set (decisive set) will be played on a first to win basis of 15 points.

This also requires a two-point lead, and if the score is 10-10, the game continues until there is a two-point lead.

The change in the scoring system for deciding sets is a result of taking into account the duration of the match.


rest between sets

There is a break between each set for the team to make strategic adjustments and recover.

The rest between sets is usually 3 minutes, as well as the rest before proceeding to the fifth set.

This break is a critical time for the team to prepare for the next set.




Volleyball matches are played in a five-set match, with the first four sets being the first to score 25 points, and the fifth deciding set being the first to score 15 points.

This rule, which requires a two-point lead in each set, is designed to make the match fairer and more competitive.

This scoring system in volleyball makes the game more thrilling and unpredictable, making it attractive for both spectators and players.




About volleyball game time


Volleyball is a dynamic sport with constant changes in speed, power, and strategy.

Therefore, game time depends on many factors and cannot be generalized. The more urgent the game, the longer it will last.

However, every volleyball fan and player will have a certain understanding of how long a match lasts.

Let’s dig into how volleyball game times are determined and how much they vary.



Match format

The length of a volleyball match varies greatly depending on the match format.

Matches are generally played as either 3-set matches or 5-set matches.

In a 3-set match, the first team to win 2 sets wins, and in a 5-set match, the first team to win 3 sets wins.

Naturally, five-set matches tend to last longer.


set length

Each set is basically determined by the first player to score 25 points (15 points for the 5th set only).

However, at deuce, a two-point difference is required to end the set, so the set will never end with a score like 25-24.

This rule makes matches close and sets length uncertain.

The longer the deuce lasts, the more interesting and heated the match will be, but the longer the match and viewing time will be.


Break time

There will be breaks between sets, which will be added to the total match time. Typically, the rest between sets is 3 minutes, but this may vary for specific competitions.


timeouts and challenges

Teams can take tactical timeouts during sets, and these can be used up to two times per set.

Also, in matches where a video challenge system is used, time stops due to challenges must be taken into account.


Match time range

Considering these factors, amateur-level 3-set matches often last around 1 to 1.5 hours.

Professional and international matches, especially those lasting five sets, can last over two hours, and in some cases nearly three hours.



Volleyball match length depends on many factors, including match format, set progression, rest periods, and use of timeouts and challenges.

Generally ranging from 1 to 3 hours, this time can vary widely depending on how competitive the match will be and how intense it will be. .

Volleyball is known for its unpredictability, and match times are another example of this.





Estimated volleyball game time


The length of a volleyball match varies greatly depending on the match format (3-set match vs. 5-set match), level (school match, amateur league, professional league), and how the match progresses.

Generally, amateur matches often end in about an hour to an hour and a half.

However, in professional and international matches, it is not uncommon for matches to take more than two hours, with breaks between sets and each set being closely contested.

Matches that go up to five sets can last close to three hours.



It also depends on the format of the match. For example, if the match format is to win a set by winning three sets (a five-set match), the match time tends to be long.

On the other hand, in a match format where the first two sets are played (three set matches), the match often ends in a relatively short time.


In addition, each set is usually played on a 25-point system (15 points only in the fifth set), and the game also varies depending on the time it takes to earn each point, the difference in skill between teams, the number of timeouts used, and the use of a challenge system. Affects time.


Considering these factors comprehensively, it cannot be said with absolute certainty that a volleyball match takes this long, but as a rough guide, it is a good idea to aim for around 1 to 3 hours. .


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