Boxing technique explanation: Effects of punching to the temple and the correct way to punch it

In boxing, technique and strategy are important factors that determine victory or defeat.

In particular, attacks that target the temple can cause great damage to the opponent, but require advanced technique and precise timing.

This section explores the importance of temple strikes in boxing, explains why professional boxers value this tactic, and how to execute it effectively.



What is Temple? its amazing effect

“Temple” refers to the part located on the side of the human head. Simply put, it is the temple.

In boxing and other martial arts, punching toward the opponent’s temple is an important offensive tactic.

If a punch hits the temple, the opponent will temporarily lose balance and can be seriously damaged.

This area is a thin part of the skull and close to the brain, so when a punch hits, it sends a huge shock to the nervous system.

Therefore, attacks on the temple have a high possibility of KOing the opponent, making it a tactically important element.

The importance of aiming at the temple in boxing

Aiming at the temple in boxing is a powerful tactic that can change the flow of a match in an instant.

This attack requires technical precision and strategic insight, and its effectiveness can directly impact the outcome of the match.

Below, we’ll explain in detail the importance of hitting the temple, its effects, and techniques and practices to learn how to hit it accurately.


How punches to the temple affect the match

The temples are very sensitive areas located on the sides of the head. If a powerful punch hits here, the opponent will momentarily lose balance, and in some cases, it may even lead to KO.

A blow to the temple provides the perfect opportunity to break your opponent’s concentration and break down their defense.

For this reason, attacking the temples is one of the most common tactics used by technically skilled boxers.


Accurate temple striking techniques and practice methods

  1. Focus mitt training :

    • The trainer uses focus mitts to mimic the position of the temples and guide the athlete to deliver accurate punches. Through this practice, athletes develop accurate distance and timing.
  2. Sparring :

    • He specializes in aiming for the temple in real sparring sessions, reading his opponent’s movements and identifying the right moment. By practicing in a manner similar to actual combat, you can develop your tactical judgment.
  3. Video analysis :

    • Analyze videos of successful temple attacks to learn about their techniques and their opponents’ reactions. By understanding how other players have successfully used temple attacks, you can incorporate this into your own technique.
  4. Reaction speed training :

    • Successful temple attacks also depend on reaction speed, so training to increase reaction speed is important. We’ll do special drills to train your punching ball and reflexes so you can punch quickly and accurately.


The temple-targeting tactic in boxing can cause decisive damage to your opponent, but it requires a high level of skill and practice to execute safely and effectively.

With proper training and practice, you will be able to master this technique and establish your dominance in the ring.

How to attack the temple safely

    While attacking the temple in boxing has great strategic advantages, it also carries risks for both the fighter and the opponent.

    Attacking temples safely and effectively requires technical precision, identifying the right moment, and risk management.

    Below, we will explain how to perform a temple attack while prioritizing safety.


    How to attack the temple safely

    1. Improved accuracy : Attacking temples requires extreme precision. Instead of throwing punches haphazardly and using force, you should practice using focus mitts and punching bags to learn how to hit accurately. Accurate punches allow for effective attacks while reducing the risk of unnecessary injury.

    2. Focus on timing : It is important to attack when your opponent lowers his guard or shows an opening at the moment of attack. Watch your opponent’s movements carefully and aim for the temple at the best time. This increases the success rate of attacks and reduces the risk of being countered.


    Balance between safety and effective striking in boxing

    • Thorough Training : Safe temple attacks require thorough practice of technique. If you try to attack the temple in actual battle without the skill, you may be caught by surprise. Refinement of technique through training is the key to maintaining a balance between safety and effectiveness.


    Risk management during temple attacks

    • Acquire defensive techniques : Temple attacks involve risks, so it is important to improve your own defensive techniques. It is necessary to master appropriate guard techniques and evasive movements in preparation for counter attacks.

    • The importance of physical strength and situational judgment : Launching an unreasonable attack when your physical strength is low or when the battle situation is unfavorable increases the risk. It is important to always accurately understand your own physical strength and the flow of the match, and develop the ability to judge situations correctly.


    Attacking the temple in boxing has great tactical advantages, but the above considerations must be taken to execute it safely.

    Master techniques, timing, and risk management in a well-balanced manner and aim for effective and safe temple attacks.

    Improve the precision of boxing techniques

    Refining your boxing skills, especially improving the precision of your attacks to the temple, is one of the most important tactics in a match.

    Successful attacks like this require careful attention to detail and constant practice.

    Below are some tips for successful temple attacks and points to keep in mind while practicing.


    Tips for successful attacks on temples

    1. Understanding distance : Attacking the temple requires proper distance. It is important to accurately know the distance to your opponent and find the best position to attack.

    2. Know your timing : Timing your attack is the key to success. Watch for the moment your opponent launches an attack or when their guard is down and attack.

    3. Speed ​​and Accuracy : Improving the speed and accuracy of your punches is directly linked to the success of your temple attacks. It is necessary to practice hitting the target quickly and accurately.

    Points to note during practice

    1. Accuracy of Form : For an effective temple attack, the form of the punch must be accurate. It is important to pay attention to the position of your elbow and the angle of your wrist when throwing a punch, and practice with correct form.

    2. Maintaining defensive techniques : Be careful not to be so focused on attacking that you neglect your own defense. It is important to practice quickly returning your guard after an attack to maintain a balance between defense and attack.

    3. Physical Fitness and Conditioning : Good physical fitness and conditioning are essential to maintaining high technical precision. Incorporate training to improve your overall physical strength and stamina so that your technique doesn’t deteriorate even when you’re tired.

    4. Repetitive practice : Repetitive practice is essential to mastering any skill. Attacking the temple in particular is an advanced technique, so the shortcut to success is to spend a lot of time practicing repeatedly.


    By paying attention to these tips and points as you practice, you will be able to improve the accuracy of your boxing technique and use attacks to the temples more effectively.



    Accuracy, timing, speed, and attention during practice are important in order to improve the precision of your boxing technique, especially when attacking the temples.

    In order to land an attack accurately, it is necessary to understand the appropriate distance and determine the timing of the attack.

    It also increases the speed and accuracy of your attacks, surprising your opponent and making them more effective.


    During practice, it is important to pay attention to the accuracy of your form and maintain your defensive technique.

    Don’t forget to improve your physical strength and conditioning, and keep your technique accurate even during long practice sessions.

    The key to success is to thoroughly hone your technique through repeated practice.


    In boxing, attacks to the temple can cause great damage to the opponent, but require great skill and practice to maximize their effectiveness.

    By keeping these points in mind and practicing, you will improve your technique accuracy and find success in the ring.


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