Techniques for winning games in slipping away games

In order to gain an advantage in the boxing ring, you not only need to attack forcefully, you also need the skill to skillfully avoid your opponent’s attacks.

Among them, “slipping away” is known as an important technique for avoiding attacks and creating counter opportunities at the same time.


This article introduces the basics of slipping away to advanced techniques, provides a guide to take your boxing skills and fighting techniques to the next level, and provides an explanation of fighting techniques for martial arts fans. The contents are as follows.

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Introduction: What is Slipping Away?

You’ve probably seen a technique called “slipping away” used in a fighting manga.

Slipping away is a technique in which you parry an attack by twisting your head or moving your body in the direction of the punch.


Slipping away is a boxing technique (slipping away, which involves twisting and turning the neck, is an advanced technique) and is used to skillfully avoid an opponent’s attack.

In this move, a boxer avoids an opponent’s punch or kick by tilting his body or face to the side or back.

Slipping away is important not only to avoid attacks, but also to create opportunities for counterattacks by taking advantage of the opponent’s openings.

Successfully slipping away requires good timing, flexibility, and strategic thinking.

This technique is one of the essential skills for boxers who fight while maintaining a balance between defense and attack.

The importance of slipping away

The slip-away technique is more important in boxing than just avoiding attacks.

By mastering this technique, athletes can stay one step ahead of their opponents while maintaining their own safety in the ring.


First, slipping away is a core defensive technique, minimizing damage by avoiding punches.

However, the true value of this move is not just in avoiding blows, but in reading the flow of the opponent’s attack and securing an advantageous position.

The moment your opponent leans forward to attack, your balance is off, and by exploiting this gap, you can make an effective counter attack.


In addition, slipping away also has the effect of putting psychological pressure on the opponent.

If all your attacks are evaded, your opponent’s frustration will increase and they may start launching unreasonable attacks.

This creates even more advantageous counter-attack opportunities.


Effective use of this technique requires high concentration, precise timing, and the ability to predict your opponent’s movements.

By making full use of slipping away, a boxer can freely manipulate defense and attack, and establish superiority in the ring.

As such, it is one of the essential skills for boxers of all levels to learn, hone, and practice.

(The act of twisting your neck to parry the power of a punch, like in manga, is quite difficult in real life, but moving your body to parry the punch is the basis of boxing and martial arts.)

Basic slipping away techniques

The slipping away technique is one of the basics of boxing, and learning it properly can dramatically improve your defensive abilities.

Here, we will explain the specific steps and points in an easy-to-understand manner even for beginners.


Step-by-step instructions

  1. Take a basic stance : legs should be about shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent. Place one foot slightly in front of you, distributing your weight evenly between both feet. Start all movements from this position.

  2. How to tilt your body : Slipping away avoids your opponent’s punch by tilting your body to the left or right. The tilting movement should be centered on your hips, not your shoulders. At this time, keep your head always looking at your opponent.

  3. Correct timing : It is important to move the moment your opponent throws a punch and avoid it at the last minute. If you’re too quick, your opponent will be able to read your timing, and if you’re too slow, you’ll end up receiving a punch.

  4. Prepare to counterattack : After dodging a punch, immediately return to your original position and wait for a chance to counterattack. Counterattacks from slipping away are very effective, and the opponent often cannot defend in time.

How to practice

  • Shadow Boxing : Do some shadow boxing in front of the mirror to see your slip-away moves. Learn accurate form while being conscious of your posture and movements.

  • Mitt practice : Practice using mitts with a trainer or partner. Develop realistic reaction speed and timing by performing slip-aways in situations where punches are actually flying.

  • Video Analysis : Watch match footage of professional boxers and learn how to use their slip-away moves. In particular, pay attention to the situation in which it is used and how it can be used as a counterattack.


To master the technique of slipping away, it is important to practice repeatedly and memorize it physically.

By practicing with correct form over and over again, you will be able to perform this movement naturally in the ring.

For advanced users: Applied techniques of slipping away

For advanced boxers, Slipping Away comes into its own when combined with more advanced strategies and techniques.

Here, we will introduce the next step as an applied technology for slipping away.


1. Incorporation into combinations

Immediately after using Slipping Away to avoid your opponent’s attack, you have the best chance to counterattack.

At this moment, he smoothly interweaves punch combinations such as jabs, straights, and uppercuts to inflict overwhelming damage on his opponent.

By learning effective combinations, you can create multiple attack opportunities from a single dodging move.


2. Ideas for positioning

When applying slipping away, it is not only important to avoid it, but also the positioning afterward.

After dodging, move outside your opponent’s line of attack and position yourself to counterattack from a favorable angle.

This requires advanced techniques that combine step work and body work.


3. Combination with feint

Advanced players can confuse their opponents by combining slipping away with feints.

For example, it provides unpredictable movements to the opponent, such as feigning a slip movement to invite an attack, but actually moving in a different direction to counterattack.

Such a strategy increases counter opportunities while reducing the opponent’s desire to attack.


4. Continuous learning and adaptation

Boxing is a constantly evolving sport, so it’s important that even advanced players continue to learn new techniques and strategies.

You can further refine your slipping away technique by analyzing how other fighters fight and trying new training methods.


5. Spiritual discipline

In the application of slipping away, not only technical aspects but also mental discipline are very important.

Remaining calm in the ring and improving your ability to accurately assess situations are the keys to successful application techniques.



By mastering these applied techniques, advanced boxers can further consolidate their dominance in the ring, making them unpredictable and dangerous to their opponents.

Training method: practice to master slipping away

We will show you an effective training method to master slipping away and improve your boxing skills.

These exercises are designed to solidify your technical foundation and increase your ability to apply it in the ring.


1. Shadow boxing

Shadow boxing is a basic training method for mastering the slipping away movement.

By performing in front of a mirror, you can check your form and correct your posture and movements.

Be conscious of slipping (leaning your body to the left or right) as a movement to avoid attacks, and practice so that you can react naturally.


2. Practice with a partner

By practicing with a training partner, you can improve your reaction speed and timing for real attacks.

Have your partner throw a punch slowly and practice the slip-away move to avoid it.

By gradually increasing the speed, you can develop reactions that are similar to real match situations.


3. Training with a reaction ball

Because the reaction ball bounces erratically, training using it is effective in increasing reaction speed and agility.

Repeat the action of throwing the ball against the wall and catching it while avoiding the balls that bounce back.

This training increases your ability to apply the slipping away movement in real-life situations.


4. Strengthen footwork

Slipping away requires proper footwork. So practice footwork drills to improve your agility.

Ladder drills and cone drills are effective, as they increase movement speed and ability to change direction.


5. Video analysis

Observe videos of professional boxers’ matches and training and study the technique of slipping away.

In particular, carefully analyze how to avoid your opponent’s attacks and when to counterattack.

This learning method helps bridge the gap between theoretical understanding and practical application.


By combining these training methods, you can master the technique of slipping away and improve your overall boxing performance.

Continuity is the key to practicing, so do these trainings regularly to keep honing your skills.

Success story: Analysis of famous matches using slipping away


Analyzing famous fights in which players successfully used the slip-away technique to achieve glorious victories is extremely useful when learning boxing techniques.

Let’s take as an example the legendary showdown between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, known as the “Fight of the Century” on March 8, 1971.


Match background

This match was a historic one as both men entered the ring as undefeated champions.

Ali was known for his great footwork and speed, while Frazier was known for his powerful left hook and tenacity.


Slipping Away Success Stories

Muhammad Ali showed off his signature “Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee” style in this match.

His slipping away technique played a central role in deftly avoiding Joe Frazier’s powerful attacks.


Ali used good timing and body movement to slip away and avoid Frazier’s predictable left hooks.

Ali’s movements were very calculated, reading Frazier’s attacks and shifting his body to avoid the punches before they could reach him, creating opportunities for counter-punches.


Technical points

Ali’s slip away was aided by his excellent footwork and body control.

By shifting his body slightly to the side, he was able to avoid Frazier’s punches and quickly launch a counterattack.

This technical mastery exemplifies how Ali controls his opponent’s attacks and maintains his own rhythm in the ring.


Match results and impact

The bout was won by Frazier, handing Ali the first loss of his professional career, but Ali’s slipping away and other techniques have gone down as one of the most memorable performances in boxing history.

This match was a great example of the effectiveness of slipping away and the importance of advanced strategic thinking in boxing, and had a great influence on future boxers.


Ali’s performance in this match proves that slipping away is more than just a defensive technique, it is a tactical move that creates attacking opportunities.

His sophisticated techniques are a great source of learning for all those who study boxing.


lessons to be learned

Muhammad Ali’s slipping away method of fighting teaches you the following important points in learning boxing techniques:

  • Anticipation and Reaction : Ali was constantly anticipating his opponent’s movements and adjusting his own movements accordingly. This ability, honed through experience and practice, is essential to success in the ring.

  • Footwork and Balance : Ali’s excellent footwork made his slipping away more effective. Balanced movement maximizes opportunities for attack as well as defense.

  • Timing is important : Slipping Away is all about timing. Ali saw the moment when his opponent was about to attack and dodged it, giving him a chance to counterattack. This ability to judge timing can be acquired through a lot of practice.

  • Psychological factors : Ali often confused opponents with his movements and caused frustration. By using slipping away tactically, it is possible to disrupt the opponent’s mental balance.



Muhammad Ali’s performance in “Fight of the Century” shows how the slip-away technique can be a powerful weapon in boxing.

There is much to learn from a legendary boxer like Ali, and his matches remain valuable learning materials for many boxers today.

Refinement of boxing techniques, including slipping away, not only improves technique, but also deepens strategic thinking and psychological maneuvering.

Acquiring these techniques and mindsets are the keys to success in the ring.


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