Learn with Kendo! The secret of cool techniques and their charm

Kendo is not just a martial art that involves wielding a bamboo sword.

It is a dialogue with others, a journey of self-growth, and above all a spiritual exercise.

“Cool techniques” in Kendo are evaluated not only for their sophisticated movements and technical perfection, but also for the strength of mind and philosophy behind them.


In this article, we will take you into the world of cool techniques that can be seen in Kendo.

From the basics to advanced techniques, let’s explore the beauty and depth of Kendo through cool techniques.

So, let’s begin our journey to discover the secrets of Kendo’s cool techniques and its charm.



What cool techniques can you learn from the basics of Kendo?

In Kendo, “cool techniques” are not just about looking sophisticated.

It shows proper posture, precise movements, and above all, mental readiness.

Here, we will delve into the world of cool techniques that can be achieved by learning from the basics of Kendo.


Correct posture: the foundation of kendo

In Kendo, the first step to learning cool techniques begins with correct posture.

Correct posture means keeping your feet in the right position, your back straight, and your eyes in the correct direction.

This basic position provides the foundation for efficient movement and maximizing pressure on your opponent.


Basic hitting: Fundamentals of technology

In order to understand the “cool techniques” in Kendo, it is important to first learn basic techniques.

Basic techniques such as men-uchi, kote-uchi, doro-uchi, and tsuki form the basis of all sophisticated techniques.

Each of these strikes involves specific body movements and breathing.

By learning precise technique and timing, you will be ready to move on to more advanced techniques.


Mental Preparation: The Mind Behind the Technique

In Kendo, mental preparation is equally important in order to make your techniques look cool.

This includes focus, calmness, and confidence. When confronting someone, you need to keep calm and assess the momentary encounter.

Only with this mental preparation can physical skills come to life.


Movement and footwork: the secret to flowing techniques

Footwork in Kendo is an important element that determines the beauty and effectiveness of the techniques.

There are many different types of foot movements, such as moving forward, backward, and sideways, but all movements must be fluid and smooth.

By matching footwork and body movements, Kendo techniques become more powerful and elegant.


Continuous practice and reflection

Finally, continuous practice and self-reflection are essential for making Kendo techniques look cool.

By honing your techniques through daily practice and constantly reviewing your movements and mindset, you can improve the quality of your techniques.

Kendo is a never-ending learning experience, and the process of pursuing cool techniques is itself a journey of self-growth.



The cool techniques you learn from the basics of kendo are not just about physical beauty, but are expressions that combine technique, posture, and mental preparation.

By continuing this journey, you will be able to pursue and find true coolness in Kendo.



History and background of cool kendo techniques

Kendo is not just a competition or an exercise, but a martial art with deep roots in history and culture.

The “cool techniques” honed through this process are not simply refined techniques, but have a background deeply connected to the Bushido spirit.

In this section, we explore the history and background of cool Kendo techniques.


Historical background: Bushido and Kendo

The origins of Kendo can be traced back to Japan’s samurai culture. Samurai practiced their swordsmanship every day in order to survive in actual battle.

These techniques were later fused with a spiritual moral philosophy called “Bushido” and refined into a form of kendo.

At the root of cool techniques lies the spirit of Bushido, values ​​such as honesty, courage, respect, and loyalty.


Evolution of techniques: from old school to modern kendo

Kendo techniques have evolved over time. There were many koryū schools in Japan, each with its own unique techniques and philosophy.

These ancient schools have had a great influence on modern Kendo techniques.

The cool techniques of modern Kendo are also based on the techniques and spirit of these ancient schools.


Fusion of spirit and technology

Kendo emphasizes not only the acquisition of technique, but also the spiritual growth behind it.

A cool technique not only expresses the form, but also the strength and calmness that emanates from the swordsman’s inner self.

This mental maturity makes the beauty of the technique even more outstanding.


The significance of techniques in modern kendo

In modern times, Kendo techniques are more often practiced for mental training and personal growth than for actual use in combat.

Through cool techniques, swordsmen learn self-control, concentration, and composure.

These values ​​become a great source of strength in our daily lives even when we leave the kendo training hall.


International spread of Kendo techniques

Kendo is not just a Japanese martial art, but an international martial art practiced all over the world.

The unique interpretations and values ​​that each country and culture has of Kendo encourage the diversity and evolution of Kendo techniques.

Through international exchange, cool kendo techniques have come to have an even broader meaning.



Kendo’s “cool techniques” have a deep historical, cultural, and spiritual background that goes beyond mere beauty of movement.

By understanding the meaning of these techniques, you will be able to get closer to the essence of Kendo.



Practice! How to master cool techniques in Kendo

In order to master cool techniques in Kendo, you need to not only imitate the form, but also learn the spirit behind the techniques and the basic movements that support them.

Here we will introduce practical methods to make your Kendo techniques look cool.

Let’s practice while paying attention not only to technical precision, but also to the state of mind behind it.


be faithful to the basics

The first step to mastering cool techniques in Kendo is to stay true to the basics.

Let’s thoroughly practice the basics of Kendo, such as basic posture, basic strikes, and footwork. Unless these basic techniques are firmly acquired, sophisticated techniques will not be created.

Please review the basics during daily practice and try to perform them perfectly.


practice repeatedly

In order to acquire cool techniques, it is essential to practice repeatedly.

By repeating the same movements over and over again, your body will naturally learn the correct movements and your technique will improve.

Also, through repeated practice, you will develop the ability to sense and correct small errors on your own.


Do mental training

Mental training is also important in order to make Kendo techniques look cool.

Meditation and breathing techniques are effective ways to stay calm and stay focused during games and practice.

By calming down and approaching your technique with confidence, your technique will look even cooler.


Observe the movements of advanced players

In order to improve your own skills, it is important to observe and learn from the movements of advanced players.

Have the opportunity to watch matches and demonstrations, and pay attention to the movements of swordsmen with cool techniques.

Learning with videos is also effective. Observe their posture, the way they hit, their footwork, and other details and incorporate them into your own practice.


accept feedback

It is important to be open to feedback from others in order to objectively evaluate and improve your skills.

Please take the feedback from your teachers, seniors, and colleagues seriously and use it to improve your skills.

Also, recording videos of yourself and looking back on them is useful for self-evaluation and improvement.



In order to master cool techniques in Kendo, it is essential to thoroughly master basic techniques, practice repeatedly, mental training, learn from experts, and accept feedback.

Incorporate these into your daily practice and refine your Kendo techniques and spirit.



Cool Kendo Techniques: Analyzing the movements of advanced players

In the world of Kendo, the movements of advanced players are something to behold, and there is a great deal to be learned from their every move.

By analyzing the movements of advanced players with cool techniques, you can understand the depth of their techniques and the mental strength that supports them.

Here, let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of cool moves performed by advanced kendo players, and the points to analyze when analyzing these movements.


unpredictable movement

Experts in Kendo overwhelm their opponents with their unpredictable movements. This surprising move comes from intuition honed through years of experience and practice.

Advanced players have the insight to anticipate their opponent’s movements and not miss the momentary gap.

When analyzing these moves, pay attention to how they anticipate their opponent’s movements and when to attack.


delicate footwork

The cool techniques of advanced players involve extremely precise footwork.

Their footwork is very calculated, with small steps and movements that change direction instantly, and they skillfully balance attack and defense.

By analyzing this footwork, you can understand how they position themselves and secure advantageous positions.


How to use the power of the moment

Advanced Kendo practitioners have the ability to apply force instantly.

Although the strike may seem light at first glance, it exerts extremely high force at the point of impact.

By analyzing how this force is used, it becomes clear how each part of the body works together to generate maximum force.

In particular, pay attention to how you use your hips.


mental concentration

The movements of advanced athletes with cool techniques require a high degree of mental concentration.

They are always calm and able to stay focused in any situation. This ability to concentrate is cultivated through years of practice and mental discipline.

When analyzing their movements, it is important to pay attention to their state of mind, which does not waver under any circumstances.


Sophistication of technique

Finally, the sophistication of the techniques of advanced players is extremely high. There is no waste in each of their movements, and the beauty of their technique is captivating.

By analyzing the sophistication of this technique, one can gain a deep understanding of the technical details of Kendo.



By analyzing the cool techniques possessed by advanced kendo practitioners, we will be able to notice not only the techniques of kendo, but also invisible elements such as the mental strength that supports them and the insight cultivated through years of practice. You will be able to.

Take advantage of this knowledge in your own practice and aim to further improve your technique.




Tips for learning cool techniques in Kendo

In order to acquire cool techniques in Kendo, you must not only practice repeatedly, but also be creative in your training methods.

In order to improve your technique, of course, but also to make your technique look cool, you need to pay attention to how you use your body, how you hold your mind, and the quality of your practice.

Below are some tips for learning cool techniques in Kendo.


Based on correct posture

The most basic element to learning cool techniques is correct posture.

All techniques begin with correct posture. By stretching your back and stabilizing your center of gravity, your movements will be smoother and your techniques will be more accurate.

Always be aware of your posture and review the basic way you stand and move.


control breathing

Breathing control is also important in order to make your techniques look cool.

By exhaling and applying force at the timing of the strike, you can create a stronger strike.

Calm breathing also stabilizes your mind and makes you stronger under pressure during matches. During practice, pay attention to your breathing and try to match your technique with your breathing.


pay attention to details

To learn cool techniques, you need to pay attention to the details.

The small details such as the position of the hands, the movement of the feet, and the way the bamboo sword is swung can greatly change the overall impression of the technique.

Observe the movements of advanced performers, analyze what details make their techniques look cool, and incorporate them into your own practice.


Continuous reflection and improvement

In the process of learning techniques, it is important to objectively evaluate your own movements and continually improve.

After practicing, reflect on which techniques went well and where you had problems, and think about how to improve in the next practice.

If possible, one way to do this is to record a video of the rehearsal and check it visually.


Mental strength

To make Kendo techniques look cool, you need not only technique but also mental strength. Performing a technique with confidence will make it look more powerful and beautiful.

It’s natural to feel nervous during games and practices, but it’s important to control that nervousness and approach the game with confidence.



In order to learn cool techniques in Kendo, it is important to pay attention to the points mentioned above.

By staying true to the basics, paying close attention to detail, and continually reflecting and improving, you will not only acquire the skills, but also the ability to make those skills look cool.



How to prepare to perform cool techniques in a Kendo match

In order to perform cool techniques in a Kendo match, it is not only important to practice technically, but also to be prepared for the match.

With the right mindset, you can maximize your skills and take bold, calm actions.

Below, we will explain how to prepare to perform cool techniques in a match.


have confidence

The first step to performing cool tricks in a match is to have confidence.

Be confident in the skills and experience you have gained through practice, and be prepared to demonstrate them in matches.

When you are confident, you are less hesitant when performing techniques, and your movements are smoother and more powerful.

Having confidence means not only believing in yourself, but also believing in the results of your training.


concentrate one’s mind

Many factors can cause distractions during a match, but it’s essential to stay mentally focused in order to pull off a cool move.

Calm your mind and improve your concentration by practicing meditation and breathing exercises before the game.

During a match, it is important to always think about your next move, anticipate your opponent’s movements, and prepare to perform a technique at the optimal time.


Take on challenges without fear of risks

Cool techniques sometimes come with risks. Instead of choosing to play it safe in a match, have the courage to take the plunge and try out the techniques and ideas you’ve developed in practice.

By taking on new challenges without fear of failure, unexpected success may await you.

Also, the challenge itself makes the match more attractive and memorable.


respect others

Kendo is based on the spirit of respecting others. In order to perform cool techniques in a match, remember to respect your opponent and fight fair.

From a heart of respect for the opponent, flowing and beautiful techniques naturally emerge, which makes the match even more appealing.


enjoy the match

Lastly, it is important to enjoy the game. By enjoying every moment of the match without giving in to the pressure, you will be able to relax and perform natural movements.

Having fun is one of the joys gained through Kendo, which gives you confidence and leads to the performance of cool techniques.



These mindsets are extremely important in order to perform cool techniques in a Kendo match.

Be confident, stay focused, take on challenges without fear of risks, respect your opponent, and enjoy the game.

By keeping these things in mind, you will be able to grow not only technically, but also mentally.





In Kendo, learning cool techniques is one of the goals that many swordsmen aim for.

However, mastering these techniques and demonstrating them in real competition requires more than just physical training.


As introduced in the main text, it is only when a wide range of factors are combined, starting from the basics of correct posture, mental concentration, self-confidence and a spirit of challenge, and the spirit of respecting the opponent in kendo, that a cool technique can be performed in kendo. It becomes possible.


Kendo practice is not just a place to hone your skills, but also a place for self-growth.

Staying true to the basics, paying attention to detail, and continually reflecting and improving will not only help you improve technically, but also help you grow spiritually.

Also, by observing and analyzing the movements of advanced kendo players, you can understand not only the techniques of kendo, but also the spirit behind it.



It is important to have confidence, maintain concentration, and have the courage to take on challenges without being afraid of risks when preparing to perform cool techniques in a competition.

These mindsets go beyond winning or losing a match and lead to one’s own internal growth, and are one of the most valuable experiences one can gain through Kendo.



Ultimately, the journey to learn cool techniques in Kendo is not a journey to pursue external beauty, but a journey to dig deep within oneself, increase self-awareness, and grow as a person.

This journey continues not only in the Kendo dojo, but also in everyday life.

The lessons learned through Kendo can be applied in various situations in life, reminding us that true “coolness” lies beyond the acquisition of techniques.


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