The full story of corporate kendo: Powerful companies that can stand up to the police and the appeal of continuing kendo

Kendo has a long history as one of Japan’s traditional martial arts, and its spirit is accepted by many companies.


This article focuses on the world of corporate kendo and delves into how Japanese companies support kendo and foster the habit among their employees.

Learn more about how kendo is connected to corporate culture and how it contributes to the careers and health of employees, through the results of the All Japan Corporate Kendo Tournament and examples of companies where kendo is strong. I will explain.



What is Business Group Kendo?

Jitsugyodan Kendo is a Kendo club activity organized by Japanese companies for their employees.

Many companies have established kendo clubs for the purpose of promoting employee health, welfare, and team building.

These corporate kendo teams participate in national kendo tournaments, deepening exchanges between companies, and fostering the spirit of kendo as part of the corporate culture.


Overview of Jitsugyodan Kendo and its appeal

Corporate Kendo is part of a company-led sports activity that provides employees with physical strength, mental education, and stress relief through Kendo.

The appeal of corporate kendo is that it improves communication in the workplace and strengthens cohesion among employees.

Kendo is also expected to improve leadership, coordination, and concentration, so many companies actively support it.


The role and significance of Kendo clubs in Japanese companies

A corporate kendo club is more than just a sports club.

These kendo clubs aim to improve work-life balance by providing employees with a place to train their minds and bodies away from their daily work.

Furthermore, the spirit of “respecting civility” and “growing spiritually,” which are rooted in the teachings of Kendo, are said to contribute to improving corporate ethics and workplace morale.

In this way, Kendo club activities not only contribute to the personal growth of our employees, but also greatly contribute to the development of our corporate culture.



Powerful companies in corporate kendo and their characteristics

Many companies in Japan support Jitsugyo Kendo and encourage their employees to improve their Kendo skills as part of their corporate culture.

Some companies, such as NTT Group, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, and Toyo Suisan, are particularly known for running kendo clubs, and their activities are set as models for other companies.


NTT Group

NTT Group provides health promotion and stress relief to employees through the Kendo club.

NTT’s kendo club has achieved good results in national corporate kendo tournaments, and focuses on improving teamwork and individual spirituality through kendo.

The Kendo Club also serves as a place for employees to deepen communication and cooperation outside of work, contributing to the strengthening of our corporate culture.


Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance provides a place for health management and mental education for employees by establishing a kendo club.

The company’s kendo club aims not only to improve technique, but also to instill the spirit of kendo, which emphasizes courtesy and respect, within the company.

We also actively participate in kendo tournaments across the country, strengthening the unity of our employees through high-level competition.


toyo fisheries

At Toyo Suisan, the Kendo club was established as a means of promoting health and managing stress among employees.

Through Kendo, we aim to improve the mental health and productivity of our employees.

Participating in corporate kendo tournaments brings new stimulation and increased motivation to employees, and increases the vitality of the company as a whole.


Position of Kendo within the company and employee participation status

For these companies, kendo clubs are more than just sports clubs; they play an important role in embodying the company’s core values.

Although participation in the Kendo club is voluntary, many employees actively engage in activities to maintain their health and self-development, and the mental and physical benefits that Kendo brings are highly valued.

Kendo club activities also contribute to the development of employees’ social skills and leadership, contributing not only to individual growth but also to the improvement of the organization as a whole.



Corporate Kendo tournaments and results

In corporate kendo, the All Japan Corporate Kendo Tournament is a particularly important event.

This tournament brings together corporate kendo teams from all over Japan to compete on their technique and spirit.

Here, we will provide a detailed overview of this tournament, recent tournament results, and notable players.


Overview of the All Japan Corporate Kendo Tournament

The All-Japan Corporate Kendo Tournament is the pinnacle of corporate kendo, sponsored by the Japan Kendo Federation, and is held every year.

To participate, you must be a member of a Kendo club belonging to a company or organization in Japan.

This tournament not only serves to improve kendo techniques, but also serves as a venue to deepen exchanges between companies and promote communication and mutual understanding through kendo.

The competition is centered around team competitions, and as teamwork and strategy play a big role, as well as individual skills, the competition is extremely heated.


Recent tournament results and notable players

In recent years, teams from various companies have competed for the championship at the All-Japan Corporate Kendo Tournament, with NTT Group, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, and Toyo Suisan among others being known as the strongest.

These teams are highly praised not only for their Kendo techniques, but also for their spirituality and teamwork.


As for notable athletes, the NTT Group has produced many national-level athletes, some of whom have placed in the top ranks at the All Japan Kendo Championships.

These players are particularly praised for their high technique and composure in the game, and are the center of attention at the tournament each year.


The All Japan Corporate Kendo Tournament is a stage that shows the world the high level of corporate kendo, contributing not only to kendo techniques but also to the development of corporate culture and team spirit.

This tournament is a great opportunity for all participating Kendo practitioners to test their skills and aim for even greater heights.



Career and job hunting through Kendo

Kendo is recognized as more than just a sport or a traditional art, and the experience can give you an advantage in the job market.

In particular, companies that place emphasis on kendo often require people with kendo experience.

Here, we will delve into the impact of people with Kendo experience on the job market and the hiring trends of companies that place emphasis on Kendo.


Impact on the job market for people with Kendo experience

Those who practice Kendo are generally evaluated as having high self-discipline, strong mental fortitude, and the ability to promote teamwork.

These traits are especially valuable in jobs that require leadership or require mentally demanding tasks.

For this reason, those with Kendo experience may be given preferential treatment in a wide variety of fields, including education, the police, the Self-Defense Forces, and internal security positions at some companies.


Hiring trends of companies that strengthen Kendo

Many companies use martial arts such as Kendo to promote the health and mental health of their employees.

Companies that are particularly active in corporate kendo may actively hire people with kendo experience.

For example, in the construction industry, finance industry, and even some technology companies, kendo experience is seen as evidence of collaboration, tenacity, and problem-solving skills, and may be evaluated positively during the hiring process.

At these companies, kendo club activities are part of the corporate culture and play a central role in internal events and community interaction activities.


For those with kendo experience, a company that strengthens their kendo skills may provide an ideal environment for building a career.

These companies have a working environment that takes advantage of not only Kendo but also its spirit, and you will be able to contribute to the development of the company as well as your personal growth.



Social impact of Kendo club activities

Kendo club activities have a significant social impact within companies, particularly contributing to improving employee health and strengthening teamwork.

The positive impact that Kendo has on corporate culture is also huge.


Improving employee health and strengthening teamwork

Kendo is a sport that promotes physical and mental health, and regular exercise helps reduce stress, improve physical fitness, and strengthen concentration.

Kendo club activities at companies have the effect of deepening bonds with each other and increasing cooperation among employees as they practice together.

This is said to directly lead to stronger cooperative relationships in the workplace and contribute to improving the productivity of the entire team.


The positive impact of Kendo on corporate culture

Kendo is a sport that values ​​civility and respect, so these values ​​permeate our corporate culture.

Through Kendo club activities, employees can deepen their understanding of the importance of working together to achieve goals and the traditional Japanese work style that values ​​hierarchical relationships.

Kendo training also requires sustained effort and self-reflection, which influences your approach to problem-solving and self-improvement at work.


These activities are considered to be extremely valuable as a way for companies to emphasize employee welfare and improve workplace morale.

The mental strength and team spirit cultivated through Kendo play an important role in dealing with the various challenges faced by companies, and are directly linked to the sustainable growth of companies.

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In this article, we explored the full story of Jitsugyodan Kendo and provided a detailed explanation of how Kendo impacts Japanese corporate culture and the lives of employees.

Corporate Kendo is an important activity for promoting employee health and strengthening teamwork, and many companies recognize its value and actively support Kendo clubs.


  • Health and well-being : Kendo helps improve physical and mental strength and reduces stress.
  • Social cohesion : Sharing common interests strengthens cohesion within the workplace and increases collaboration.
  • Career development : Those with Kendo experience may be eligible for preferential employment in certain jobs and companies.
  • Contribution to corporate culture : Kendo teachings positively influence corporate ethics and culture, contributing to operational efficiency and employee satisfaction.


Ultimately, Kendo is being reacknowledged as not just an exercise, but a cultural activity that promotes personal growth, corporate development, and social harmony.

The multifaceted benefits that companies receive through kendo are well worth the investment, and many companies will continue to support kendo clubs.


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