The latest boxing game to enjoy on PS5! A thorough comparison of the top 3 rankings

The boxing game that can be played on PS5 is attractive for its realistic graphics and precise operability.

In this article, we will carefully select the top three highly rated boxing games for PS5 and thoroughly compare each game’s features, player feedback, and control feel.

We’ll delve into the important points to consider when choosing a game, as well as how each game meets user expectations.

We also provide detailed reviews and buying guides to help you choose the best game for you.

Be sure to read until the end, as we’re packed with information that will take your boxing game experience on PlayStation 5 to the next level.




As a next-generation gaming console, PlayStation 5 (PS5) features high-resolution graphics and quick loading times.

This makes boxing games more realistic, giving players the feeling of being in the ring.

Boxing games in particular require strategic thinking and quick reactions, as the movements of the fighters and the impact of their blows are expressed in real time, so the PS5’s technology perfectly supports this Best One) ) ​.


Points to consider when choosing a game

When choosing a boxing game, you should consider several important points.

First, make sure that the genre and style of the game match your play style.


For example, do you prefer realistic competitive games, or do you prefer games with a rich story mode?

The presence or absence of online functionality is also an important factor.

Many boxing games allow online matches, allowing you to compete against players from all over the world, so this feature can make a huge difference in your gaming experience .


When choosing a game, one way is to check out new games.

New games attract a lot of attention and many players try them out, so the community tends to be active.

Also, by checking game reviews and ratings in advance, you can increase your satisfaction after purchasing.


With this information in mind, enjoy choosing a boxing game for PS5 and find the game that suits you best.



Features of PS5 compatible boxing game

Boxing games played on PlayStation 5 (PS5) are known for their cutting-edge graphics and sophisticated controls.

This allows the game to offer unprecedented realism and immersion, creating an exceptional experience for players.


Graphic evolution and reality

Thanks to advancements in real-time rendering technology, PS5 boxing games are depicted in detail, down to the athletes’ muscle movements and sweat.

Compared to past PlayStation models, the PS5 has improved graphical quality and frame rates, making battle scenes much more visually realistic.

For example, characters from the Tekken series have significantly increased the number of polygons from the original PlayStation to PS4, allowing for more precise expressions PC Watch ) .


Improvements in control feel and player evaluations

The introduction of the DualSense controller allows for more intuitive and responsive operation in the PS5 boxing game.

Utilizing analog sticks and haptic feedback, the weight of punches and the feel of blocks are realistically reproduced, allowing players to become more immersed in the action.

In particular, the new controller technology has received high praise from players and has greatly improved the quality of gameplay GIGAZINE ) .


These innovations bring boxing games on PS5 to an unprecedented level of realism and control, providing players with a new level of gaming experience.

This evolution shows that boxing games are not just sports games, but a highly technological form of entertainment.



Top 3 ranked boxing games


1st place: Undisputed

Undisputed perfectly recreates the atmosphere of real professional boxing in-game.

Featuring highly detailed scanned player models and realistic arena environments, players can compete in large-scale box office and outdoor venues.

Broadcast-style presentations such as commentary, ring walks, and instructions from the referee add to the sense of realism.

My impressions of the game are that the realistic damage expressions and facial deformation are particularly impressive, increasing the tension and strategy of the match Game*Spark – Domestic and international game information site ) .


2nd place: Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions

This game is an arcade style boxing game inspired by the Rocky series.

Featuring 20 iconic characters from the movies, including Apollo Creed and Ivan Drago.

Play is intuitive and features simple operability that anyone can enjoy. The gaming experience is especially enjoyable for fans of the movie The Loadout ) .


3rd place: Knockout League

Knockout League is an arcade-style VR boxing game with cartoonish visuals, but the game’s depth and challenge belie its appearance.

Players must use their reflexes to dodge punches and timely counters.

The various opponents each have unique fighting styles and require strategic thinking, making the game enjoyable even for long periods of time GameChampions ) .


These games utilize PS5 technology to offer their own unique appeal, and are definitely titles that boxing game fans should check out.



Detailed analysis of each game


Story mode comparison

Undisputed’s Career Mode allows players to create their own boxer and rise to fame as they compete against legendary boxers.

Players will be tasked with choosing their own team and managing their strategic career progression.

This mode offers a highly realistic and immersive experience as it is full of strategic choices and players’ choices directly impact their career in each match Worthplaying ) .


Introducing multiplayer features

Undisputed features online PvP (player vs. player) functionality, allowing you to compete against players from all over the world.

The game delivers real-time strategic boxing matches and provides a competitive experience to players.

This feature requires not only technical boxing skills but also strategic thinking, making it challenging and fun for players Downtime Bros ) .


Comprehensive training mode

Training mode allows players to hone various skills.

In particular, Undisputed lets you manage your character’s health and improve their skills, with detailed options that mimic a real-life training camp.

This mode helps players make the necessary preparations before going into a match, allowing for not only technical improvement but also strategic preparation.


Each mode of these games offers a different charm and challenge, and boxing game fans can enjoy a lot of choices and a deep gameplay experience.



User ratings and reviews


online reputation

“Undisputed” has generally positive reviews on Steam.

72% of overall reviews give it a positive rating, but recent reviews are a little lower at 58%.

Users have praised the realism of the gameplay and the depth of the characters, but some have pointed out bugs and the need for adjustments.


Ratings based on real user reviews

Actual users have particularly praised Undisputed’s detailed character customization and career mode.

In particular, the process in which players create their own boxer and build a professional career is appealing to many users.

However, the game is still in development and not in its complete form, so some users are taking this into consideration when making purchase decisions ​( store.steampowered ) ​.



buying guide


Which game is right for me?

When choosing a boxing game for PS5, it is important to choose a game that suits your play style and preferences.

If you’re looking for a realistic experience, Undisputed is for you.

Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions is a great choice if you’re a fan of arcade-style movies, while BoxVR is a great option if you’re looking for VR entertainment that doubles as fitness.


Points to note when purchasing PS5 games

When purchasing PS5 games, it is important to check the game’s system requirements and compatible controllers.

You can also check whether a game is officially released or in early access, and read user reviews to help you choose a game that meets your expectations.

Games that utilize online features require a stable internet connection.



Summary and future prospects


Future trends of boxing games on PS5

The PS5 boxing game is attracting attention for its technological advances to enhance reality and immersion.

Advances in VR technology and improvements in real-time physics are expected to make the user experience even more realistic and intuitive.

In addition, strategic gameplay is expected to improve as AI evolves.


Expected new releases and updates

Titles like Undisputed are scheduled for regular updates, with new fighters and game modes expected to be added.

New boxing games are also in development, and these are expected to take advantage of the PS5’s powerful hardware to offer even more detailed graphics and polished gameplay.

These advances will improve the quality of entertainment that boxing games provide.


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