Volleyball player Megumi Kurihara’s height and playing style when she was young

Megumi Kurihara is a famous player who has been active in the Japanese volleyball world for many years.

Her outstanding skills and tall stature helped her excel in many matches.

Megumi Kurihara’s playing style in her youth influenced many fans and players, and her career is still talked about in the volleyball world today.


In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how Megumi Kurihara’s height influenced her play and her playing style when she was younger.

We will provide you with a wide range of information, starting with her profile, her playing style, training methods, and her role in the team.



Megumi Kurihara’s profile and height

Megumi Kurihara is a famous player who has been active in the Japanese volleyball world for many years.

Her outstanding skills and tall stature helped her excel in many matches.

Megumi Kurihara’s playing style in her youth influenced many fans and players, and her career is still talked about in the volleyball world today.



Basic information and career history of Megumi Kurihara

Megumi Kurihara is a former volleyball player born on July 31, 1984 in Hiroshima Prefecture.

After graduating from Mitajiri Girls’ High School (now Seiei High School), she joined the Pioneer Red Wings and went on to play as the ace of the Japan Women’s Volleyball Team.

Her career began in 2001 when she was selected for the Japan national team, and in 2003 she competed in the Athens Olympics, after which she went on to play for Japan in numerous international tournaments.



How Megumi Kurihara’s height affected her play

Megumi Kurihara is 187cm tall, which is a big advantage for her as a volleyball player.

Her height gave her an advantage on the spike and block, making her a particular weapon on the offensive end.

Spikes from a high impact point were a huge threat to opposing blockers and helped maximize Kurihara Megumi’s offensive power.


Her height also plays a big role defensively.

By taking advantage of his long reach and blocking, he was able to thwart the opposing team’s attacks.

Megumi Kurihara’s playing style made the most of her height and contributed to her team’s victory.



Anecdotes and stories about height

There are also many stories surrounding Kurihara Megumi’s height.

It is well known that she made the most of her height since her school days, and she attracted a lot of attention especially during her high school years.

There is no doubt that her height has become part of her identity and contributed greatly to her success as a volleyball player.


Another episode in which her height drew attention was when she was selected to represent Japan, where her height and technique stood out so much that the media and fans dubbed her “Japan’s Ace.”

Megumi Kurihara’s height not only influenced her play, but also the tactics of the entire team, with tactics sometimes being built around her.


Additionally, her height has had an impact on her own health care.

Tall athletes are more likely to put strain on their knees and hips, and Kurihara Megumi was no exception.

She has struggled with injuries several times during her career, but she has trained and rehabilitated herself thoroughly to ensure she can continue playing at the highest level.


Megumi Kurihara’s height has been an important factor in her volleyball career, and her playing style, which makes the most of her height, continues to be loved by many fans.

Her height and the story that accompanies it are emblematic of her achievements in the world of volleyball.






Characteristics of playing style when young

Megumi Kurihara’s playing style when she was young made full use of her outstanding physical abilities and technical skills.

Her playing style impressed many fans and players and established her place in the volleyball world.

Here we will take a closer look at Megumi Kurihara’s early playing style, her powerful attacks and their effects, and her strengthening of her defensive skills and the results of those efforts.



Megumi Kurihara’s early playing style

Megumi Kurihara’s early playing style was aggressive, taking advantage of her tall height and strong physical abilities.

Her powerful and accurate spikes made her a huge threat to opposing teams.

Her play, which had attracted attention since her high school days, was consistently aggressive even after she joined the Pioneer Red Wings, and she maintained that style of play during her career as a member of the Japan national team.


Her playing style was not just about power, but also about technique and tactics.

He used a variety of techniques, including clever feints and plays aimed at blockouts, to toy with the opposing defense.



Powerful attacks and their effects

What stood out most about Megumi Kurihara’s playing style was her powerful attacks.

Her spikes were very powerful and came from a high impact point, making it very difficult for opposing blockers.

Her cleats were a decisive factor in changing the course of the game and led to numerous points for her team.


This powerful attack was backed not only by Megumi Kurihara’s physical strength, but also by her exceptional timing and technique.

She was at her best when attacking, taking advantage of her quick approach and high jumping ability.

He also had a wide variety of attacks, and was skilled not only with power spikes, but also with control shots and shots aimed at blockouts.



Strengthening defense and its results

Megumi Kurihara worked to improve not only her offensive power but also her defensive skills.

Her blocking skills, taking advantage of her height and reach, became an important weapon in preventing attacks from the opposing team.

In particular, Megumi Kurihara’s blocking was very effective in offense and defense near the net, thwarting many of the opposing team’s attacks.


Her improved defensive skills have helped her to be considered a better all-around player.

Her contributions to the team on both offense and defense have made her a major impact on the entire game.

She also worked smoothly with the libero and setter, helping to improve the defensive ability of the entire team.


Megumi Kurihara’s improved defensive ability is the result of her own efforts and training.

He continued to hone his defensive skills through regular physical training and technical drills.

As a result, she has become even more effective as a player with a good balance between offense and defense.


Overall, Megumi Kurihara’s playing style when she was young was very well-balanced, combining both offensive and defensive ability.

Her play has impressed many fans and players and established her place in the volleyball world.

Her playing style will continue to be a role model for many players.






Megumi Kurihara’s Techniques and Tactics

Megumi Kurihara has made a tremendous contribution to the Japanese volleyball world with her outstanding technique and tactical moves.

Her playing style influenced many players and contributed to the evolution of volleyball techniques and tactics.

Here we will take a closer look at Megumi Kurihara’s improvement and achievements in her serving technique, her abilities and role as a setter, and her tactical moves during matches.



Improve serving technique and results

Megumi Kurihara’s serving technique has improved greatly throughout her career.

She is known for her powerful jump serve, the power and accuracy of which make her a real threat to opposing teams.

Kurihara’s serve combined speed and curveballs, making it difficult for opponents to receive and resulting in many aces.


Her improvement in serving technique is the result of daily practice and analysis.

By studying the opposing team’s weaknesses in each match and serving accordingly, they were able to successfully disrupt their opponents’ rhythm.

Additionally, mental concentration and rhythm are also important elements when serving, and Kurihara demonstrated excellent ability in these areas as well.



Skills and roles as a setter

Megumi Kurihara was primarily active as an attacker, but she also had exceptional ability as a setter.

She also played the role of setter during matches, and her flexible playing style was a great contribution to the team.

Her ability as a setter lies in her ability to see the entire court and make the best instantaneous decisions.


As a setter, Kurihara had the technique to provide the best possible tosses to the attackers.

He was particularly skilled at avoiding opponents’ blocks by making full use of a variety of tosses depending on the situation, such as quick tosses and back tosses.

Her leadership and communication skills were also important factors in her role as a setter, helping to strengthen teamwork across the entire team.



Tactical moves in the match

Megumi Kurihara’s tactical moves during the match were a reflection of her experience and knowledge.

She always had the ability to assess the situation and choose the best move during a match.

For example, they used a variety of techniques, such as attacking by exploiting gaps in the opposing team’s defense and tactics such as changing their own positioning to confuse the opponent’s block.


She also showed some tactical moves defensively.

Not only did he use his excellent blocking skills to shut down opponents’ attacks, but he was also excellent at receiving and digging in the backcourt.

This has improved the team’s overall defensive performance.


Furthermore, Kurihara’s tactical moves were backed up by her mental strength.

By remaining calm even under pressure and making the right decisions, we were able to change the flow of the game.

Her tactical nous and calmness were a huge asset to the team.


Megumi Kurihara’s techniques and tactics are highly regarded in the volleyball world.

Her playing style and tactical movements serve as an example for many players and will continue to have a major impact on the world of volleyball in the future.





Megumi Kurihara’s training method

Megumi Kurihara is a volleyball player with outstanding technique and physical strength, and behind that lies a strict training method.

Her training methods have served as an example to many young players and are key to their success in the volleyball world.

Here, we will explain in detail about Megumi Kurihara’s training menu when she was young, her physical training and stamina building, and her mental training and its importance.



Training menu for youth

When Megumi Kurihara was young, her training menu covered a wide range of topics, from improving basic skills to acquiring advanced techniques.

Her training included daily fundamentals drills as well as individual technical and tactical work.


In basic training, emphasis was placed on thoroughly honing basic skills such as passing, receiving, and spiking.

In particular, during spiking practice, the students repeatedly performed attacks from a variety of angles and speeds, giving them the skills to handle any situation.

In addition, the tactical training included strengthening teamwork and positioning during matches, in preparation for actual combat.



Physical training and fitness

Megumi Kurihara’s physical training became the foundation that supported her playing style.

Strength training was essential to enable high jumps and powerful spikes.

She turned to weight training and plyometrics to improve her strength and power.


The weight training focused on basic exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and bench presses to build up the strength of the entire body in a balanced manner.

Plyometrics incorporates jumping exercises such as box jumps and bounding to improve explosive power and agility.


I also did regular running and circuit training to improve my endurance.

This enabled them to maintain their stamina and perform at a high level even during long game periods.



Mental training and its importance

Megumi Kurihara focused not only on physical training, but also on mental training.

In competitive sports, mental strength is a key factor in determining victory or defeat.

She practiced various mental training exercises to improve her concentration and mental strength during matches.


Specific mental training methods include meditation and mindfulness practice.

This helped me to ease my tension before the match and prepare myself mentally to make calm decisions during the match.

I also adopted self-suggestion and positive thinking to increase my self-esteem, which helped me maintain a strong mentality that was not easily compromised by pressure.


Furthermore, an important part of the mental training was to objectively reflect on one’s own play and identify areas for improvement through post-match feedback and video analysis.

This has allowed me to always keep improving and preparing for the next match.


Megumi Kurihara’s training method was a well-balanced approach that developed technical skills, physical fitness, and mental strength.

Through these training sessions, she has demonstrated her outstanding abilities as a volleyball player and continues to inspire many fans and athletes.





Megumi Kurihara’s role in the team

Megumi Kurihara has played an important role in the Japanese volleyball world not only as a talented player but also as a team leader.

Her presence contributed greatly to improving teamwork and communication with her teammates, demonstrating leadership and captaincy, and leading the team to victory.

Here we will explain in detail about Megumi Kurihara’s role in the team.



Collaboration and communication with teammates

Megumi Kurihara placed great importance on cooperation and communication with her teammates.

Volleyball is a team sport, and no matter how good each individual player is, it is difficult to win without teamwork.

Kurihara always made an effort to communicate with his teammates and strengthen teamwork during the game.


They actively communicated not only during games, but also during practice and off the court, building trust within the team.

In particular, he used his own experience to give advice to young players and demonstrate his willingness to support their growth.

This successfully boosted morale and created a sense of unity among the entire team.



Leadership and Captaincy

Due to her skills and experience, Megumi Kurihara also took on the role of team leader.

Her leadership skills were not only earned her the trust of her teammates, but were also demonstrated through her calm judgment and strategic play during the game.


As captain, she took on the responsibility of leading the team and staying positive even in difficult situations.

Her leadership style provided great emotional support to her teammates, helping them to ease tension and maintain focus during games.

Her leadership was an integral part of improving the team’s performance.



Episodes that contributed to the team’s victory

There are many stories of Megumi Kurihara contributing to her team’s victory.

For example, her leadership and excellent play shone through during the 2003 Athens Olympic qualifiers, leading the Japanese team to an Olympic appearance.

Her powerful spikes and calm judgment boosted the team’s morale and helped them win difficult matches.


Her presence was also immense in domestic league matches.

In one game, when a comeback victory was needed, her consecutive spikes proved decisive, leading her team to victory.

Moments like this are the culmination of Megumi Kurihara’s skill, mental strength, and deep love for her team.


Megumi Kurihara has been an indispensable member of the team, and her leadership, communication skills, and player skills have contributed to numerous victories.

I hope that players like her will continue to lead the Japanese volleyball world.




A turning point in Megumi Kurihara’s career

Megumi Kurihara has been active in the Japanese volleyball world for many years and has experienced many successes and setbacks.

There have been several key turning points in her career that have contributed greatly to her growth and development.

Here we will take a detailed look at Megumi Kurihara’s successes and failures in her youth, her success in competitions and the impact it had, and her retirement and subsequent activities.



Successes and failures in youth

Megumi Kurihara’s volleyball career has been marked by many successes from a young age.

Her talent was noticed from her high school days, and she won numerous competitions while at Mitajiri Girls’ High School (now Seiei High School).

Her play, taking advantage of her high level of skill and height, captivated many spectators and those involved.


However, behind her success there were also setbacks. In her early days as a member of the All Japan national team, she faced tough competition at international competitions and was painfully aware of the immaturity of her own skills and mentality.

She has also been plagued by injuries, particularly knee problems, which have posed a major challenge to her career.

The period from rehabilitation to returning to the court was extremely tough both mentally and physically, but the experience made her even stronger.



Tournament success and impact

Megumi Kurihara has had a major impact on the Japanese team, having excelled in many domestic and international competitions.

In particular, her performance at the 2003 Athens Olympic qualifiers secured the Japanese team’s place in the Olympics.

She overwhelmed opposing teams with her powerful spikes and blocks, and her presence greatly boosted the team’s morale.


In the 2007 World Cup, he played in every game as Japan’s ace and played a central role for the team.

Her play has influenced many young players and solidified her presence in the volleyball world.

Her technique and mental strength served as an example to many fans and players, and her influence continues to this day.



Megumi Kurihara’s retirement and subsequent activities

Megumi Kurihara retired from active duty in 2019.

Although her retirement announcement came as a surprise and disappointment to many fans, her decision was understood and supported by many others.

Since retiring, Megumi Kurihara has remained in the volleyball world, contributing to the spread and development of the sport through coaching the next generation and appearing in the media.


He is particularly focused on developing young players, and his coaching, which makes use of his own experience, has an impact on many players.

He is also active as a volleyball commentator, and his sharp analysis of match tactics and player performance provides a new perspective to many viewers.


Additionally, she is also active in the health and fitness field, providing training programs and health management advice to the general public.

This also contributes to the spread of healthy lifestyles through sports.


There have been many turning points in Megumi Kurihara’s career, but each experience has helped her grow and led to the work she does today.

Her efforts and passion will continue to inspire many people.






Megumi Kurihara’s Legacy and Influence

Megumi Kurihara had an enormous impact on Japanese volleyball and her legacy continues to be told today.

Her playing and coaching influenced many young players and contributed greatly to the development of volleyball.

Here we will take a closer look at her influence and guidance on young players, her contributions to volleyball, and her future prospects and expectations.



Influence and guidance for young players

Since retiring from active competition, Megumi Kurihara has been focusing on coaching young athletes.

Her experience and knowledge have been invaluable to many young players.

Kurihara is making a significant contribution to nurturing the next generation by passing on to young players the techniques, tactics, and mental strength he developed during his playing career.


In particular, Kurihara’s instruction is practical and characterized by specific advice that is relevant to actual play.

Through her guidance, the young players not only improve their skills but also learn the importance of approaching a match and teamwork.

Kurihara’s presence is a great encouragement to young players, and an increasing number of players are growing under her influence.



Megumi Kurihara’s contributions to volleyball

Megumi Kurihara’s contribution to volleyball is immeasurable. Her playing style influenced many fans and players, and played a role in spreading the appeal of volleyball widely.

In particular, her powerful spikes and defensive ability contributed greatly to Japan’s victories, leading the team in many matches.


Kurihara is also actively involved in promoting volleyball.

Even after retiring from active competition, he continues to promote the appeal of volleyball through the media and is also involved in a wide range of activities as a commentator.

Her easy-to-understand explanations have helped many viewers understand volleyball tactics and techniques.


Additionally, she is dedicated to hosting volleyball development events and clinics, and teaching at local volleyball clubs and schools to promote the joy of volleyball to the younger generations.

Her work is having a major impact on developing young players who will represent the future of volleyball.



Future outlook and expectations

There are high expectations for Megumi Kurihara’s future activities.

It is expected that she will utilize the experience and knowledge she gained during her playing career to contribute to the development of even more young players.

Furthermore, her passion for volleyball will continue to be expressed in various ways in the future.


In the future, we expect Kurihara to progress to the next level as a coach and become a member of the coaching staff of the Japanese national team.

Her leadership and mentorship will be a great asset to the national team and will help them achieve success on the world stage.


Additionally, Kurihara may launch new projects and initiatives to contribute to the development of the volleyball world.

For example, we can expect to see her use her influence in activities such as training programs for young players and campaigns to promote volleyball.


Megumi Kurihara’s legacy and influence is incredibly important to the world of volleyball in Japan, and her presence will continue to inspire many for years to come.

We hope that through her activities, more young people will become interested in volleyball and future star players will be developed.




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