What is Megumi Kurihara up to now? Her diverse activities, including teaching volleyball to children, and her vision for the future

Megumi Kurihara has been active in the Japanese volleyball world for many years and is loved by many fans.

Even after his retirement, his influence remains undiminished, and he continues to be active in a wide range of fields.


This article will take a closer look at Megumi Kurihara’s current life and activities, her health management, her contributions to the volleyball world, and her future prospects.

We will be covering a wide range of topics about Megumi Kurihara, including her current life, daily routine, media appearances, her work as a volleyball coach, and even her health management and training methods.

We will also delve deeper into what goals she has for the future and how she plans to contribute to the volleyball world and society.




Megumi Kurihara’s current life and daily routine

Even after retiring from active competition, Megumi Kurihara continues to engage in a wide range of activities and enjoys a fulfilling life.

Let’s take a closer look at her current daily routine, living environment, and her private hobbies and interests.



Megumi Kurihara’s daily routine

Megumi Kurihara’s daily routine is very regular and she continues to lead a healthy lifestyle even after her retirement.

She wakes up early every morning and starts her day with some light stretching and jogging.

This refreshes the body and restores balance to the mind and body.


Breakfast is a nutritionally balanced meal that will give you plenty of energy for the day.

After that, they will work on various activities according to their schedule, including volleyball clinics, coaching young players, and media appearances.

Kurihara is also very careful about schedule management, and is able to handle many activities by using her time efficiently.


In the afternoon, I spend time training and studying on my own.

He is always striving to improve himself, whether that be through physical care or researching new teaching methods.

He also coaches at a local volleyball club several times a week, helping to promote sports in the area.



Current residence and living environment

Megumi Kurihara currently lives in Tokyo, enjoying the convenience of the city and a peaceful living environment.

Her home is a bright space with plenty of natural light and relaxing décor.

Plants are placed on the balcony to create a relaxing environment surrounded by nature.


There are fitness gyms, parks, cafes and other facilities surrounding the residence to enrich your daily life.

On weekends, Kurihara often goes jogging in a nearby park or spends time at a cafe with friends.

They also enjoy shopping at local shopping streets and cherish interacting with local people.



Personal hobbies and interests

Apart from volleyball, Megumi Kurihara has many other hobbies and interests.

In particular, cooking and reading are her great hobbies. When it comes to cooking, she loves trying new recipes and is passionate about creating healthy and tasty food.

Her cooking is nutritionally balanced and makes use of the knowledge she gained from her days as an athlete.


Reading is also one of her main hobbies, and she especially enjoys business and self-help books.

This allows me to absorb new knowledge and ideas and use them in my daily activities.

In my free time, I also enjoy visiting art galleries and museums to sharpen my sensibilities by experiencing works of art.


In addition, Megumi Kurihara also practices yoga and meditation to refresh her mind and body.

Through these activities, I maintain a positive attitude and lead a balanced life.


Megumi Kurihara currently lives a fulfilling life, making use of her volleyball experience in coaching activities, media appearances, and enjoying her hobbies, and she will no doubt continue to be an inspiration to many people in the future.





Megumi Kurihara’s activities after retirement

Megumi Kurihara retired from active duty in 2019, but has continued to engage in a wide range of activities since then.

Since retiring, her activities have expanded to include her work as a volleyball coach, media appearances, and community service activities.

Here we will explain each activity in detail.



Volleyball coaching activities

After retiring from active competition, Megumi Kurihara began her career as a volleyball coach.

She is putting her wealth of experience and knowledge to good use in developing young players.

We hold volleyball clinics all over the country, providing a wide range of support, from teaching basic techniques to understanding tactics.


Kurihara’s coaching style places great importance on maximizing the potential of each player while respecting their individuality.

She focuses on coaching not only technical skills but also the mental aspects of the game, providing advice on how to develop calm judgment and strong mental strength during matches.


She also works as a coach for the junior team, providing great encouragement to young players aiming to represent Japan in the future.

The players who receive her guidance not only improve their skills, but also learn the importance of sportsmanship and teamwork, and experience great growth.



Media appearances and commentary roles

Even after retiring from active competition, Megumi Kurihara continues to appear in the media. You can see her in many media outlets, including television, radio, and magazines.

Her role as a commentator for volleyball matches is particularly important, and her expertise and sharp analytical skills are appreciated by many viewers.


The match commentary not only explains the players’ techniques and tactics, but also provides detailed explanations of the flow of the game and the players’ psychological state, making the content easy to understand and interesting for viewers.

In addition, her commentary is designed to be easy to understand even for volleyball beginners, making her a great contribution to popularizing volleyball.


In addition, she has appeared on programs other than volleyball, inspiring many people by talking about the appeal of sports and her own experiences.

Her natural and approachable personality has made her a big attraction in the media.



Community service and volunteering

Megumi Kurihara is also actively involved in community service activities and volunteer work.

She aims to use her experiences to contribute to society through sports.

In particular, they are active in a variety of ways, including mentoring children and participating in events in the local community.


She participates in local sporting events and works to teach children the joys of volleyball.

We also conduct awareness-raising activities about the importance of sports and healthy lifestyles through school visits and lectures.

This has resulted in many children becoming interested in sports and taking an active role in them.


Additionally, she actively participates in charity events and donates her earnings to various social causes.

Her activities have given hope and inspiration to many people and have spread awareness of the importance of contributing to society through sports.


Since retiring from active competition, Megumi Kurihara has been involved in a wide range of activities, and her influence continues to grow strong.

Her hard work and dedication have contributed greatly not only to the volleyball community but to society at large.

We will be keeping a close eye on her activities in the future.






Megumi Kurihara’s media appearances and influence

Even after retiring from active competition, Megumi Kurihara continues to influence many people through the media.

Let’s take a closer look at her work on television and radio, her serials in magazines and online media, and her social media presence and interactions with her fans.



TV and radio appearances

Even after retiring from active competition, Megumi Kurihara has appeared on numerous television and radio programs.

She is particularly known for her work as a commentator for volleyball matches, where her expert knowledge and analytical skills have earned her a large following.

The detailed commentary of the plays during the game and comments on the players’ psychological state are very easy to understand and interesting for viewers.


She also appears as a guest on sports and variety shows other than volleyball, often talking about the appeal of sports and her own experiences.

This has also helped the company gain a new fan base who are interested in sports.

The radio show helps him connect with his listeners by answering their questions and delving into sports-related topics.



Serialization in magazines and web media

Megumi Kurihara is also active in magazines and web media.

Her columns and interviews are published not only in volleyball magazines and sports magazines, but also in general women’s magazines and lifestyle magazines.

In her series, she discusses a wide range of topics, including not only volleyball techniques but also health management, training methods, and mental care.


The online media provides the latest information on activities and insights on volleyball through blogs and online columns.

This allows fans to learn more about Kurihara’s way of thinking and lifestyle, making them feel closer to her.

In addition, by utilizing web media, the immediacy and ease of access to information has been improved.



Posting on social media and interacting with fans

Megumi Kurihara actively uses social media to deepen her interactions with her fans.

We post updates on daily happenings, training sessions, and event announcements on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

This will allow fans to follow Kurihara’s activities in real time and support her in a way that feels close to her.


On social media, she proactively responds to comments and messages from fans, and values ​​two-way communication.

They are also making efforts to get closer to their fans, such as by providing opportunities for direct interaction with them through live streaming.

This allows Kurihara Megumi to show her more human side and build a strong bond with her fans.


Megumi Kurihara’s media appearances and influence extend beyond the volleyball world to society at large.

Through her activities, she is spreading the appeal of sports to many people and contributing to the spread of healthy lifestyles.

Her media activities will continue to attract attention in the future.






Megumi Kurihara’s health management and training

Even after retiring from active competition, Megumi Kurihara continues to pay close attention to her health and training.

Let’s take a closer look at her current training regimen, her diet to stay healthy, and her mental care and relaxation.



Current training menu

Even after her retirement, Megumi Kurihara continues to train regularly.

Her training regimen is aimed at maintaining her fitness and maintaining a balanced strength structure.

Specifically, this includes the following:


Strength Training : To maintain and improve her overall strength, Kurihara does weight training several times a week, focusing on basic exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and bench presses.

Aerobic exercise : Running and cycling are incorporated into her routine to improve her cardiovascular fitness and control body fat. She enjoys running outdoors several times a week, which is refreshing and strengthening in nature.

Flexibility training : I also incorporate stretching and yoga into my daily routine to prevent and recover from injuries. I especially like to stretch in the morning and evening, which not only improves my flexibility but also relaxes me.

Plyometrics : To maintain her explosive power and agility, Kurihara also does jumping exercises, such as box jumps and bounding, to improve her balance and coordination.



Diet for maintaining health

Megumi Kurihara’s diet for maintaining her health places emphasis on nutritional balance.

She uses fresh ingredients and strives to eat healthy.


Balanced diet : Kurihara’s diet is based on a balanced intake of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. For breakfast, she includes a menu centered on eggs, chicken, and vegetables, which ensures she has plenty of energy. For lunch and dinner, she also tries to eat a balanced diet centered on meat and seafood, along with fresh vegetables.

Using superfoods : Kurihara actively incorporates superfoods into her diet to stay healthy. She regularly consumes nutritious foods such as acai, chia seeds, and kale to keep her body in good condition.

Hydration : It is important to drink plenty of water. I try to drink at least 2 liters of water a day to maintain the fluid balance in my body. I also drink sports drinks and fruit juices as needed to replenish minerals and vitamins.



Mental care and relaxation

Megumi Kurihara believes that mental care and relaxation are also important elements of maintaining good health.

She practices a variety of strategies to stay mentally healthy.


Meditation and Mindfulness : Kurihara practices meditation and mindfulness for a few minutes each day, which helps her calm her mind and reduce stress. Meditation has become an important tool for her to maintain mental balance, especially during her busy days.

Relaxation techniques : I also incorporate relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and yoga. This helps me to release physical tension and refresh my mind and body. I also value taking yoga classes and spending time relaxing at home.

Hobby time : I also value time spent immersed in my favorite things, such as reading, cooking, and listening to music. This helps me to relieve the stress of everyday life and refresh my mind.


Megumi Kurihara’s health management and training has a balanced approach that has contributed greatly to her maintaining her health and improving her performance.

Her efforts serve as an example of a healthy lifestyle for many.





Megumi Kurihara’s contributions to the volleyball world

Even after retiring from active competition, Megumi Kurihara continues to make significant contributions to the world of volleyball.

She is dedicated to the development of volleyball through training young players, promoting volleyball in the local area, and international volleyball exchanges.

Below we will explain each activity in detail.



Young Player Development Program

Megumi Kurihara is devoting her efforts to developing young players.

Using her wealth of experience and knowledge, she not only provides technical guidance to the next generation of players, but also mental support.

At volleyball clinics held all over the country, we provide a wide range of instruction, from training aimed at improving basic skills to advanced tactical understanding.


Kurihara’s coaching style is characterized by identifying the characteristics of each player and responding to them individually.

She offers specific advice to bring out her players’ strengths and address their weaknesses.

We also focus on strengthening the players’ mental state so that they can perform at their best during matches.

The players she coaches have improved not only in technique but also mentally.



Volleyball promotion activities in the community

Megumi Kurihara is also actively involved in promoting volleyball in the local community.

We spread the appeal of volleyball to many people through local sporting events and school visits.

In particular, teaching children is given great importance, and through volleyball, they teach them the joy of sports and the importance of teamwork.


She also works with local volleyball clubs and coaches regularly.

This will help improve the standard of volleyball across the region.

In addition, we actively participate in local events and tournaments and continue to work to promote volleyball.

Kurihara’s activities have made a significant contribution to the promotion of sports in the local area and have inspired many children to become interested in volleyball.



International Volleyball Exchange

Megumi Kurihara is also working hard to promote international volleyball exchanges.

Taking advantage of her international experience, she interacts with and coaches volleyball teams overseas.

This will not only allow us to share Japanese volleyball techniques with the world, but also introduce excellent techniques and tactics from overseas to Japan.


Through her coaching at international tournaments and volleyball camps, she has developed relationships with many overseas players and coaches.

In particular, collaboration with teams in Asia and Europe has become an important part of technical exchange.

We also actively participate in international volleyball events and contribute to the development of volleyball from a global perspective.


Megumi Kurihara’s international activities are contributing to raising the level of the entire volleyball world.

Her efforts have strengthened ties between the volleyball communities of Japan and overseas, leading to improved player skills and the development of the sport.


Megumi Kurihara’s contributions to the volleyball world are wide-ranging.

Through her work developing young players, promoting the sport locally and engaging internationally, she is brightening the future of volleyball.

Her work is a great inspiration for the next generation of players and contributes to the development of the volleyball world as a whole.





Megumi Kurihara’s future prospects and goals

Even after retiring from active competition, Megumi Kurihara continues to make significant contributions to the world of volleyball, and there are high expectations for her future activities.

Let’s take a look at her future prospects and goals, her plans for the future, her further contributions to the volleyball world, as well as her personal goals and dreams.



Future activity plans

Megumi Kurihara’s future plans will continue to focus on promoting volleyball and developing players.

She holds volleyball clinics around the country and provides direct instruction to young players.

This not only improves skills, but also conveys the importance of mental strengthening and sportsmanship.


He also actively participates in media appearances and lectures to widely spread the appeal of volleyball.

In particular, their work as commentators on television and radio plays an important role in conveying the appeal of the game to viewers.

We plan to continue our activities to spread the appeal of volleyball through various media.



Further contributions to the volleyball world

Megumi Kurihara aims to make even greater contributions to the volleyball world.

He is particularly focused on developing young players and continues to work as a coach for the junior team.

The players she coaches have improved not only in technique but also mentally.


Kurihara is also actively involved in promoting volleyball.

Through local events and school visits, we are sharing the joy of volleyball with many children.

She believes that volleyball is not only a fun sport, but also a great tool to teach the importance of teamwork and communication.


Furthermore, Kurihara is actively involved in international volleyball exchanges.

Taking advantage of her international experience, she interacts with and coaches volleyball teams overseas.

This will enable us to spread Japanese volleyball techniques overseas and at the same time introduce excellent overseas techniques to Japan.



Personal goals and dreams

Megumi Kurihara has many goals and dreams in her private life as well.

She believes it’s important to maintain her health and to keep performing at her best.

To achieve this, I make sure to eat a balanced diet, train regularly, and take care of my mental health.


Kurihara also values ​​time with her family, and considers a fulfilling private life to be an important goal.

She finds that spending time with family and friends helps her feel refreshed and re-energized.

Her dream is to live a balanced and fulfilling life both personally and professionally.


Furthermore, Kurihara believes it is important to take on new challenges.

She hopes to develop herself not only in volleyball but also by trying other sports and hobbies.

We are also looking to start new projects in the areas of education and health, with the aim of making a positive impact on many people.


Megumi Kurihara’s vision and goals for the future include not only contributing to the volleyball community, but also working towards her own personal growth and living a fulfilling life.

Her work has been an inspiration to many people and her influence will continue to grow.





Fan reactions and support for Megumi Kurihara

Megumi Kurihara continues to be loved by many fans, from her active days to her retirement.

Her honest personality and passion for volleyball have greatly impressed her fans.

Here we take a closer look at messages of support from fans, fan interactions at events, media coverage and public opinion.



Messages of support from fans

Megumi Kurihara receives many messages of support every day.

Social media and the comment section of the official website are filled with warm messages from fans.

There are many comments from fans who were impressed by his performances during his playing days, and words of gratitude for his work since retirement.


In particular, many fans have praised her for her efforts in developing young players and promoting volleyball in the local community.

Her hard work and passion have touched the hearts of her fans and are an inspiration to many.

Kurihara’s posts about her health management and training have also received many supportive comments, with many wishing her good health and happiness.



Fan interaction at the event

Megumi Kurihara values ​​interaction with her fans and creates opportunities for direct contact with them at various events.

Many people attend fan interaction events such as volleyball clinics, talk shows, and autograph sessions, and enjoy spending time with Kurihara.


At the events, they deepen their bonds with their fans by carefully answering their questions and taking photos with them.

She also emphasized that she gains a lot of energy from interacting with her fans, and that the support of her fans is a great source of strength to her.

He particularly values ​​interactions with children, and continues to work to give dreams and hope to the next generation of volleyball players.



Media coverage and public opinion

Megumi Kurihara has been featured extensively in the media, and her activities and personality are widely known.

Feature articles on television, in magazines and on the web have highlighted her passion for volleyball and the wide range of activities she has been involved in since retiring.

Her stoic attitude and hard work have impressed many people.


Media coverage has focused extensively on Kurihara’s health management and training methods, drawing attention to her stoic lifestyle.

It has also been reported that her media statements and activities have made her a role model for many people.

Her sincere attitude and honest personality have been highly praised by many media outlets.


She is also highly regarded by the public, and continues to be supported by many fans.

Her work has had a huge impact not only on the volleyball world but on society as a whole, and her hard work and dedication are an inspiration to many.

There is no doubt that her presence is a great support for people who love volleyball.


The reaction and support from fans towards Kurihara Megumi is due to her activities and personality, and her popularity is likely to continue in the future.

Through her activities, we believe that many people will be able to rediscover the appeal of volleyball and experience the greatness of sports.

There are high expectations for Megumi Kurihara’s future endeavors.




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