Omar Freebean’s profile and stats: Syria’s football team player of note

Omar Freebeen is a star player for the Syrian national team who is attracting attention in the soccer world.

His outstanding play and numerous goals have captivated football fans at home and abroad.


This article takes a closer look at Omar Freebean’s basic profile, his club career, his exploits with Syria, his playing style and influence.




Omar Freebean’s profile

Omar Hribeen is a rising star in Syrian football, his playing style and achievements highly praised by many fans and experts.

Here we take a closer look at Omar Freebean’s basic profile.



Full name and date of birth

Omar Khribin’s full name is Omar Mahmoud Khribin.

He was born on January 15, 1994 in Damascus, Syria.

Freebean’s birth date symbolizes a key time in the start of his football career.


Birthplace and childhood

Omar Freebeen grew up in the Syrian capital, Damascus.

He developed a strong interest in soccer from an early age and began playing for a local soccer club.

His family also grew up in a football-loving environment and recognised Freebean’s talent early on and supported him.

He enjoyed playing soccer in various locations around the city and honed his skills along the way.


Freebean’s childhood played a vital role in his future success.

Through playing and training in local football leagues, he gradually began to attract attention both in Syria and abroad.


The beginning of his soccer career

Omar Freebean’s football career began playing for his local club.

He began his professional career with Syrian club Al-Wahda.

Throughout his time playing for the club, Freebean demonstrated his talent and gained recognition both inside and outside the club.


His outstanding performances not only led to success in the domestic league but also paved the way to the international stage.

Freebean then moved to UAE clubs Al Ain and Al Dhafra to continue his development and gain experience.


Thus, Omar Freebean’s basic profile is a key element on which his football career will be based.

His upbringing and early career stage have been integral in shaping the success he is today.





Club career

Omar Freebean’s talent and hard work have seen him build a successful club career both at home and abroad.

Here we take a closer look at his career at the club, from the early days to the present day.



Early club career

Omar Freebean began his professional career at Syrian club Al-Wahda.

He began his professional career with this club and showed remarkable performances despite being a young player.

At Al Wahda, he mainly played as a forward and contributed to the team with his scoring ability.

His excellent performances helped the club to finish highly in the domestic league.



Overseas transfer and success

Freebean’s talent has not only reached Syria but has also attracted international attention.

This resulted in him moving to Al Dhafra in the UAE in 2016.

The move gave him experience on the international stage and the opportunity to further his development.

At Al Dhafra, he quickly became a key player in the team and continued to excel as a goalscorer.


In 2017, he moved to Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal to pursue higher levels.

At Al Hilal, Freebean contributed to the club’s international success through its performances in the AFC Champions League.

His performances for the club also saw him achieve great individual success, winning the AFC Player of the Year award.



Current club and results

Omar Freebeen currently plays for Al Wahda Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

He continues to perform well for the club and remains a key scorer for the team.

His outstanding scoring ability and leadership skills have contributed greatly to the club’s progress up the league ladder.


Freebean’s current performance sees him consistently ranking high in the league’s scoring charts and he is hugely popular with the club’s fans.

His play has enthralled spectators and he has established himself as a key player for Al Wahda Makkah.


Omar Freebean’s club career is a trajectory of success forged through hard work and talent.

After his success in Syria, he has continued to shine on the international stage in countries like the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

There are high expectations for his future success.







Syria national team performance

Omar Freebeen has been a key player for the Syrian national team, demonstrating his talent to the fullest and shining in many important matches.

Here we take a closer look at his international debut, his first goal, his performance in a major tournament and his role and impact with the national team.



International debut and first goal

Omar Freebeen was first selected for the Syrian national team in 2012.

His national team debut was a big hit among Syrian fans, who had high hopes for his continued growth and success.

Freebean lived up to those expectations, scoring his first goal early on.

This first goal marked the start of his establishment as a goalscorer for the Syrian national team.



Performances at major tournaments

Omar Freebeen has played a key role representing Syria in a number of major international tournaments.

Most notably, Freebeen’s performance at the 2019 Asian Cup saw him lead the Syrian attack with multiple goals during the tournament.

His performances were a major factor in Syria progressing through the group stage of the tournament and earned him praise from football fans around the world.


He also played a key role as Syria’s star in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

His goal-scoring ability and game-deciding play have been vital in helping Syria compete on equal terms with the bigger teams.

In particular, his performances against Iran and South Korea further enhanced his international reputation.



Role and influence on the national team

Omar Freebeen has a key leadership role in the Syrian national team.

His presence lifts morale throughout the team and sets an example for the younger players.

Freebean’s playing style is aggressive yet also places great importance on team play, and his movements have a big influence on other players.


Freebean also uses his experience to make tactical adjustments during matches and stay calm in tough situations.

In addition to his scoring ability, he also plays a wide range of roles for the team, including assisting, ball possession and contributing to the defense.

Freebeen’s play has been key to Syria’s success on the international stage and his influence is immeasurable.


Omar Freebeen’s performance with the national team is extremely important to Syrian football and his presence is directly linked to the team’s performance.

There are high expectations for his future success, and we look forward to seeing him make further strides as a member of the Syrian national team.






Omar Freebean’s performance

Omar Freebeen’s outstanding talent and hard work have led him to achieve many outstanding results both at home and abroad.

Here we take a closer look at his performances in the domestic league, his international competitions and his goals and assists for the Syrian national team.



Domestic league results

Omar Freebean began his career playing for Al-Wahda in Syria before going on to have successful spells at clubs such as Al-Dhafra in the UAE and Al-Hilal in Saudi Arabia.

His domestic league stats are as follows:

  • Al-Wahda (Syria) : He made his professional debut at a young age and racked up goals over several seasons, helping his team achieve league success.
  • Al Dhafra (UAE) : Freebein has made over 30 appearances and scored over 20 goals during his time with the club, with his performances being recognised as a key part of the club’s attack.
  • Al-Hilal (Saudi Arabia) : With him, he made over 50 appearances in the domestic league and scored over 30 goals, his scoring prowess translating directly into the club’s success both at home and abroad.



International competition results

Omar Freebean has also excelled in international competitions such as the AFC Champions League and the Asian Cup:

  • Asian Champions League : Freebean helped Al Hilal win the Asian Champions League, scoring in many matches from the group stage through to the final. His goal-scoring prowess and key performances drew attention on the international stage.
  • Asian Cup : At the 2019 Asian Cup, he was the linchpin of Syria’s attack, scoring numerous goals to help the team advance through the group stage. His performances were instrumental in Syria’s advancement.



Goals and assists for the national team

Omar Freebean’s performances with the Syrian national team are some of the most memorable parts of his career.

He has been the focal point of the national team’s attack, scoring many goals and providing many assists:

  • Goals : Throughout his career with the Syrian national team, Freebean has made over 50 appearances and scored over 30 goals. His goals have contributed greatly to Syria’s important victories.
  • Assists : His playmaking ability is also excellent, and he has recorded many assists, especially when linking up with teammates or making passes at crucial moments that can change the course of a game.


Omar Freebean’s achievements are the culmination of his hard work and talent, making him an iconic figure in Syrian football.

His achievements have been highly praised both at home and abroad, and he is expected to continue to improve upon them in the future.






Freebean’s playing style and characteristics

Omar Freebean is a footballer known for his excellent technique and tactical acumen.

Let’s take a closer look at his playing style and traits, his specific positions and roles, his technical strengths, and how he is evaluated by coaches and other players.



Positions and roles

Omar Freebean’s main position is forward.

He primarily plays as a centre-forward for the Syrian national team and his club, but can also be deployed as a winger or second striker.

This positional versatility is extremely beneficial for his team, allowing them to add variety to their attack.

His role is primarily, but not exclusively, to score goals.

He has excellent ball possession and playmaking ability, and is adept at using his teammates to initiate attacks.

This makes him an important player in increasing the offensive power of the entire team.



Technical strengths and playing style

Omar Freebean’s technical strengths are manifold. Some of his key attributes include:

  • Shooting Accuracy and Goalscoring : Freebean has high shooting accuracy and the ability to score goals in a variety of situations, especially with his clinical finishing inside the penalty area.
  • Strength in the air : He excels in aerial battles using his height and physical strength, and has scored many goals with his head.
  • Dribbling and Speed : His dribbling skills and speed make him a great asset when it comes to getting past defenders, which makes him a powerful force on the counter attack.
  • Playmaking Ability : Freebean is not just a scorer, he’s also a great assist provider. His vision and passing ability allow him to set up teammates for the team.



Evaluations from coaches and players

Omar Freebean is highly regarded by many coaches and players for his versatility and professionalism.


  • What the coaches say : Coaches praise Freebean for his tactical understanding and leadership on the field. His tactical flexibility and calmness during the match are considered essential elements in their team’s strategy.
  • What his teammates think of him : Freebean’s teammates praise his dedication and teamwork. He always plays for the team during games and supports the other players, which has earned him a lot of trust.
  • Fan and media recognition : He is highly praised by fans and the media for his playing style and goal-scoring ability. His performances in matches are often featured as highlights, attracting many fans.



Omar Freebean’s playing style and characteristics have been key to his success.

His positional versatility, technical strengths and acclaimed professionalism have seen him play a key role for both the Syrian national team and his club.

We will be keeping a close eye on his future achievements.





Freebean’s influence and evaluation

Omar Freebeen is a player who has had a major impact not only in Syrian football but also on the international stage.

His outstanding play and leadership have been highly praised by fans and media.

There are also many expectations regarding how he will compare to other athletes and his future prospects.



Fan and media reviews

Omar Freebean is highly regarded by fans and the media.

His playing style has attracted many fans both in Syria and abroad, and he receives a lot of praise with every match.

His performances have also been widely covered by the media, praising his outstanding technique and goal-scoring ability.


His clinical finishing and powerful shots have played a decisive role in many matches, with fans flocking to the stadium to watch him play.

Freebean is also very active on social media and loves to interact with his fans.

His posts receive many comments and likes, proving just how popular he is.



Comparison with other players

Omar Freebean is often compared to other top strikers in Asia.

His playing style and scoring ability stand out compared to his contemporaries.

For example, he is often compared to famous Asian players such as Japan’s Yuya Osako and South Korea’s Son Heung-min, and is recognized as being on par with them.


Freebean’s aerial prowess and physical strength in particular make him unique.

His heading ability is highly regarded, as evidenced by the number of goals he has scored from set pieces and crosses.

Additionally, his ball-keeping and playmaking abilities are also things that put him above other players, which shows his versatility.



Future outlook and expectations

There is a lot expected for Omar Freebean’s future.

He is still young and is expected to continue to develop further.

As the Syrian national team’s star, he is expected to perform well in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers and the next Asian Cup.


Freebean is also said to have his sights set on playing in one of Europe’s major leagues.

His skills and experience will translate well in any league, and fans are excited to see him play on the European stage.

If his transfer goes through, he will likely attract even more international attention.


Omar Freebeen’s future career is also important for the development of Syrian football.

There is no doubt that his success will be a source of hope for young Syrian players and a major factor in promoting their development.

Freebean’s play and leadership will be the driving force behind taking the Syrian national team to the next level.


Overall, Omar Freebean’s influence and reputation are very high, and there are high expectations for his future.

Many fans and those involved in the sport hope that his success will bring a bright future to Syrian football.





Freebean’s personal story

Omar Freebean has attracted attention not only for his playing but also for his private life and community service activities.

Many fans are also curious about his personality and future goals.

Here we take a closer look at his personal life, his charity work and contributions to society, and his goals and dreams for the future.



Private life

Despite his busy life as a soccer player, Omar Freebean still values ​​his private time.

He cherishes spending time with his family, which helps him relax and recharge his energy for the next game.

Freebean often shares pictures with his family on social media, giving his fans a glimpse into his daily life.


Freebean also enjoys fishing and reading as a hobby.

I maintain mental balance by relaxing in nature and absorbing new knowledge.

His personal life reflects his character and values, which positively impact his play.



Charity and Community Service

Omar Freebean is using the influence he has gained through his success as a football player to give back to society.

He is involved in various charity work both in Syria and abroad, especially supporting children’s education and health projects.


Freebean has established a fund to support children in difficult situations caused by war and conflict, providing medical supplies and educational resources.

He aims to use his influence to bring about positive change in society.


Additionally, he also supports local football clubs, providing training facilities and equipment to develop young talent.

This creates an environment in which many young people can gain hope through soccer and work hard towards their future.



Future goals and dreams

Omar Freebean is aiming for greater heights as he continues his football career.

His goal is to play for Syria in the World Cup and achieve success on the international stage.

He also dreams of playing in a major European league and is working hard to achieve that dream.


Freebean’s dream is to become an influential figure in society, not just as a soccer player.

He plans to use the resources he has gained through his success to continue working to improve Syria’s future.

His vision is to promote peace and prosperity through sport.


Omar Freebeen’s personal story is crucial to gain a deeper understanding of his character and values.

His personal life, community service, goals and dreams for the future show that he is much more than just a footballer.

His work continues to inspire many people.




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