You can practice your volleyball serve at home! Introduction to practice methods

The point where people who are in the volleyball club and those who are just starting out with volleyball tend to get stuck is the serve.

Improving your volleyball serve is a problem faced by everyone from beginners to advanced players.

Beginners often wonder, “How can I get my serve into the opponent’s court?”

Advanced players often wonder, “How can I score more points with my serve?”


Anyone can serve a volleyball serve into the opponent’s court as long as they get the hang of it.

A serve is both a scoring opportunity for your team and a defensive means to protect yourself from the opposing team’s powerful attacks.

Serving practice is essential for volleyball players of any level.


However, even if you want to practice serving so that you can improve your serve by practicing on your own,

Many people find it frustrating because they can only practice serving in areas where there is a court.


This time, for those who want to become better at serving!

I’ll show you how to practice your volleyball serve at home.

I think you can effectively improve your serve control accuracy and meat power even in the limited space of your home.



How to practice volleyball serve at home



Serving in volleyball is an important technique to start the match.

A powerful serve can put pressure on the opposing team.

But what do you do when you can’t go to the gym or want to practice at home?

Here we will show you how to practice serving at home.



1. Check basic posture

  • Location: Choose a spacious space in your home. A living room or garden is suitable.
  • How to do it: Check the basic position of the serve in front of a mirror. Be aware of correct form, including foot position, arm swing, and body rotation.


Serving with correct form increases the power and control accuracy of the ball.

You will be able to hit a strong ball to the desired location.


2. Shadow serve

  • Location: indoor or garden.
  • Method: Perform the serve motion without using the ball. At this time, it is important to be aware of the sequence of serve movements and perform with correct form.


The shadow serve is like a practice swing in baseball.

By teaching your body the correct form, you will be able to serve beautifully at any time.

If you are on a high school volleyball club, aim to train 50 to 100 times. You can also train the muscles used for serving.



3. Hitting the wall with a ball

  • Location: Where there is a wall. Use a soft ball or put a protective material on the wall to avoid damaging it.
  • How to do it: Hit the ball toward the wall with a serve motion. At this time, be sure to keep the ball away from the center of your hand.


Hitting the ball against the wall is an exercise in accurately hitting the ball with your hands when serving. It doesn’t matter if the ball you use is small.

The main purpose is to improve meat power, so there is no need to hit as hard as you can when doing it at home.

If you’re going to hammer it into a concrete block in the garden, you can hit it as hard as you like.

Please be careful not to damage the walls of your house ^^;


4. Ball control practice

  • Location: indoor or garden.
  • How to do it: Throw the ball up in the air and try to land it in the same spot as much as possible. This allows you to improve your ball control when serving.


A serve is when the ball is thrown up and hit.

It’s quite difficult to throw the serve up to a place where it’s easy to hit.

This exercise is especially effective for those who want to practice jump serves. Instead of throwing it straight up, try to drop the ball slightly in front of you (where you can put your weight on it and hit the serve).



5. Target practice

  • Location: Garden or safe outdoor space.
  • How to do it: Place a target (such as a towel or a cone) on the ground and serve towards the target. This is a good exercise to improve your distance and direction accuracy.


Serve target practice is a fun way to practice

The effect of this practice is outstanding, and by repeating this practice, you will be able to hit the serve where you aim.






When practicing your volleyball serve at home, the key is to make the most of your limited space and resources.

You can effectively improve your technique by starting by checking your basic posture and gradually moving up to practicing with a ball.

By practicing a little bit every day, you can make great progress.


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