If you can’t reach or receive a volleyball serve, try this.

The court used for 6-a-side volleyball is quite large.

Beginners to volleyball often find that their serve does not reach or enter the opponent’s court.

That can be easily solved if you know the serve tips, practice methods, and countermeasures introduced here.


Regular over serve, jump serve, floater serve and drive serve.

If you know the tips for serving, which are common to all types of serves, you will be able to stably enter the opponent’s court.


This time, for those who can’t reach or get a volleyball serve.

Introducing tips for stably serving (delivering) to the opponent’s court even if you are a weak woman.



The volleyball serve doesn’t reach or go in! What should I do?


Missing serves is a common challenge faced by many people who play volleyball.

Next, we will introduce some improvement measures and practice methods to help women who are not strong enough to deliver their serves further.


1. Form improvements

  • Arm swing: Arm swing is very important in order to hit a powerful serve. Aim to hit the ball with your arm fully extended, and swing your arm quickly down at the moment you hit the ball.
  • Body rotation: By using your entire body when serving, you can transfer more force to the ball. At the moment of hitting, you can gain additional power by slightly rotating your upper body.


2. Choose the type of serve

  • Floater serve: Hit the center of the ball with the entire palm of your hand to send the ball flying without causing it to spin. This serve is difficult to predict and difficult for the opponent to receive, but it is easy to control and deliver far.
  • Jump serve: By jumping and then hitting the ball, you can give more power and speed to the ball. However, this method requires advanced technology, and requires a lot of practice to deliver consistently over long distances.
  • Under serve: By hitting the ball under, you can hit the ball upwards with more stability and strength than over. This is a serve method recommended for volleyball beginners as it is easier to hit than the over serve.


3. Foot position and weight shift

  • When performing a serve, it is important to pay attention to foot position and weight transfer. You can add additional force to the ball by starting with your weight on your back foot and shifting your weight to your front foot as you serve.


4. Improvement through practice

  • Consecutive serve practice: In order to improve the accuracy and power of your serves, it is effective to practice serving consecutively. Continue serving towards a specific target (for example, a specific zone of the court) and learn from each attempt.
  • Strength Training: Strengthening your upper body muscles, especially your shoulders and arms, will help you hit a stronger serve. Exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, and dumbbell exercises are effective.


5. Feedback from coaches and experienced players

  • It can be very helpful to videotape your serving form and have a coach or experienced player watch it and get feedback. Use their advice to fine-tune your form.


To solve the problem of not being able to reach or enter the serve, you need to learn the correct form, choose the right serve, strengthen your muscles, and above all, continue practicing.

Through daily practice, you can gradually improve your serve and be able to deliver it stronger and farther.



The trick is to hit the ball at a point where you can put your weight on it.


Even if you hit a volleyball with just your arm strength, you won’t be able to hit a strong ball.

People who hit only with the strength of their arms probably won’t be able to reach the opponent’s court in the first place.

In that case, the serve will hit the net and not go in. Furthermore, don’t you often end up giving one point to your opponent, which is a disappointing result?



In order to send the ball far when serving, you need to put your weight on it.

To do this, when serving, instead of raising the ball directly above you, toss it diagonally in front of you.

In order to hit the ball raised in this way, your posture will naturally have to lean forward.

You will be able to hit the ball by putting your weight on it.


It is also important to precisely hit the center of the ball with your hand.

If you hit the ball in the wrong place, the ball will curve in the wrong direction and won’t go into the opponent’s court.

Not enough force is transmitted to the ball


Place your weight on the serve and hit the ball firmly.


We recommend hitting a wall to practice hitting the ball, and target practice, where you place a target and hit the ball at the target to practice hitting the serve.

You can also do these exercises at home. Please see the link below for more details.


You can practice your volleyball serve at home! Introduction to practice methods



Beginners should use the under serve to ensure the ball enters the opponent’s court.


It is natural for beginners in volleyball to not be able to serve well.

The serve is a play that even Japanese national team players often make mistakes with…


However, if your goal is not to score points but to serve into the opponent’s court, it’s easy.

(At least in the Japanese national team class, you can get a 100-10 shot. Even in the high school volleyball class, you can afford it.)

It is difficult for beginners to serve from above, so if you choose to serve from below, you can reach the ball into the opponent’s court more easily than by serving from over.


If you just want to put the serve into the opponent’s court, choose an under serve instead of forcing it from above.




If you want to easily overserve, try hitting while walking.


If you are new to volleyball, don’t play under.

If you want to serve with a high over

Try hitting the serve while walking.


Try serving it with Ichinisan as follows:

  1. Step out with your dominant foot as if you are starting to walk and raise the ball (1)
  2. Step forward with the opposite foot (knee) as if walking normally.
  3. Hit the ball with good timing (Sun)


If you hit the serve as if you were hitting it while walking, you will be able to hit the ball while relaxing and putting your weight on the ball, so give it a try.




Things to try when you can’t hit the ball accurately when serving


Inability to accurately meet the ball when serving is a common challenge faced by many volleyball players.

To increase the accuracy and power of your serves, try these improvements and practices.


1. Review the basics of serve

  • Form and Technique: Make sure your serve form is correct. We will check to see if you are performing the basic techniques correctly, such as how to swing your arms, how to throw the ball, and when to hit the ball.
  • Throwing Stability: The success of your serve is highly dependent on the action of throwing the ball up. Practice throwing the ball up at a certain height and position so that you can do it consistently.


2. Practice throwing up

  • Throw the ball up to the target point: Practice throwing the ball up and catching it on the spot. Practice repeatedly until you can throw it exactly where you want it.
  • Practice hitting the ball at the target point: Practice hitting the ball accurately at the target point. Make sure to hit the ball at the moment it reaches its highest point.


3. Body position and approach

  • Proper positioning: Check where you stand when serving. Find out if you’re hitting the ball in the right place or if you need to make adjustments.
  • Approach practice: Practice the steps (approach) until you hit the serve. It is important to approach the ball smoothly and hit the ball.


4. Rhythm and timing

  • Create a rhythm: Create a rhythm for your serve and be able to move to it. By moving with good rhythm, you will improve the timing of hitting the ball.
  • Practice timing: Try throwing up at different speeds to find the exact time to hit the ball.


Keep these serve tips in mind and practice hard.







The serve is a very important scene in the game of volleyball.

If you fail, it will lead to the opponent’s points, but if you succeed, it will be your point.

The success rate of the serve greatly influences the team’s victory.


Practice your serve well on a regular basis so that you can hit it properly.


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