Do strength training to build the muscles you need for volleyball and improve your jumping power!

Volleyball is a sport that requires explosive strength, power, speed, and endurance.

In order to support these, it is important to train the muscles throughout the body in a well-balanced manner.

We will explain in detail the main muscle groups needed for volleyball and how to train them.



Muscles needed for volleyball


1. Lower body muscles

・Quadriceps femoris

  • Importance: Provides propulsion when jumping and absorbs shock when landing.
  • Training methods: squats, lunges, leg press



  • Importance: Contributes to the propulsion of jumping and maintains balance during sudden stops and changes of direction.
  • Training method: deadlift, leg curl


・Calf (triceps surae)

  • Importance: Supports explosive force during jumping and increases agility of movement.
  • Training method: Calf raises



2. Upper body muscles


・Pectoral muscle (pectoralis major muscle)

  • Why it matters: Provides the power you need for powerful serves and spikes.
  • Training method: bench press, push ups


・Back muscles (latissimus dorsi)

  • Importance: Supports upper body swing when spiking or serving and helps transfer power.
  • Training method: lat pulldown, rowing


・deltoid muscle

  • Importance: Involved in the movement of raising the arm, increasing the accuracy of spikes and serves.
  • Training method: Shoulder press, side raises


・Arm muscles (biceps, triceps)

  • Importance: Contributes to accuracy and power when hitting the ball.
  • Training method: arm curl, tricep extension


3. Core muscles

・Rectus abdominis/Oblique muscle

  • Importance: Maintains stability and balance in the body and plays a central role in all movements.
  • Training methods: crunches, planks, Russian twists


・erector spinae muscle

  • Importance: Keep your back stable and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Training method: back extension




Volleyball involves all the muscles in your body.

In particular, it is extremely important to train the muscles of the lower body, upper body, and core in a well-balanced manner in order to be able to make powerful spikes and serves, high jumping power, and sudden changes of direction.





Muscle training methods that are effective for volleyball movements



In order to improve your volleyball performance, you need to train all the muscles in your body in a well-balanced manner.

Below, we will introduce muscle training that is particularly important for volleyball players and their purpose.



1. Lower body strength


  • Purpose: To strengthen the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and buttocks (gluteal muscles) to increase jumping power and stability when landing.


  • Purpose: Improves leg balance and coordination, increasing monopod support and speed of movement.

box jump

  • Purpose: Increase explosive power and jumping power, and train the ability to jump higher.



2. Strengthen your upper body

bench press

  • Purpose: Build your pectoral muscles, deltoids, and triceps to improve upper body strength for powerful serves and spikes.


  • Purpose: Strengthen the pulling power of your upper body, focusing on your latissimus dorsi muscles. Contributes to the movement of blocks and spikes.

dumbbell shoulder press

  • Purpose: To strengthen the deltoid muscles and increase the power of the upward swing of the arm.



3. Strengthen your core


  • Purpose: Improve core stability, including your abdominal muscles, back muscles, and obliques. Strengthens the core, which is the basis of all movements.

russian twist

  • Purpose: To strengthen the abdominal oblique muscles and improve body twist and balance. Increases the rotational power of the body when serving or spiking.



4. Improved explosive power

power clean

  • Purpose: Increase the explosive power of the whole body, especially the power of jumping and sudden movements.



5. Flexibility and balance

yoga or pilates

  • Purpose: Improve muscle flexibility and balance, prevent injury and improve body control.



6. Interval training

  • Purpose: Improve cardiorespiratory fitness and endurance to cope with the intense movements during competition.






In volleyball, it is important to properly combine these muscle training exercises and perform them regularly.


It is also effective to customize training programs depending on the player’s position and individual needs.

It is also recommended that training intensity and frequency be increased gradually, allowing for adequate rest and recovery time.



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