No kicking the volleyball! Explain the reason

The reason kicking the ball is generally discouraged in volleyball is based on the rules of volleyball, sportsmanship, and spirit of play.

However, the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) rules state that you can actually use any part of your body to touch the ball.

This also includes the feet and legs. In a volleyball game, you can receive or attack the ball with your feet.

Despite this, kicking the ball is not recommended.



No kicking the volleyball!


For example, in a volleyball club, if you kick a volleyball or intentionally use your feet to receive the ball, the coach will probably get angry at you.

The main reasons why you should not kick a volleyball are as follows.



technical constraints

  • Control Difficulty : Volleyball is primarily played using your hands and arms. By using these parts, you can accurately and effectively execute techniques such as passes, serves, and spikes. Handling the ball with your feet can be difficult to control and reduce the precision of your play.



  • Risk of injury : Kicking motions can increase the risk of injury for players and bystanders. Especially when playing in the air or when other players are nearby, accidents and collisions are more likely to occur.



  • Goes against the spirit of the game : Volleyball is a sport that emphasizes teamwork and skill. Traditionally, technical play using the hands and arms is encouraged and symbolizes the beauty and fairness of the game. Playing with your feet is sometimes considered inconsistent with this tradition and the spirit of the sport.


Affects the flow of the game

  • Interrupting the flow of play : Handling the ball with your feet can unnecessarily disrupt the flow of the game, except in particularly high-skill situations. This can impair team play coordination.



However, in very special situations or urgent plays, playing the ball with your feet can be an effective tactic.

However, this is only an exceptional case; in volleyball training and matches, kicking the ball with the foot is generally recommended for technical reasons, to ensure safety, and to maintain sportsmanship. It will not be.


It is a common scene in volleyball manga and volleyball anime to use your feet to raise the ball, but please keep in mind that this is only a story in fiction.

If you intentionally use your foot to kick a volleyball in your high school volleyball team, you might get hit ^^;




Don’t mess with me! The importance of sportsmanship


The importance of sportsmanship in volleyball goes beyond just the way the game is played, affecting the culture and values ​​of players, coaches, spectators, and the sport as a whole.

Sportsmanship encompasses ethical behavior and attitudes such as fairness, respect, responsibility, and self-control.

Below are some points that explain the importance of sportsmanship in volleyball.



Promote teamwork and cooperation

Volleyball is a team sport, and success relies not only on the skills of individual players, but also on the cooperation and collaboration of the entire team.

Demonstrating sportsmanship is the basis for building mutual respect and trust and promotes teamwork.

This allows players to work together towards a common goal and maximize their results as a team.


Maintaining competitiveness

Sportsmanship is fundamental to keeping the game fair and healthy. Keep the spirit of the game alive by following the rules and being respectful to opposing teams and referees.

Through fair play, all players are given an equal chance and the outcome of the game is determined only by legitimate competition.


Providing positive role models

When athletes practice sportsmanship, they provide positive role models for young athletes and fans.

Appropriate attitudes and behaviors set an example and positively influence the next generation of athletes, not only in the world of sports, but also in everyday life.


Improving the enjoyment and satisfaction of competition

Playing in the spirit of sportsmanship increases the enjoyment and satisfaction of the game for both players and spectators.

Respectful competition creates an environment where players recognize their own and others’ accomplishments and share positive experiences regardless of the outcome of the game.


dispute resolution

Sportsmanship also plays an important role in resolving disputes and misunderstandings that may arise during a match.

Mutual respect and fairness are the foundation for resolving conflicts peacefully and constructively.

Emphasizing sportsmanship is essential to making volleyball a safer, more enjoyable and ethical sport




If you play volleyball and have a habit of suddenly putting your feet out, please take a look at the article linked below.

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Let’s enjoy and play volleyball properly


Sports are more than just physical activities. It’s also a place to learn teamwork, leadership, respect, and most of all, sportsmanship.

Enjoying sports correctly will not only shape your performance on the field, but also your character as a player.


Below are some important points to help you enjoy and play the sport correctly.


keep fair play in mind

The basis of sportsmanship is fair play. It is important to follow the rules, respect the referee’s decisions, and play without intentionally breaking the rules.

Winning is important, but how you get there is even more important.


respect others

Respect your opponent not as an enemy, but as someone who can improve you.

Show mutual respect by shaking hands and praising each other after the game.

It is important to recognize and praise your opponent when they play well.


support your teammates

While individual skill is important in sports, cooperation with teammates is essential in team sports.

By encouraging and supporting your teammates, you can build a united team.


emotional control

There are victories and there are defeats. Both outcomes require you to remain calm.

It is important to learn from failures and defeats and use them as the next step.

It is important to control your emotions and remain calm at all times.


continuous learning

The sport is constantly evolving, with new techniques and tactics emerging all the time.

By keeping an open mind, continuing to learn, and striving for self-improvement, you can push yourself to greater heights.



Playing sports isn’t just about winning. It’s also a way to grow as a person.

By valuing sportsmanship and approaching sports with the right attitude, you will not only improve the quality of your play, but also find great value in your life.



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