A shortcut to victory in Kendo! Complete guide to training to increase explosive power

In Kendo, there are many factors that determine victory or defeat, but one of the most important is “instantaneous power.”

The ability to seize a momentary opportunity, react quickly, and deliver a powerful blow is extremely valuable in a Kendo match.

However, one of the challenges faced by many Kendo practitioners is how to train and improve this valuable explosive power.


This guide will explain in detail how to train explosive power in Kendo.

We aim to provide a wide range of information that is directly linked to improving your competitiveness, from training methods based on scientific evidence to techniques that are immediately useful in practice.

We hope that this guide will be useful knowledge for anyone who wants to advance to the next level as a Kendo practitioner and will help them improve their skills.


Now, let’s take a look at the importance of explosive power in Kendo and how to train it.



The importance of explosive power in Kendo

Kendo is a martial art that highly integrates three elements: technique, psychology, and physical strength.

Among these, explosive power in particular is an important element that greatly influences Kendo technique and has a direct impact on competition results.

In Kendo matches, winning or losing is often determined by taking advantage of a momentary gap and deciding on a technique, so a high level of explosiveness is essential for this purpose.


The influence of explosive power on Kendo technique

Explosive power in Kendo doesn’t just mean moving fast. It refers to the ability to instantly read an opponent’s movements and instantly execute appropriate techniques in response.

This includes not only physical quickness, but also judgment and reaction speed. Kendo players with high explosive power are able to react quickly and accurately without missing the momentary gap of their opponent.

This ability is essential for making effective strikes before the opponent when attacking, and for evading or breaking the opponent’s attacks during defense and creating opportunities for counterattacks.


The role of explosive power in athletic performance

In competitive kendo, explosive power is the key to improving your performance. In a match, no matter how much skill or power you have, it is meaningless if you cannot seize the opportunity to demonstrate it.

Players with high explosiveness are able to effectively score points without missing the slightest chance.

Additionally, you can continue to put pressure on your opponent, allowing you to control the flow of the match to your own pace.

This not only improves your competitive performance, but also gives you a psychological advantage over your opponents.



Explosive power is not just a part of physical ability in Kendo, but is an element that all Kendo practitioners should strive for, as it supports technical precision, tactical diversity, and mental strength.

In the next chapter, we’ll take a closer look at how you can train and improve this important explosive power.




What is instantaneous force? Explanation of basic theory

Explosive force is one of the important concepts in sports science, and has a significant impact on athletic performance.

In particular, explosive power plays an extremely important role in sports such as Kendo, which require high performance in a short period of time.

In this section, we will explain the basic theory of explosive power, its scientific definition, and specific examples of explosive power in Kendo.


Scientific definition of explosive power

Explosive force is defined as the ability to exert maximum force in the shortest possible time.

This ability primarily relies on the activity of fast-twitch muscle fibers in the muscle and is associated with generating rapid force and performing fast movements.

Fast-twitch fibers can generate greater force more quickly than slow-twitch fibers, but they fatigue more easily.

Exerting explosive force is closely related to muscle coordination, nervous system reaction speed, and muscle force generation ability.


A specific example of explosive power in Kendo

Explosive power can be seen in many situations in Kendo, but the following moments are particularly important.

  • Koteuchi (Koteuchi) : The action of breaking through the opponent’s defense and instantly striking them with a small hand. This technique requires you to attack your opponent’s small gaps quickly and accurately.
  • Menuchi (menuchi) : When hitting men, one strikes the opponent’s men with quick, coordinated movements of the wrist, elbow, and shoulder. This series of movements requires instant judgment and quick body movements.
  • Tsuki (tsuki) : When launching a thrust against an opponent, you must move forward and complete the thrust in an extremely short amount of time. This movement requires explosive power from the lower body and precise control from the upper body.



As you can see from these examples, explosive power in Kendo is not just about moving quickly, but also about the ability to execute movements with precision and strength at the right time.

Explosive power training is a very important element in a Kendo training program, as honing these techniques is directly linked to success in competitions.



How to train explosive power specific to Kendo

In order to develop the explosive power required in kendo, it is necessary to start by improving basic physical strength and conduct training that is consistent with the practice of kendo.

Below, we will introduce explosive strength training starting from basic physical strength and a practical training menu as a way to train explosive strength specific to Kendo.


Explosive strength training starting from basic physical strength

In order to improve your explosive strength, it is important to first increase your basic physical strength. The higher your core fitness, the more you can maximize the effectiveness of your training and minimize the risk of injury.

  • Running or jogging : Aerobic exercise improves cardiovascular function and develops physical strength, which is the foundation of training.
  • Squats and lunges : Strengthen your lower body muscles and develop the power to support the forward and backward movements of Kendo.
  • Planks and sit-ups : Core strength increases the stability of Kendo movements and creates a foundation for powerful strikes.


Practical training menu

Creating a practical training menu to develop explosive power, which is directly linked to improving Kendo techniques, is essential for effective performance improvement.

  • Practice swing training : Practice swings are the basis of Kendo, and by practicing practice swings in fast motions, you can train the explosive power of your wrists, arms, and shoulders. In particular, by using a heavy Shinai, it is possible to apply a higher load.
  • Striking practice using explosive power : By repeatedly performing fast thrusts and strikes from short distances, you will get used to using explosive power in actual combat. It is important to practice reacting instantly to your opponent’s movements and making accurate strikes.
  • Interval training : By alternating short periods of high-intensity exercise with rest, you can develop both explosive strength and endurance at the same time. For example, running training that alternates between sprinting and walking is effective.



In Kendo, explosive power is an essential element to increase the accuracy and speed of techniques.

Start by improving your basic physical strength and aim to significantly improve your competitive ability by doing Kendo-specific training.



How to make a training plan

In order to improve your explosive power in Kendo, you need a systematic and sustainable training schedule.

Additionally, in order to continue training over a long period of time, it is important to maintain and manage motivation.

Here, we will explain how to create a training plan to improve explosive power, specific example schedules, and how to maintain motivation.


Example of a sustainable training schedule

An effective training schedule aims to improve explosive power by regularly stimulating the body while avoiding excessive stress. Below is an example schedule for one week.


  • Monday: Basic physical training
    : Aerobic exercise (20 minutes of running) + lower body training (squats, lunges)

  • Tuesday: Rest day
    Complete rest or do some light stretching to help your body recover.

  • Wednesday: Kendo specialized training Practice
    swing (100 times) + striking practice using explosive power

  • Thursday: Core training
    plank, sit-ups, back exercises

  • Friday: Rest day
    Prioritize physical recovery.

  • Saturday: General training
    Interval running (30 seconds of sprinting + 30 seconds of walking, 10 sets) + Kendo Kata practice

  • Sunday: Light Activities
    Get your body moving with a walk or light jog to prepare for next week’s training.


Maintaining and managing motivation

Maintaining motivation is the key to continuous training. Here are some ways to stay motivated and keep training.

  • Goal Setting
    Stay motivated by setting short-term and long-term goals and gaining a sense of accomplishment.

  • Training Record
    By recording your daily training content and progress, you can visualize your results and improve your motivation.

  • Understand the importance of rest.
    Overtraining can lead to burnout, so understand the importance of taking rest days.

  • Training with friends
    By training with friends who have the same goals, you can mutually stimulate each other and stay motivated.



Implementing a systematic training schedule and maintaining motivation are essential to improving explosive power in Kendo.

Create a schedule that suits you and aim for results with continuous effort.



Eating and resting to improve explosive power

In order to improve explosive power, not only proper training but also nutrition and rest play an important role.

Effective nutrition maximizes the effectiveness of your training, and proper rest accelerates your body’s recovery.

Here, we will explain how to eat and rest to help improve explosive power.


Key points for effective nutrition

The key to nutritional support for improving explosive power is to eat a well-balanced diet and ensure you have the energy you need for training.

  • Protein : Necessary for muscle repair and growth. Consume high-quality proteins such as chicken, fish, legumes, and dairy products.
  • Carbohydrates : The main source of energy consumed during training. Choose complex carbohydrates like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables to stabilize your energy supply.
  • Fats : Healthy fats are necessary for hormone synthesis and cell structure. It is important to include adequate amounts of fish, nuts, and olive oil, which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Vitamins and minerals : Keep your body functioning properly and aid in recovery. Get the vitamins and minerals you need by eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Hydration : Hydration during training is essential for maintaining performance and regulating body temperature. Drink water regularly to avoid dehydration.


How to take rest to speed up your recovery

Adequate rest helps you get the most out of your training and helps your body recover.

  • Adequate sleep : Muscle repair and growth hormone secretion are particularly active during deep sleep. Aim for 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep each night.
  • Active recovery : Mild exercise, such as light jogging or walking, can promote recovery. It has the effect of relieving muscle tension and improving blood flow.
  • Stretching and massage : Increase muscle flexibility and speed recovery from muscle soreness. Stretch regularly and consider getting a massage if possible.
  • Relaxation : Stress can slow recovery. Set aside time to relax your mind and body by incorporating calming activities such as meditation, reading, or time for a hobby.



In order to improve explosive power, not only training, but also diet and rest are important factors.

Maximize your training effects and improve your Kendo performance by ensuring a balanced diet and quality rest.




Improving explosive power in Kendo is an important element that is directly linked to technique, tactics, and competitive results.

Through this article, we have explained in detail the scientific basis of explosive power, Kendo-specific training methods, and effective nutrition and rest methods.

In order to improve your explosive power, it is important to practice the following points.


  1. Understanding the importance of explosive power : Understanding the impact it has on Kendo technique and its contribution to competitive performance will increase your motivation to improve your explosive power.
  2. Improving your basic physical strength : In order to increase your explosive strength, it is important to first improve your basic physical strength. Run, jog, and do strength training regularly.
  3. Kendo-specific training : We aim to improve your explosive power in actual combat by conducting training specialized in Kendo, such as practice swings and striking practice using explosive power.
  4. Nutrition and Rest : A balanced diet and adequate rest will maximize the effectiveness of your training and accelerate your body’s recovery. Pay particular attention to your protein intake and quality sleep.
  5. A well-planned training schedule : Creating a well-planned schedule that covers training, nutrition, and rest, and practicing it consistently is a shortcut to improving explosive power.
  6. Staying motivated : Staying motivated by setting goals, tracking your progress, and training with friends is the key to continuing your long-term training.


Explosive power often determines victory or defeat in a split second in Kendo, so training this ability is extremely valuable.

Practicing the above-mentioned training methods, nutrition, and rest will greatly contribute to improving your Kendo performance.


Finally, persistence is power. Daily efforts will eventually lead to big results.



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