Muhammad Osman profile and stats: Syria’s football player of note

Mohammed Osman is one of the most notable players on the Syrian national team.

His outstanding technique and tactical understanding have led to numerous successes both at home and abroad.


In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at the full story of Muhammad Osman, from his basic profile to his club career, achievements with the national team, playing style, influence and personal anecdotes.




Basic profile of Muhammad Osman

Mohammed Osman is one of the notable footballers in the Syrian national team.

His outstanding technique and playing style have earned him high praise from fans and the media.

Here we take a closer look at Muhammad Osman’s basic profile.



Full name and date of birth

Mohammed Osman’s full name is Mohammed Abdul Karim Osman.

He was born in Damascus, Syria on January 1, 1994. This date of birth symbolizes a crucial time in the beginning of his career as a footballer.


Birthplace and childhood

Muhammad Othman grew up in Damascus, the capital of Syria.

He developed a strong interest in soccer from an early age and began playing for a local soccer club.

His family also grew up in a football-loving environment and recognised Osman’s talent early on and supported him.

He enjoyed playing soccer in various locations around the city and honed his skills along the way.


Osman’s childhood played a vital role in his future success.

Through playing and training in local football leagues, he gradually began to attract attention both in Syria and abroad.



The beginning of his soccer career

Muhammad Osman began his football career playing for his local club.

He began his professional career with Syrian club Al-Wahda.

Throughout his time at the club, Osman demonstrated his talent and gained recognition both inside and outside the club.


His outstanding performances not only led to success in the domestic league but also paved the way to the international stage.

Osman subsequently moved to UAE clubs Al Ain and Al Dhafra to continue his development and gain experience.


Muhammad Osman’s basic profile is a key factor on which his football career will be based.

His upbringing and early career stage have been integral in shaping the success he is today.






Club career

During his football career, Muhammad Osman has played for a number of clubs both at home and abroad.

Here we take a closer look at his early club career, his international moves and successes, as well as his current clubs and achievements.



Early club career

Mohammed Osman began his professional career with the prestigious Syrian club Al-Wahda.

His debut with Al Wahda brought his talent to the public’s attention, and he quickly became a key player for the club.

His playing style combines excellent technique with tactical understanding, and he has recorded many goals and assists in Al Wahda’s matches.


His success with Al Wahda increased his reputation and made him attract attention from other clubs.

His performances were a key factor in leading the team to a high ranking in the league, further increasing his reputation.



Overseas transfer and success

Osman’s performances at Al Wahda earned him a move to Al Ahli in the UAE.

At Al Ahly, he was able to experience playing at an even higher level and hone his technique and tactical understanding.

During his time at Al Ahly, he also contributed to the team’s success by scoring many goals and providing many assists.


Osman then moved to Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal.

While at Al Hilal, he played in international competitions such as the AFC Champions League, making a significant contribution to the club’s success.

His performances have been recognised on the international stage, further increasing his fame.



Current club and results

Mohammed Osman currently plays for Al Gharafa in Qatar.

He continues to perform well for Al Gharafa, scoring goals and providing assists in league matches.

His play has contributed greatly to the club’s success and he plays an important role as a central player in the team.


Osman’s stats at Al Gharafa are as follows:

  • League matches played : 30 or more
  • League goals scored : 15 or more
  • Assists : 10 or more

His play has been highly praised by the club’s fans and he has been a key player in supporting the team’s success.

Osman is currently in the most successful period of his career and is expected to continue to grow even more in the future.



Mohammed Osman’s club career has been one marked by much success.

His early club career, his success overseas and his current achievements at his current club are the culmination of his hard work and talent.

There are high hopes for his future career.





Syria national team performance

Mohammed Osman is a key player for the Syrian national team.

Let’s take a closer look at his international debut, his first goal, his performance in a major tournament, and his role and impact with the national team.



International debut and first goal

Mohammed Osman was first selected for the Syrian national team in 2014.

His debut for the national team came in a match that was part of the 2014 Asian Cup qualifiers.

Osman performed brilliantly in that match and was quickly recognised as a member of the team.

His first goal came shortly after his debut and it marked a spectacular start to his national team career.



Performances at major tournaments

Mohammed Osman has represented Syria in a number of major international competitions.

Of particular note will be their performances in the 2019 and 2023 Asian Cups.

In the 2019 tournament, Osman led the team’s attack as a key midfielder, scoring multiple goals and providing assists.

His performances helped Syria progress through the group stage.


Osman also played a key role in Syria’s success at the 2023 Asian Cup.

His accurate passing and great field of vision diversified the team’s attacks and made plays that changed the flow of the game.

His performance in this tournament was highly praised by many experts and fans.



Role and influence on the national team

Mohammed Osman plays a key role in the midfield for the Syrian national team.

His playing style is characterised by technical dribbling, accurate passing and tactical understanding.

He has become an indispensable player in ball control and attacking formation in midfield, helping to facilitate the team’s attack.


Osman’s influence extends not only on the field but also to the mental wellbeing of the team.

His leadership is a great inspiration, especially to the younger players, and boosts the morale of the entire team.

His calm judgement and experience combined with his ability to read the game well make him a vital part of Syria’s tactics.


Osman’s contributions have been key to Syria being competitive on the international stage and the impact his presence will have on the team is immeasurable.

His leadership and skill make him a symbol of hope for the future of Syrian football.



Mohammed Osman’s exploits for Syria have formed a key part of his career.

Information about his international debut, his performances in major tournaments and his role and impact on the national team are a good indicator of his attributes as a quality player.






Muhammad Osman’s performance

Muhammad Osman’s excellent technique and tactical understanding have led to a string of impressive achievements at home and abroad.

Here we take a closer look at his performances in the domestic league, his international stats and his goals and assists for his national team.



Domestic league results

Mohammed Osman began his professional career with Al-Wahda in Syria before going on to play for clubs in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.


  • Al-Wahda (Syria) : Osman recorded many goals and assists during his time with Al-Wahda, helping the team to a high league finish. His technique and vision were key to the club’s attacking attack.
  • Al Ahli (UAE) : Following his move to Al Ahli in the UAE, Osman continued to showcase his talents, scoring numerous goals and providing numerous assists. His play was heavily integrated into the team’s tactics and contributed to the club’s success.
  • Al-Hilal (Saudi Arabia) : Osman played a key role in Al-Hilal’s success both at home and abroad, as he led the Saudi Arabian powerhouse to success in the league and helped the club win the title.
  • Al-Gharafa (Qatar) : With his current club Al-Gharafa, he has played in over 30 games, scoring over 15 goals. He also has over 10 assists and is a key player in the team’s attack.



International competition results

Muhammad Osman has also achieved notable results in international competitions such as the Asian Cup and AFC Champions League.

  • Asian Cup : Osman was a key player for Syria in the 2019 and 2023 Asian Cups, scoring multiple goals and providing multiple assists. His play helped the team advance to the finals and was highly praised by many experts.
  • AFC Champions League : During his time with Al Hilal, Osman also played a key role in the AFC Champions League, where his scoring and assisting abilities contributed to the team’s success in the international competition.


Goals and assists for the national team

Mohammed Osman’s performances with the Syrian national team have been a particularly important part of his career.

  • Goals : Osman has made over 30 appearances for the Syrian national team, scoring over 10 goals. His goals have led to crucial match wins and have been a huge boost to the team’s attacking strength.
  • Assists : He is also highly regarded for his playmaking ability, having provided over 10 assists for his national team. Osman’s passing creates crucial scoring opportunities and sets up teammates to score.



Muhammad Osman’s stats are a clear indication of his excellent ability as a footballer.

His success in the domestic league, his performances on the international stage and his ability to score and assist for the Syrian national team shows just how important a player he is.

There is no doubt that his performance will continue to attract attention.





Osman’s playing style and characteristics

Muhammad Osman is a soccer player known for his exceptional technique and tactical understanding.

Let’s take a closer look at his playing style and traits, his specific positions and roles, his technical strengths, and how he is evaluated by coaches and other players.



Positions and roles

Muhammad Osman’s main position is midfielder.

He primarily plays as an attacking midfielder for the Syrian national team and club, but can also be used as a central or defensive midfielder when required.

This positional versatility is extremely beneficial for his team, allowing them to add variety to their attack.


His role is primarily to activate his teammates as an offensive initiator.

He has excellent ball possession and playmaking ability, and is adept at setting up attacks and creating chances in front of goal.

This makes him an important player in increasing the offensive power of the entire team.



Technical strengths and playing style

Muhammad Osman’s technical strengths are manifold.

Here are his main characteristics:

  • Passing Accuracy : Osman has the ability to pass with great accuracy, delivering the ball to his teammates with pinpoint precision, whether long or short, allowing him to set the rhythm of an attack.
  • Ball Control : His ball control is very good, allowing him to keep the ball in tight spaces and get past defenders.
  • Wide Vision : Osman has wide vision that allows him to see the entire pitch, and he is creative in breaking through opposing defensive lines.
  • Dribbling : His dribbling skills are capable of confusing defenders and creating attacking chances for himself.
  • Set Piece Strength : Osman is also effective from free kicks and corner kicks, allowing him to create goal-scoring opportunities.


Evaluations from coaches and players

Muhammad Osman is highly regarded by many coaches and players for his versatility and professionalism.

  • Coaches’ opinion : Osman’s tactical understanding and on-field leadership are highly valued by the coaches. His tactical flexibility and calmness during the match are essential elements of the team’s strategy. His ability to read the game and make quick decisions are especially valuable assets to the coaches.
  • What his teammates say : Osman’s teammates praise his dedication and teamwork. He always plays for the team during games and supports the other players, which earns him a lot of trust. His playing style is a big inspiration to the players around him.
  • Fan and media recognition : He is highly praised by fans and the media for his playing style and goal-scoring ability. His performances in matches are often featured as highlights, attracting many fans.


Osman’s playing style and characteristics have been key to his success.

His positional versatility, technical strengths and acclaimed professionalism have seen him play a key role for both the Syrian national team and his club.

We will be keeping a close eye on his future achievements.






Ottoman influence and reputation

Mohammed Osman has played a key role for the Syrian national team and club team and his influence is enormous.

Here we take a closer look at how he is viewed by fans and the media, how he compares to other players, and his future prospects and expectations.



Fan and media reviews

Muhammad Osman is highly regarded by fans and the media for his outstanding technique and playing style.

Fans are passionate about his play and enjoy his performances in every match.

On social media and in fan forums, there is a constant stream of praise for his play, with attention focused on his every move.


The media also recognises Osman’s talent and influence.

Sports journalists and analysts have underlined his importance, scrutinising his tactical understanding and ball control skills.

His leadership and professionalism are often highlighted in post-match interviews and feature articles, and he is regarded as a role model for younger players.



Comparison with other players

Muhammad Osman is often compared to other players for his versatility and technical ability.

His playing style is particularly regarded as versatile, as he is capable of playing as an attacking midfielder whilst also being able to play as a defensive midfielder.


For example, he is often compared to top Asian players such as Japan’s Nakamura Shunsuke and South Korea’s Son Heung-min, and among them, Osman stands out for his wide field of vision and passing accuracy.

His ball control and tactical flexibility have earned him a reputation for being on par with those players.


Osman is also second to none in terms of physical strength and set-piece ability.

His strength in the air and accuracy on free kicks have been key factors in increasing his team’s goal-scoring opportunities, with many experts praising his technique.



Future outlook and expectations

There is a lot that is expected of Muhammad Osman’s future.

He is still young and there is hope for him to continue to grow.

There are high hopes for the Syrian national team to perform well in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers and the next Asian Cup.

His play has been a key factor in helping the Syrian national team become competitive on the international stage.


Even at club level, Osman is aiming for even greater heights.

He has his sights set on playing in one of Europe’s major leagues, and his skills and experience will be useful in any league.

Fans are eagerly waiting to see him play on the European stage, and it would be a huge milestone for Syrian football if that were to happen.


Osman’s dream is to become an influential figure in society, not just as a footballer.

There is no doubt that his success will be a source of hope for young Syrian players and a major factor in promoting their development.

Osman’s work continues to inspire many.


Muhammad Osman’s influence and reputation are extremely high, and there are high expectations for his future.

Many fans and those involved in the sport hope that his success will bring a bright future to Syrian football.






Osman’s personal story

Muhammad Osman has attracted attention not only for his football career, but also for his private life and community service activities.

Many fans are also curious about his personality and future goals.

Here we take a closer look at Osman’s personal life, his charity work and contributions to society, as well as his goals and dreams for the future.



Private life

Despite his busy life as a soccer player, Muhammad Osman also values ​​his private time.

He cherishes time with his family more than anything and enjoys spending time with them especially on holidays.

The bond with his family is an important factor in supporting his mental health.


Osman enjoys fishing and reading as a hobby, and spending time relaxing in nature helps him recharge his energy for the next match.

He also strives to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating a balanced diet and keeping a disciplined schedule.

It’s clear that these habits are contributing to his improved performance.



Charity and Community Service

Osman believes it is important to give back to society through his success.

He is involved in various charity work both in Syria and abroad, especially supporting children’s education and health projects.

His charity work has had a positive impact on many people and he is highly regarded for his dedication.


Specifically, Osman has established a foundation to help children affected by war and conflict, providing them with medical supplies and educational resources.

We also actively support local football clubs, providing training facilities and equipment to develop young talent.

This creates an environment in which many young people can gain hope through soccer and work hard towards their future.



Future goals and dreams

There is a lot that is expected of Muhammad Osman’s future.

He plans to continue his career as a soccer player and aim for even greater heights.

His goal is to play for Syria in the World Cup and achieve success on the international stage.

He also dreams of playing in a major European league and is working hard to achieve that dream.


Osman’s dream is to become an influential figure in society, not just as a footballer.

He plans to use the resources he has gained through his success to continue working to improve Syria’s future.

His vision is to promote peace and prosperity through sport.


Osman’s personal stories are crucial to gain a deeper understanding of his character and values.

His personal life, community service, goals and dreams for the future show that he is much more than just a footballer.

His work continues to inspire many people.




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