Futsal glossary


Futsal glossary



I think there are many people who know the soccer terminology, but don’t know what the futsal terminology is.

No wonder, futsal terminology is basically based on Portuguese!


But the rules are almost the same as soccer.

If you look at the explanation of the terminology, you should be able to easily understand, “Hmm, that’s what it means.”


Here we explain terms commonly used in futsal. If you want to try futsal or are new to futsal, please refer to it.

What is isolation?

word for isolation

Surrounding players move away from a player who is good at one-on-one play to give him space to dribble.


What is Aclarard?

A movement in which other players create space to isolate a player.


What is attacking third?

When the futsal court is divided into three parts, it refers to the zone from the opposing team.


*The zone from the friendly side is called the defensive third, and the zone between the attacking and defending thirds (the middle zone) is called the middle third.


What is Ara?

One of the positions in futsal, ara refers to the midfield position on the side.

The left side is called the “left side” and the right side is called the “right side”.


What is Ara-Ara?

A pass course from an ara (player in a midfield position) to another ara.

“Araara-o-kiru” means to cover this path course.


What is Aracorta?

One of the moves in futsal

A player in the middle traps the ball inside the court and misses the opponent’s mark.


What is Epsilon?

A defensive formation that protects in a Y-shape. Epsilon is a zone-like defense.


What is Un Dois?

A one-two in soccer, when two players exchange passes and carry the ball.

By the way, the name comes from the Portuguese words “un” (1) and “dois” (2).


What is Entrelineas?

Between the lines of defense, also called between the lines.


What is L?

One of the tactics and movements of futsal

Group strategy of 3 players starting from the L-shaped arrangement of Pivo alla Fixo


What is Eight?

One of the moves in futsal

A movement in which Fixo’s players leave things to Ara and run forward and switch places. Fixo and Ara pass the ball together.

The name Eight comes from the fact that it moves like a figure eight.


What is organizing?

The English word organize. Used for organizing training, etc.


What is orientado?

Directed ball control


What is cut-in?

Dribbling from the side to the center


What is indirect block?

Blocking a player without the ball


What is indirect curtain?

Crossing (curtaining) between a player not in possession of the ball and the player marking the ball


What is a kick-in?

The method of restarting the game after the ball crosses the touchline and goes out (this is called a throw-in in soccer).

In soccer, you use your hands to throw in, but in futsal, you kick the ball in with your feet.


What is kickoff?

Same as soccer kickoff

Kick the ball with your foot after the whistle blows to start each half of the game.


What is a guillotine?

About kick feint


What is clearance?

Goal kick in soccer. In futsal, it is called clearance.

Goreiro throws the ball that crosses the goal line and restarts play.


What is Quattro?

One of the tactics of futsal. Also called 4-0

Four people form a bowl-shaped formation without a pivot.


What is Kevra?

In futsal, the movement of running in a curved manner to avoid the opponent’s mark so that it is easier to receive a pass.


What is a corner kick?

After the defender releases the ball from the goal line, the attacker kicks the ball from the corner.

(Same as a corner kick in soccer)


What is Goreiro?

Same as a soccer goalkeeper. In futsal, it is called goreiro.


What is contrapie?

About Tonpa

When receiving a pass, it refers to picking up the ball and stopping it at your feet while running and pretending to trap it.


What is control orientation?

A play that directs the ball with the first touch

move forward or sideways


What is a rhino?

Means “get out of the way” in Portuguese

Refers to a series of tactics that create a path course from fixo to pivot by moving the ara.


What does pointing mean?

Address to Pivo


What is jump?

Refers to throwing away the mark of the player you are on and pressing the ball holder.


What is a screen?

About blocks. A teammate creates a wall and obstructs the opponent’s defense.


What is the second set?

A group of four people competing together. A set that replaces the first set.


What is Second Paw?

far post (the goal post farthest from the ball)


What is zone defense?

A defensive tactic in which each defender protects a given zone.


What is expulsion?

In the case of futsal, if a player is sent off, players cannot be replaced for two minutes as a penalty.

*If the opposing team scores a goal during the 2 minute penalty period, players can be replaced at that point.


What is 2nd PK?

A PK taken from 10m away from the goal.

If there are 6 fouls in one period, all subsequent penalties will be 2nd PK.

*For the 2nd PK, you can choose between the 2nd PK line or a free kick from the place where the foul occurred.


What is timeout?

1 minute intermission for both teams, once in each half


What is Jeongdong?

During a kick-in, the kicker releases the ball with a “thump” and his teammate shoots with a “thump”.


What is a defensive third?

When the court is divided into three parts, the zone on the team’s goal side


What is Desmarquet?

A movement that misses the opponent’s mark


What is withdrawal?

When the defense line is broken through, the defenseman runs towards his own side.


What is Temporize?

About the reservoir. Make time to adjust your dribbling speed and wait for your teammates to rise.


What is toe kick?

kicking the ball with your toe. You can hit a strong ball with a very compact swing.


What is a transition?

Changes in offense and defense


What is Tonpa?

Same as contrapie

When receiving a pass, pick up the ball and stop it at your feet by pretending to trap or dribble in the direction it is going.


What is medium push out?

A futsal tactic in which the defender dribbles into the space vacated by the defender, resulting in the defender being pushed out.


What is Chudori?

Dribbling from the side to the center (toward the center)

Abbreviation for “dribble inside”


What is Chupara?

Parallelism performed in the middle (center lane)

Abbreviation for “Nakasuru Parallera”


What is middle one-two?

One-two performed in the middle (center lane)

Abbreviation for “Nakasuru One-Two”


What is lick?

A term often used in futsal that refers to ball control performed with the feet.

Used as in “carrying the ball by licking it with the soles of the feet”


What is Fake Pivo?

A player who is not a pivot temporarily acts as a pivot.


What is a backdoor?

To escape from the opponent’s mark by bargaining with the opponent behind the opponent.


What is a backpass?

When the next two points were played, a back pass was called and the opponent was awarded an indirect free kick.

・Pass the ball to the keeper and the keeper catches it.

・When the ball starts at the keeper and passes back to the keeper without touching the opponent.


What is Parallera?

passing parallel to the touchline


What is power play?

All players, including Goreiro, must participate in the attack.


What is a power play return?

The side receiving the power play steals the ball and then shoots a long shot.


What is Pivo?

A player in a front line position. equivalent to a forward in soccer


What is Pisada?

Passing a pass behind yourself using the sole of your foot


What is a period?

The first and second halves in soccer

In futsal, the first half is called the 1st period and the second half is called the 2nd period.


What is the first set?

A set of four players who appear at kickoff.


What is Fixo?

In futsal, the player who is in the last position


What is fake?

Same meaning as feint. In futsal, there are many preparatory fakes (feints) before receiving the ball.


What is pull push?

One of the futsal feints (fake)

A feint in which you pull the ball with the sole of your foot and when the opponent is attacking, push the ball forward to escape the opponent’s press.


What is a block?

same as screen

A play in which an offensive player acts as a wall and obstructs the opponent’s defense.


What is baseline?

The vertical axis is the reference line when the court is halved vertically.


What is Becky?

About Fixo. Player who takes position at the back


What is Hedondo?

A rotation in which a certain number of players rotate (turn) in a certain direction.


What is pre-play?

To apply pressure from the front and approach

Abbreviation for “pressing from the front”


What is man-to-man defense?

A defensive tactic in which players are marked one-on-one without changing their predetermined marks.


What is mix DF?

A defensive strategy that combines man-to-man defense and zone defense.


What is middle third?

The middle zone when the futsal court is divided into three parts.

By the way, the opposing team’s zone is called the attacking third, and the friendly team’s zone is called the defensive third.


What is the 4 second rule?

A time limit applied to free kicks, penalty kicks, kick-ins, corner kicks, etc., from when the referee’s whistle sounds until the ball is kicked out.

After 4 seconds, play resumes with the opposing team’s ball.


What is line cut?

A tactic in which an offensive player steps over the opponent’s DF line, making it difficult for the defense to change marks.


What is Rondo?

A birdcage in which you pass the ball within a set range to avoid being intercepted by your opponent.


What is one-two?

A pass exchange in which one player passes the ball with a “one” and runs, and the player receiving the pass returns the ball to the passer with a “two”.





How did you like the futsal glossary?

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