skateboard glossary


skateboard glossary



Express yourself freely, strive for better tricks, and challenge yourself!

The appeal of skateboarding is wide-ranging.


In the beginning, I fell and fell…

You may feel pain all over your body

Those who don’t give up can become players who are respected by others.


This page summarizes simple terms related to skateboarding.

For those who want to try skateboarding from now on

First, please research the skateboarding terminology.



An officially recognized skateboard (semi) square located in front of JR Akihabara Station.

It is a popular spot for street skaters, with its smooth road surface and tall planters.

It is also the birthplace of Choice Clothing and the skating team Flower, and is known for the TOSHIBA advertisement featuring Goro Kishitani.

This spot opened in February 1993 and closed in July 2001 (RIP).



A rod for attaching wheels that comes out of a truck hanger.


Asada Mao

Another name for 360 hippie jump.

The 360-degree rotation is said to be similar to Mao Asada’s beautiful performance (actually a triple axel), and it is said that Kato-kun, a pilot from the Toriotoko group, proposed it.



A comprehensive exhibition focusing on skating, surfing, and street fashion, held twice a year in Long Beach and Las Vegas.


ass shot

(Often seen in Japanese videos and photos) Shooting from an ass angle in skating videos and photos. Basically, it’s uncool.


early grab

To grab from the beginning before ollie or jumping.



An anonymous being.



A trick where you grab the coping and do a handstand in transition. Various variations exist.



People who are well-known on Instagram but not noticed in the real skateboarding community.


indie air

A grab in front of the backside air. It was first attempted by Gunner Howgo in the late 1970s and named “IndyAir” by Duane Peters in the 1980s.


There is a tacit understanding that tuck knees (bending the legs) are not necessary for this trick. By the way, anything other than backside air is not an “Indy grab.”


Valdez Challenge

The Dime Glory Challenge is a competition in which participants raise their hands in the air and brave a narrow, sketchy area.

Invented by San Francisco skater Joe Valdez.



A skateboard tire made of urethane. “Wheel” in Japanese.


wheel well

A recess in the wheel part of the deck to prevent wheel bite.


wheel bite

A phenomenon where the wheel rubs against the deck and reduces speed.

This can occur if the track bushings are too loose, the wheels are too large for the height of the track, or too much weight is placed on one point.


wheel base

Length between front and rear wheels.

Although it varies from person to person, basically the longer the wheel base is, the more stable the wheel is, but the harder it is to turn in a corner, and the shorter the wheel base, the easier it is to turn in a corner.



A trick to hit the wall with an ollie.

It was invented by Natas Kaupas.


wall ride

Technology that runs against the wall. As the name suggests, it is called a “wall ride” because it involves running on a wall.

Popularized by Natas Kaupas.


vulcanized sole

A shoe manufacturing method with a long history, in which unhardened rubber is sandwiched between the shoe body and the sole, and then hardened using high temperature and pressure.

Rubber tape is placed around the sole, giving it flexibility and a great feel to the board.


right wing bank

An ideal quarter pipe that stretches along a railway somewhere in downtown Tokyo.

Next door is the mansion of a prominent right-wing leader, so if you don’t attack at the moment the train passes by, you’ll regret it.

This spot is also included in Anger and Intimidation (1990).



An area where the transition extends higher than other areas.


El Toro

A 20-step stair and handrail located inside El Toro High School in Lake Forest, California.

It is the final release spot for hammer tricks, and the extremely large spot is sometimes called El Toro class.



The last trick placed at the end of the video part.

Whitney Houston’s “Enda~” is AND, so make sure you don’t make a mistake.



Mainly objects for skating at skate parks. Literally translated as an obstacle.



A technique invented by Alan Gelfand that involves hitting the tail and floating in the air.


old school

conservative or traditional style.

In the skate community, it usually refers to styles from the era up to the 1980s. It is also called the old man generation.


cup sole

The three-dimensional sole is sewn to the upper of the shoe using a sewing machine.

Although it is lightweight, it also has excellent functionality and cushioning properties.


cover boy

Words of praise for the person whose perfect skating photos graced the covers of skating magazines.

Fashion magazines and the like have nothing to do with skating skills, so it also includes the meaning of simply being a model on the cover.


kamikaze flip

A trick devised by Hajime Shibata of Osaka.

A combination of a cabaret real on the fakie blind side, a front foot impossible, and a backside grab.



sidewalk curb.

However, curbs that are taller than the shin are usually not called curves, but ledges or blocks.


kick out

To be kicked out of a spot.

Generally used as a result of an unpleasant act.


cabaret real

A trick from fakie to 360 degree rotation with no hands.

If it is 180 degrees, it is called a half cab, and if it is 360 degrees, it is called a full cab (cabaret real).

This trick was invented by Steve Caballero.



Firmly catch the spinning board with your feet.



A general term for the width used when jumping over hollows, shrubbery, grass, etc.



A trick that grabs the nose and tail at the same time and jumps up without ollie.



A bent part in a handrail or havebarage.



A skating pool shaped like a keyhole.



A bolt for connecting the truck hanger and base plate.


goofy stance

A skateboarding stance where the right foot is in front of the direction of travel.


grip tape

A rough, non-slip tape that is applied to the surface of the board. Also called deck tape.


gay twist

A mute grab version of Cavare Real. It was named because it was considered “gay” to make a grab rather than a no-hand. This trick was invented by Neil Brender.



Performing tricks such as slides and grinds while holding the deck in your hand.

The literal translation is “stone tool man,” which refers to primitive movements that do not involve hitting the tail.


ghetto bird

Hard flip mid-air revert (can be done in a nollie).

The trick’s name comes from the slang term for the LAPD’s “Ghetto Bird,” a helicopter that circles above ghetto areas.

Kareem Campbell got the name because when he performed this trick, he flew through the air with his arms outstretched, resembling a ghetto bird.


go skateboarding day

Skateboard Day (June 21st) was established by IASC (International Association of Skateboard Companies) in 2004.

Skating events are held all over the world on this day, but in Japan, due to the rainy season, many events are canceled due to rain.



Plastic protector for hangers mounted on trucks.



A rail attached to the lip of a transition.


Gon attack

It looks like he’s attacking with all his might. Ryo Sejiri’s live coverage of the Tokyo Olympics became a hot topic.



Tournament. Also called a competition. X Games, Tampa, Street League, etc. are synonymous with contests.


combo trick

A compound trick that combines multiple tricks.


side nut

A nut for attaching the wheel to the accelerator.

Proper maintenance is necessary as the wheels become difficult to remove as they wear out.



When performing an ollie, it refers to swinging the deck to the right or left in the air.


shared part

Refers to multiple skaters (usually two) sharing the same skating part.

In Japan, it is also called “W part”, and this is probably Japanese English.


japan air

Japanese-French man Philippe Mentonet performed a muted air with a twist at Kiyose.

Tony Hawk imitated this and popularized it.


jab pond

“Jab Pond” in Shinjuku Central Park became a sacred place for street skaters from the late 1980s to the early 1990s, and was a gathering place for Japan’s top skaters.

It is also the birthplace of the skating team NewType, and is also known for the ollie showdown between John Cardiel and Akira Ozawa on the large three-step staircase at the entrance.

There is also an episode in which Akira Ozawa succeeded first. Currently, skating is prohibited, and in the summer it is used as a water playground for children.


jam session

The mixing of skaters skating on a course in a contest or other event.


jump ramp

A ramp to launch into the air. An area that was popular in the 1980s.

It is also called a launch ramp.


judo air

A trick where you kick your front foot in the air while doing a backside air in transition.



Especially macho athletes, in contrast to the skaters of the 1980s.

The type who usually participates in elite sports in American high schools.

In the past, many skaters were unique, so they were at odds with Jocks.


sean penn

Backside version of Madonna. It is said that Sean Penn was Madonna’s husband at the time this trick was invented.

Mark “GATOR” Rogowski was the one who proposed the idea.


Shirahata Park

A vintage park located in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

In December 2014, power harassment by a certain member of the Public Party brought an end to the 40-year history.

A unique memorial spot that has long attracted skaters from all over the world.


switch stance

Performing a trick with a stance that is the opposite of your normal (dominant) stance.

Established in the early ’90s, Salman Agar is considered one of the pioneers of the switch stance.



A condition in which the elbow that was hit by a fall on the ground, pool, or vertical becomes abnormally swollen.

A word that combines the words swell and elbow.



The trick was successful, but not perfect.

It is also an expression that refers to someone who is cunning or uncool.


skate victim

People who were supposed to love skateboarding, but ended up being swayed by skating, ended up hating skating, or had other unfortunate outcomes.


skate key

Tools specialized for skateboard maintenance.

There are many different types, including threaded and carabiner shapes.


skating tour

Travel and photography activities for the purpose of skating.

Also known as skate trips or road trips, connecting with local skaters and enjoying local spots is part of the fun of skateboarding.


skate nomad

A skater or a group of skaters who wander the world and live carefree lives.

The best part of skateboarding is that you can enjoy it anywhere.


skate rat

A person who is crazy about skating and just loves skating.

In the skating community, it’s synonymous with machine and unequaled.






Stylish and sleek style.

A word that combines Style and Ease.


stale fish

A trick where you grab the backhand between the legs on the heel side of the deck from the back side.

There is an anecdote that Tony Hawk invented it at a skate camp in Sweden, and the name “stalefish” (rotten fish) stuck.



to stop moving. Accelerator stall is when the truck stops moving by hitting something like coping.

Enduring in the form of a hand plant in a transition is also called “stalling an invert.”


street plant

A handstand trick performed on flat ground. It became popular in the 1980s.



To inform.



The act of stealing the turn of skaters by ignoring other skaters and skating on their own during a skate park or mini-ramp session.

It is also used to copy styles and ideas.



Sections with transitions placed back to back.

The name comes from the fact that the copings that meet at the apex resemble a spine.


speed wobble

A condition in which the speed increases excessively when going downhill, causing the vehicle to sway from side to side and become uncontrollable.

This usually results in a violent fall.



A cylindrical part that is passed through the accelerator and sandwiched between the bearings when installing the wheel.

By using this, the wheel will rotate smoothly even when the accelerator nut is tightly tightened.



Watchman role.



Good place for skating.

Usually, places where people ski often are called local spots.


spot seek

The act of finding a new skate spot. Skaters who do this are called SPOT SEEKERS.


spot escape

People who can’t counter with skills become attached to strange spots.



Do difficult tricks and dominate the spot.



Jumping into the curve and grinding without ollie.



To fail a trick and be knocked to the ground. Generally painful.


Throwaway footage

Footage not used in the main story or for other reasons.



Posting old articles and images on SNS, etc.



Security guard. The natural enemy of skaters.


sex change

Performing a trick by changing stance midway through.

Also called body variance.


Sora Grind

Fakie 5-0 grind from front side overturn (Ss nose grind).

Sora Shirai is known for his killer tricks.


dark slide

A trick where you slide the board with the grip tape side down on handrails, ledges, etc.

It was invented by Caveman, and Rodney Mullen was the first to successfully complete it with no hands.



to go down the hill. San Francisco is famous for its steep streets, and Tommy Guerrero established this style in the 1980s.

Also called HILL BOMB.


tuck knee

A style where you hug your knees when making a grab.

There is an unwritten rule that a grab between the legs is known as a wack.


double side ledge

A ledge whose width is narrower than the wheel base.


double set

A staircase consisting of two sets with a landing in the center.

If there are three landings, it is called a TRIPLE SET.


Tamachi (TMC)

A mini skate park (attached to 3 on 3) next to a sewage treatment plant in Shibaura, Tokyo.

A street skating dojo exclusively for people who hit the tail. Susumu Okada and Junnosuke Yonezaka’s footage from the early 2000s elevated it to a world-famous spot.

The first owner was Minoru Morita, and the second owner was Masayoshi Imamura. Push transportation from the station to the park is prohibited by gentleman’s agreement between skaters.

If you can’t follow proper etiquette, please enjoy your time locally.



Coward. coward. Scared. People who only talk without putting it into practice.

It became popular after a quote from Biff in the movie Back to the Future.



Part of the nose or tail of the deck is damaged and comes off.


chinese ollie

A technique that lifts the board by hitting the wheel on the step. However, this is a discriminatory expression.



relaxed state. When you are relaxing or killing time.



Make mid-air grabs and twist your lower body in style.


day in the life

A video work that records a day in the life of a specific person. It became popular among skaters after the 411VM project.



A technique of rotating 180 degrees and placing the bottom of the deck on the lip. When it slides, it is also called a lip slide.


disco flip

Heel flip body variation.



It is a concrete waterway with slopes on both sides.



An abbreviation for a demonstration performed by a professional or talented skater.



A general term that refers to the entire object that performs the trick, rather than a specific section.



the end of the board. The literal translation is tail.


top sheet

The top part of the deck where you will apply the grip tape.



Nike SB’s skateboarding facility located in Tennozu, Shinagawa Ward.

There is no charge for skiing, it is open in all weather conditions, and there are plenty of sections.


dope sketch

Although it is sketchy, it is acceptable because its unique atmosphere is cool.

Since it is Japanese English (Janglish), it is unclear how well it is understood overseas.



A metal part that connects the board and wheels.



A general term that refers to shapes such as circles and lamps. Also called a tranny.



Movement from one terrain to another.

To exit by moving from the Fs side to the Bs side or from the Bs side to the Fs side on the W side terrain.


trick selection

How to choose tricks to practice. The choice will test your sense.


Tre Bomb

A very large treflip that has a high overall score of height, speed, and quality.

A specific example is Dylan Rieder’s treflip.

Dylan Rieder is also known for writing Tre-Bomb on the form he fills out when skating at Miyashita Park.


drop in

The act of entering a transition by adding a tail to the lip.



A word that refers to a wild, wonderful, and terrible state. Although it is generally a positive expression, it is sometimes used in a negative sense as well.


nine club

Earning 9 or more points in one trick in SLS (Street League Skateboarding).


The Nine Club

Talk show hosted by Chris Roberts and Roger Bagley.


natus spin

A trick where you hang the belly of the deck over the top of a fire hydrant, etc. and spin it.

Performed by Natas Kaupas in Streets on Fire (1989).


knee slide

If you fall during a transition, use the knee protector pad to slide off.


new school

New and advanced style. Used as an antonym of OLD SCHOOL.


nail slide

A trick where you slide with your nose and tail on the ledges and rails installed on both the front and back sides.

Nose + Tail = Nail.



The tip of a skateboard. Literally means “nose”.


nose blunt slide

A trick where you put your nose up and slide it forward. The original idea for this trick was Mark Gonzalez.



A technique that uses the principle of leverage to lift the board into the air by tapping the nose lightly.


high water pants

These pants have a very short hem above the ankles and have a slick style that will keep the pants from getting wet even if the pants get soaked with water (such as water from flooding on the floor).

This short length helped accentuate sneakers, skates, and socks, and it proliferated after the release of Supreme’s cherry.

Sean Pablo is considered an icon these days, but in the 1990s, Ed Templeton and others were pioneers.



A person who doesn’t live a life that suits him and is a bit of a pain.

People who run around in vain in search of empty fame. Fiction.


backside smith

Grind trick using the rear truck. Invented by Bart Rider Monty Nolder.

Among the many grind tricks, it is considered to be the most difficult.


backside nose blunt slide

A trick for very advanced players that involves standing your nose up and sliding backwards.


backside 180 nose grind

A backside 180 followed by a faky nose grind.

In Japan, the uninformed editorial staff of a skate magazine continued to mislabel it, and as a result, the mysterious trick name “Bs180 Nose Pick Grand” became established.

Backside 180 nose grind to be exact. once again. Backside 180 nose grind.



A ledge parallel to or descending from a staircase. The name comes from the famous San Francisco spot, Hava Hideout.


Hubba Hideout

A down ledge behind Justin Herman Plaza (commonly known as EMB) in San Francisco.

This is an iconic spot where great skaters from all over the world gathered and dramatically improved the level of down ledge skating.

It is so famous that all downledges around the world have come to be collectively known as “Havaledge.”

It is said that it first came to be called the “Havahideout” because crackheads used drugs in secret.



A term used to refer to police or state power.



A trick that rotates the deck horizontally.

The use of no-hands as “varial heel” or “varial flip” is considered incorrect.

Shavit is the one who can rotate the deck sideways without using his hands.



A large half-pipe with the top of the transition perpendicular to the ground.

It is also called “Birch” for short.


half cab

A technique to rotate 180 degrees from Fakie with Fs or Bs.

In the case of Nollie, it is not called a “half cab”, but is called Nollie Fs 180 or Nollie Bs180.

It is also the name of Steve Caballero’s signature model.


Barley Grind

Ss Smith grind from Fs 180. Donnie Varley’s diverse practice established this trick.


back to back

A word that refers to “continuity.” For example, it can be used to say “make a trick back to back.”



If there is an object behind you in the direction of travel (kerb, wall, rail, etc.). It is also abbreviated as Bs.


back three

Abbreviation for backside 360 ollie.

It was established as a cool trick by Matt Hensley and others in the late 1980s.



Sloped surface. This word is spelled the same as “bank”.



The part that connects the wheels of a truck. Refers to the part where you grind.


hand rail




A word that refers to extremely large or extremely difficult techniques.



An action that uses the knees during transition to increase speed.


hippie jump

A technique in which you jump from the deck while sliding on a skateboard, completely remove your feet, go over a rail or bar, and then return to the deck.

When it rotates 180 degrees, it is called Hippie 180 or Hippie Body Varial.

Some people refer to the 360 ollie as a hippie, but this is considered a unique usage.



It has a shape in which the banks and quarter pipes are arranged in the shape of a letter “ha”.

It also refers to the part where the lip protrudes from a bowl, etc.



It seems that he is able to perform tricks accurately and with a high degree of perfection.

A flip trick where the deck is perfectly caught at your feet.


video star

People make it seem like they are good at skating in videos and video works, but when you actually see them live, they don’t have that much skill.


Five O

About the police. American police code.

Same name as the trick name 5-0. If someone yells “Five-o!”, run or hide.


fire cracker

A technique to apply the tail during downsteer.



Fisheye lens image.



To go backwards.


fakie disaster

For some reason, gumchop has become popular in Japan.

A technique of hanging the bottom part of the deck from fakie with a lip such as R or ramp.


For One One

A skateboarding video magazine started in 1993 by Steve Douglas and Josh Friedberg.

By the way, 411 is the number of the American telephone assistance service (104 in Japan). With the meaning of obtaining “information,” the title uses numbers from telephone directory assistance.

We contribute to the skating community in a variety of ways, including featuring scenes from Japan and overseas, discovering unknown skaters, and more.


photo makeup

Makeup that cannot be captured in videos but looks great in photos.

Examples include putting one’s hands on the ground after putting on makeup, or riding a horse after putting on makeup.



Videos and clips. It is also used as evidence.



People who don’t contribute or give back, and who are less productive. Refers to people in the industry who do not contribute at all to the skating community.

It expresses barrenness and is synonymous with zako.


blind side

Rotate your body towards your back. It is mainly used when turning in nollies, and is called the “blind side” because it turns in a direction that cannot be seen.


flat spot

Only part of the wheel wears out.

In Japan, it is also called punk.


flat bar

parallel rails. This also includes items installed around town or in parks where there are no height restrictions.

It is also called flat rail in Japan.


front side

If there is an object in front of you in the direction of travel (kerb, wall, rail, etc.).

Also expressed as Fs.



To fly by using the force of the harsh radius without hitting the tail.



The act of rowing with your feet. Kick the ground with your hind legs in the direction of movement.



A skate park modeled after a street.



The part of a ramp or bank where a person stands.



The board is on its side and the truck’s accelerator is perpendicular to the ground.

This trick was invented by freestylers Primo and Diane Desaderio.

Being primo when attempting a flip trick can lead to embarrassing & painful results.



A word that refers to a video part or a preview screening of a completed video.

Also called the premiere show.


Pro/pro skater

There are various types of players, such as self-proclaimed professionals and tournament professionals, but according to global standards, they are people who have released signature models from deck companies and who pay taxes as a profession.



A word that refers to a certain amount of respect.



An empty mortar-shaped pool.



A skater who prefers a rough and fashionable skating style.

Mainly refers to white skaters of concrete type.



Stainless steel parts essential for wheel rotation.


base plate

The part that connects the truck deck.



A mortar-shaped pool made for skating.



The force of bouncing the tail and using the spring to jump into the air.



meaning of hollow. To reduce weight by hollowing out the center of a truck’s accelerator or kingpin.

May also apply to wheels.



People who only look good but can’t actually skate.



A trick where you grab the deck on the front side with your back hand in the direction of travel, then kick the ground with your front foot while keeping your back foot on the tail and jump up.

This trick was invented by Gary Scott Davis, also known as GSD, who was active in the 1980s.



It is marble and is a popular item among skaters. However, it’s not chocolate.


mac twist

A technique that adds forward vertical rotation to Bs 540.

This trick was invented by Mike McGill.



In the transition, the trick involves flying through the lip and turning 180 degrees to the front side, grabbing the nose with the front hand in the air, and simultaneously kicking the front leg backwards and slamming the tail into the coping.

Tony Hawk is the inventor.



Madonna’s no-glove version.


Miyashita Park Skate Park

Commonly known as Nike Park, located in Miyashita Park in Shibuya.

This skate park has a street course and a bowl, and is known as an urban oasis used by skaters from Japan and abroad.


mini lamp

A general term for relatively small half pipes.


mini run champ

An expression of disdain for people who are not good at street skating but only good at mini ramps.

Overseas, mini-ramp is a basic playground, so that skill is not appreciated.



A grab where you hold the knee of the front leg with the hand in front of you in the direction of travel.



A trick where you do a backside grab in the air and get bent over.


media incentives

Compensation paid by manufacturers and brands to riders as PR agency fees when they wear or use items with brand logos and are exposed to the media.

It is important to note that there is still a misconception that paper media is more important than video.


mongo push

A push method in which you kick the ground with your front foot in the direction of movement.


mall grab

How to hold the hanger part of a truck.

The name comes from the way the posers who gather at the mall hold their feet.


Yaesu Wall

A nearly vertical wall located at the Yaesu Exit of Tokyo Station. The narrow bank at the entrance and the Daimaru signboard on the wall are especially impressive.

This spot was one of the most popular skate spots in Tokyo from the 1980s to the 1990s.



Going inside using your hands (mainly front grab) is called yanking in, and moving outside using your hands is called yanking out.


Young Gun/Young Buck

A young skater who is attracting attention. An up-and-coming athlete with great momentum and a promising future.


riser pad

Item that changes the height of the track.



Performing multiple tricks in a row.

This concept is also called “ROUTINE” in Japan.


love park

A world-famous skate spot in Philadelphia.

It is a typical skate plaza, and the monument in the shape of LOVE is especially famous.

The first organizer was Roger Brown, and Ricky Oyola made LOVE widely known.



Jumping technique from deck to deck. A trick that involves setting up a spare deck in advance at the landing point and jumping from the top of the steering wheel.

It’s called that because Anthony Scaramere, aka Ragdoll, is good at it.



A plastic protector that attaches to the base plate and king pin of the tail side truck (rear truck).



Participation in a contest.


real skater

All skaters who truly enjoy skateboarding.



summary. Omnibus.



A skater who shows off his amazing skating skills.

The skeleton that appears in the opening of Powell Peralta’s skate video is also called “The Ripper.”


lick flip

Fakie big heels.

It was first performed by Rick Howard in 1990, and can be seen in Blockhead’s video “Adventures in Cheese.”



The top edge of the transition.


lip grip

A tape used primarily in the 80’s that was applied to the graphic surface of a deck to make it easier to grip the deck.

A favorite item during the jump ramp era.



Rotating the wheel 180 degrees while dragging the wheel after landing a trick.


regular stance

A skating stance where the left foot is in front of the direction of travel.



People who have contributed to the growth of the skate community and the evolution of skateboarding over the years.

Please note that this word is different from “elderly”.


reception man

People who always show up at skating and fashion related reception parties even though they aren’t invited.



Terrain used for block tricks, such as flower beds and benches.

Mainly taller than the armpit.


rail bar

A plastic bar that attaches to the ventral side of the board.

The rough terrain makes it easier to slide, and the graphics on the board are less likely to be scratched.


roast beef grub

This trick was invented by the late Jeff Grosso in the 1980s.

Pass your back hand between your legs and grab the heel side of the deck. Grosso himself called this trick “uncool.”

Lizzy Armant performs in honor of Grosso at the Tokyo Olympics women’s park qualifying.


roll in

To smoothly enter the transition from the platform without hitting the tail.


long lens

Refers to the image of the pull.



People who aren’t fashionable. An uncool person.



A soft substance that improves the sliding of ledges, rails, and copings.

It is usually a palm-sized solid. If you lend it to someone, you may not get it back.



A component that is sandwiched between the bearing, side nut, kingpin nut, and bushing, and adjusts them to prevent the nut from rotating.


whatsapp championship

A term used to refer to greetings that are casual and emotionless at joint exhibitions and event venues.



A trick that has already been successful in spots. Techniques that have already been successful in that area.



Abbreviation for backside tail slide performed with beautiful form.

Photogenic trick.



Abbreviation for Did Not Land. Those that post photos of unsuccessful landings.



Abbreviation for gangster.

A compliment used when very wonderful, very dangerous, very wonderful.



Abbreviation for Greatest of All Time. It means the greatest person in history.



Abbreviation for Never Been Done. This is my first trick that I haven’t succeeded in before.



Abbreviation for New Old School. Old school gear that is unused and like new. An important word for collectors.



Abbreviation for Original. Related to early skateboarding culture.



To be imitated by the police or authorities.



POSER OF THE YEAR. A non-honorary title given to the person who skated the least in a year or who looked like a skater.



Fresh skate style.



One of the slogans of Independent Trucks. The general idea is “use what’s best, and fuck everything else.”



Abbreviation for Skater of the Year. This prestigious title is chosen by Thrasher magazine every year and is given to the most successful skater of the year.



Opposite of No Skateboarding. The most positive phrase that completely affirms skateboarding.



At the end


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