boxing glossary


boxing glossary


Unlike boxing in the past, modern boxing is done at sports gyms and boxing gyms.

It is a sport that even ordinary people can enjoy while dieting and getting in shape.


So, now I don’t feel like boxing is something only professionals do.

Now is the time for both children and women to hit the boxing gym with mitts.

It no longer feels like a sport/martial arts only for people who want to get stronger.


From dieters to those who want to seriously start boxing,

For people who know nothing about boxing but want to enjoy watching a boxing match.

We have created a glossary of boxing terms that you must know.


I learned a lot about boxing terminology on this page.

Let’s enjoy watching boxing and diet boxing!

Even those who practice boxing will know what the basic attacks and foul acts in boxing are called!


What is outside position?

A position outside the opponent’s reach


What is Outboxer?

A fighter who specializes in outboxing

Attack while keeping a distance from the opponent. A tactic preferred by athletes with long reach and endurance.


What is outboxing?

A boxing fight style in which you fight while keeping your distance from your opponent.


What is aggressive?

About positivity. In boxing, aggressiveness is also a scoring criterion.


What is an uppercut?

One of the ways to throw a punch in boxing. A punch thrown by raising the arm from below to above.


What is upright style?

A stance with the upper body upright. This is a style often used by outboxers who fight at a distance.

A mindset that aims to score points efficiently. Not suitable for fighting with opponents at short range


What is Under the Year?

If you receive a shock to the area below your ear, your sense of balance will be impaired. It is not a foul hit but a valid hit.


What is Undisputed?

Words of praise for a player with undisputed ability


What is an inspector?

Refers to the official who checks the score and decides the match in a boxing match.


What is an interval?

1 minute rest period between rounds


What is Infight?

A boxing tactic/fighting style in which you fight at close range with your opponent.

Unlike outboxing, where you keep your distance, infighting approaches your opponent and attacks with hooks and uppercuts. Aggressive tactics or style


What is weaving?

A technique used to evade punches by swinging the body up and down and side to side to prevent the opponent from aiming.


What is the Eight Count System?

This refers to the system in which when a fighter goes down, in professional matches, the referee must count to eight even after the fighter stands up.

The referee will decide whether the fighter can continue the match during the 8 count.


What is an exhibition?

A match that is not official. Unofficial battles that are not officially recorded


What is elbow?

Hitting an opponent with your elbow; elbowing is a foul in boxing.


What is orthodox (orthodox style)?

A general stance in boxing where the left hand is held in front.


What is open blow?

A foul act in which players open their fingers inside the glove and hit the ball.


What is Guard?

Raise your arms defensively to prepare for an opponent’s punch

Receive (guard) your opponent’s punch with your arm


What is class?

A category that divides boxers by weight.


What is a counter?

Boxing attack technique of punching the opponent while dodging the opponent’s punches

A punch that takes advantage of the opponent’s forward attack/movement can also be used as a counter.


What is a count?

The act of a referee counting numbers when a player goes down.

Count one count every second. If the fighter does not get up after 10 counts, he will be knocked out.


What is countout?

A knockout is achieved 10 seconds after being knocked down.


What is Cutman?

A member of the second order who treats boxers’ wounds during a match.

The cutman’s role is to stop the player’s bleeding and cool down swelling on the player’s face.


What is a cup protector?

Protective equipment worn around the groin to reduce the impact when receiving blows (fouls) to the groin such as low blows


What is covering up?

A defense in which you cover your face and body with both arms and keep a firm guard to receive the opponent’s punches. Often used in a pinch


What is a biting dog?

In order to highlight a strong boxer, a boxer who is less skilled than that boxer is assigned to a match.


What is color line?

A term used to refer to the racial discrimination system that existed in the boxing world in the past, where white champions could refuse to fight black challengers. has now been abolished


What is a kangaroo cross?

A punch that uses the recoil of the rope to perform a cross counter while having your back against the rope.


What is abstention?

During the interval, if the second player or the player himself/herself determines that the match cannot continue, he/she may notify the referee that he/she is abandoning the match.

If a fighter withdraws, it will be recorded as a TKO (technical knockout).


What is kidney punch?

A punch aimed at the kidney area. It becomes a foul hit.


What is catch weight?

Refers to a match that is held at a weight agreed upon by both parties, rather than at a weight according to weight class.


What is a carrier

A boxer’s record and experience. Same meaning as commonly used carrier


What is Rest Throne?

Refers to a champion who is unable to compete for a long period of time due to injury or illness.

The current champion, who cannot compete for a certain period of time, will be placed on rest, and other players with higher rankings will compete against each other, and the winner will be recognized as the new champion.




What is the Queens Berry Rule?

Boxing rules established in England in the 19th century. The basis of current boxing rules


What is crouching style?

A style in which you lean forward (crouching). Also called fighter type, preferred by infighters.


What is Glass Joe?

Refers to an athlete with a weak jaw.

In reality, the strength of the bones is irrelevant, and it is used for athletes who will go down immediately if they are hit.

In Japan, it is also called the glass jaw.


What is a clean hit?

Refers to a punch that clearly hits the opponent with the knuckles.

In amateur boxing, clean hits are the scoring punches.


What is Green Boy?

Refers to an inexperienced fighter and is widely used in sports and martial arts other than boxing.

In the world of boxing, a fighter in the fourth round is called a green boy.


What is clinch?

The act of hugging someone to prevent them from punching you.

Although it is not a foul, points will be deducted if you clinch too many times.


What is a cross?

A strong blow fired from the dominant arm


What is cross counter?

Refers to a counter punch that is thrown over the opponent’s arm in time with the opponent’s punch.

The special punch of Joe Yabuki, the main character of the manga Ashita no Joe


What is Groky?

Refers to the state of being dizzy and on the verge of falling after receiving an opponent’s punch.

When a player becomes groggy, the referee intervenes between the players, as the situation is dangerous.

If it is determined that the match cannot continue, a TKO (technical knockout) will be taken to end the match.


What is lightweight?

Measure your weight before the match. In boxing, the rules are that matches are fought between fighters of different weights.

If you exceed your weight, you will be given the opportunity to re-weigh (depending on the degree of excess)

(If you fail to pass the re-weighing, you will be disqualified)


What is deduction?

Players who violate the rules, such as committing a foul during a match, will have their points deducted.


What is a corkscrew?

A punch thrown with a twist


What is a corner?

The four corners of a boxing ring where a boxing match is held are called corners.

In this corner, athletes rest between each round.

The second team is also sometimes called a corner (red corner or blue corner).


What is the public scoring system?

A system in which scores are made public during a match.


What is public sparring?

A sparring session that invites (publicizes) the media.


What is a gong?

A bell that is rung at the beginning and end of each round.

By the way, in professional boxing, a clap is sounded 10 seconds before the end of a round.


What is a combination?

Attacking by combining punches of different types, speeds, and strengths

Example) Right hook from left body. Left hook to right uppercut etc.


What is a circle ring?

Footwork that revolves around the jab to the left and right in a circular motion.


What is southpaw?

left-handed player. Or the stance of a left-handed player.


What is summing?

Rubbing someone’s eyes with the thumb of your glove. constitutes a foul act


What is the interim throne?

If the regular champion is unable to participate in the match for some reason, the top-ranked players will compete against each other to determine the interim champion.


What is Sandbag?

A vertical training tool used for training such as hitting and kicking in martial arts.

It can also refer to a state where you are unable to fight back and are attacked one-sidedly by your opponent. Terms used in everyday life


What is Gym Fighter?

A player who is strong in sparring but unable to perform outstandingly in matches.


What is shadow boxing?

A boxing practice in which you attack and defend while imagining your opponent without using any equipment.


What is a judge?

Referee who scores at ringside


What is a jab?

A straight punch that is thrown straight with the front hand.

Strike with emphasis on speed rather than power, and use it to keep the opponent in check.

It is often used to maintain distance from an advancing opponent or as a setup for the next power punch.


What is short punch?

punch at a short distance


What is short range?

Refers to the distance at which you are close enough to punch your opponent without having to fully extend your arms.


What is a switch?

Switching between right and left stance styles


What is Swayback?

A defensive technique that deflects the opponent’s punches backwards.


What is stropping?

Defense technique of blocking the opponent’s punch with gloves


What is straight?

A punch that is thrown straight with full force. It is an orthodox punch that is the basis of boxing.


What is sparring?

Practical training that simulates a match in the ring

To avoid injury or damage during sparring, headgear is usually worn.


What is slip down?

Falling down not due to an opponent’s blow, but due to slipping. Not judged as down


What is Slipping Away?

A defensive technique that reduces the power of the opponent’s punch by twisting the face in the same direction as the punch.


What is a second?

A team that supports the players during a match.

In addition to dispensing water and giving tactical instructions during intervals, the second team can also admit defeat and end the match by throwing in the towel when judged to be dangerous.


What is a time keeper?

A boxing match lasts 3 minutes per round, but it refers to the official who manages that time.

Other roles include showing the referee the number of counts in the event of a knockdown.

Responsible for adjusting times when matches are temporarily suspended.


What is down?

In boxing, the state of being knocked down by an opponent’s punch is expressed as a down.

A downed fighter must stand up within the count of 10 and prove to the referee in a fighting pose that he or she can continue the match, or he/she will lose by knockout.

By the way, intentionally knocking someone down is a foul act.


What is ducking?

A boxing defense technique in which you bend your upper body forward to avoid your opponent’s punches.


What is dancing?

Words to express impressive footwork


What is Chief Second?

person who commands the second team


What is a check hook?

Rotate your pivot foot against the advancing fighter and step back with your other foot.

An attack that releases a hook with the arm on the same side as the pivot foot. You can attack with a hook while pretending to dodge.


What is Chin?

About the chin. If you get hit in the chin, your brain will be shaken and you will lose your sense of balance.

The vital parts of the body in boxing.


What is technical knockout (TKO)?

If the referee determines that it is impossible to continue the match, the referee will declare it a KO and end the match even if the match is not knocked down.

If the towel is thrown by the second team, it will also be a technical knockout.


What is Ten Point Mast System?

One of the scoring methods for boxing matches, the ten-point must system is a rule that always gives 10 points to one side.


What is Temple?

The area near the temple of the head, which is one of the vital points of the human body like the jaw.

If you receive a blow attack on your temple or jaw, your brain will be shaken and you will likely go down.

If you want to punch the temple, train your hook!


What is trash talk?

The act of provoking an opponent before the start of a match. Trash talk is often used as a performance.


What is a draw?

About a draw. In boxing, a decision made when a match ends with both players tied on points.


What is a drawing back?

An advanced technique where you pull back your upper body, invite your opponent to attack, and aim for a counter. used for bargaining with opponents


What is a neutral corner?

Refers to two corners other than the red corner and blue corner

(A corner that is not assigned to either player in the match)

The downed player will wait in this neutral corner.

Also, wait here while the other person is being diagnosed by a doctor.


What is no contest?

An invalid match. Accidental fouls, spectator intrusion, doping violations, etc.

If the match cannot continue due to abnormal circumstances, it will be recorded as a no contest.


What is knockout? (KO)

If a fighter is knocked down and cannot get back up within 10 counts, it will be a knockout (KO) and the match will end with the fighter who knocked him down winning.

Also, in the case of the three-knockdown rule, if you are knocked down three times in one round, the match will end as a knockout (in the case of the two-knockdown rule, the match will end if you are knocked down twice in one round).


What is knockdown?

When a player falls down after receiving a punch, it is said to be down.

If the referee does not determine that the fight can continue after the count of 10, the match will end and the person who knocked him down will win by KO.


What is a hard puncher?

A boxer with powerful punching power is called a hard puncher in the boxing world.


What is parling?

A defensive technique in boxing that involves deflecting and parrying your opponent’s punches.

Effective against jabs and straights fired in a straight trajectory


What is Pound for Pound?

A ranking that compares players from different weight classes.


What is batting?

A foul act that involves attacking an opponent with the head, shoulders, elbows, etc. Points will be deducted

If the ball hits due to force majeure, the batting will not be taken.


What is Punch Drunker?

Abnormalities in the brain and nervous system that result in brain damage. or a state in which such symptoms are observed

As with all martial arts, boxing is also a sport/combat sport that involves blows to the head, so it is prone to punch-drunk and damage to the optic nerve.


What is a punching ball?

A ball that is hung from the ceiling and is one of the training equipment for boxing.

Punching balls are used to train the feel and rhythm of punching.

It is also used in fitness, but it is difficult to try, but it is fun when you can do it well.


What is bandage?

Gauze or medical tape that athletes wrap around their hands to protect their fists and wrist bones.


What is Peekaboo Defense?

Peek-a-boo defense is a defensive method in which you place your arms in front of your face and firmly guard your face. Use your elbows to protect your body

This is the defensive style used by Mike Tyson.


What is hit and away?

A tactic in which you repeatedly punch your opponent and then move out of range before your opponent can counterattack.

Footwork is important


What is video judgment?

Use video to reconfirm actions that the referee was unable to confirm.


What is a fighter?

A boxer who prefers an aggressive style of coming forward and fighting.

Shorter players are more likely to evade the opponent’s punches and sneak into the opponent’s pocket.


What is fighting pose?

A posture used to show a fighting stance

The fighting pose is also a stance to show that you can continue the match after being knocked down.


What is a feint?

Punches and body movements used for tactics to intimidate or deceive an opponent


What is follow through?

refers to stopping the punch


What is a hook?

A punch that swings the arm from the side and hits the opponent’s side.


What is footwork?

The movement of one’s feet, such as moving one’s body to a position where it is easier to punch or a position where it is difficult for the opponent to counterattack.


What is flashdown?

Used when you are knocked down but there is little damage

This usually occurs when a loss of balance causes a fall.

According to the rules, it is treated the same as down.


What is Flicker Jab?

A jab that is fired by bending the arm from below and creating a snap with the arm lowered.

It is difficult to defend because the trajectory is different from a normal jab, and if normal jabs are mixed in, it will throw off the rhythm.

Because the jab is fired by lowering the arm, athletes who flicker tend to neglect the defensive aspect of their face.


What is a break?

The referee separates both players. used to stop a clinch


What is blocking?

Blocking (defense) technology. or refers to the defense itself


What is a promoter?

A promoter who hosts boxing matches


What is Bare Knuckle?

Boxing with bare hands, without gloves


What is sticky foot?

Refers to the state in which the entire sole of the foot is on the ring canvas.

His footwork is bad, but when it comes to punching, he has to hold his feet and his feet are steady.


What is Hometown Decision?

Refers to judges and scorers who favor local players.

Same as hometown decision used in other sports


What is a box?

In addition to meaning a box, the word box can also be used to mean punching.

It is also the origin of the name of the sport and martial art boxing.


What is a body blow?

A punch thrown toward the opponent’s abdomen

Damage to the body accumulates easily and is difficult to recover from.

If your body receives a strong punch from a hard puncher, your ribs may crack or break.


What is a mouthpiece?

Protective equipment worn inside the mouth to prevent injuries to the oral cavity. Must be worn at all boxing matches

Protective gear used in all martial arts and sports other than boxing, where it is permissible to attack the face.


What is mass boxing?

Sparring that is performed without stopping or using force.


What is matchmaking?

Make a match. In other words, to form a match with your opponent.

It is also a general term used in a wide range of sports and martial arts other than boxing.


What is mitt hitting?

One of the basic boxing exercises

Practice punching at the trainer’s mitt

This will help you train for combinations and hitting the right place to punch.




What is middle range?

intermediate distance

The distance is between short range and long range, and refers to the distance where a straight punch can reach the opponent.


What is a medicine ball?

A heavy ball made of leather or rubber used to train the abdominal muscles.

It weighs about 4kg to 7kg and is dropped onto the abdomen of the player who is lying down.


What is Rabbit Punch?

A punch that hits the back of the opponent’s head. One of the foul strikes in boxing


What is lead blow?

Refers to the first punch when performing a combination punch such as a jab.


What is a ring?

A place for boxing matches. Used in various martial arts other than boxing, such as professional wrestling


What is a ring name?

A name given to a fighter in addition to their real name.


What is a lever?

Refers to the liver. One of the vital points of the human body


What is a referee?

Refers to the chief referee among referees.


What is loaducking?

Ducking is the act of bending down below the opponent’s waist. One of the foul acts in boxing


What is road work?

One of the boxing trainings, running outside is called road work in boxing.

In preparation for a match, I sometimes perform road work by repeatedly sprinting and jogging for three minutes.


What is rope work (jumping rope)?

One of the basic training methods for boxing

Practice quickly jumping rope to develop a sense of rhythm

You can train not only your rhythm, but also your core, leg strength, and endurance.


What is low blow?

Refers to a punch below trunks. It becomes a foul hit.


What is long range?

About long distance. This refers to the distance at which a punch cannot land unless you step in.


What is Vaseline?

A cream applied to the face to prevent bleeding from the skin caused by punches.


What is one-two?

After a jab, immediately throw a straight punch with the opposite arm.

This is a basic boxing combination.



At the end



Did you like the boxing glossary we introduced this time?

From basic terms that boxing fans should know.

It includes terms that even boxers don’t know, so I’m sure you’ll learn a lot.


Boxing is a very exciting sport and martial art.

It’s almost a martial arts-like sport where you punch people in the face.

Not everyone can easily aspire to become a professional.


Also, just being good at fighting doesn’t make you a professional boxer.

Nowadays, any sport or martial arts

We live in an era where high ethical standards are required of people who are considered professionals and appear on television.


If you want to become a professional boxer, you don’t just have to get good at boxing.

Please train yourself mentally and aim to become a person who is respected by others.


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