Soft tennis glossary


Soft tennis glossary



The sport of soft tennis is quite deep.

Stroke techniques that catch the ball in a variety of ways, tactics that move based on predicting where the opponent will hit the ball, etc.

It is a very exciting ball game for both players and viewers.


I think there is a strong impression that soft tennis is tennis that uses a soft ball.

When you become a first-class player, you will be able to dynamically hit volleys at great speed, which is very impressive.

It’s a soft ball so it doesn’t hurt when it hits you, but it still hurts when it hits your face ^^;


This time, we have collected terms that are often used in soft tennis and that you should know.

If you want to know soft tennis terminology, please check it out!


What is out?

The ball going outside the line (outside the court). If the ball goes out, it will not be recognized as a point and the point will be lost to the player who hit the ball.


What is an outdoor court?

About an outdoor court. In soft tennis, the ball is light, so on windy days the ball is easily blown away by the wind.


What is an attack?

Hitting a strong, aggressive ball toward an opponent near the net that the opponent cannot return.


What is Atsushi Rake?

Refers to a racket with thick sides. It is said that the ball has excellent rebound properties.


What is Advantage?

After a deuce, the referee calls an advantage after one player has gained one point.

Same as tennis advantage


What is an approach shot?

an aggressive shot taken to advance towards the net


What is undercut (undercut serve)?

A serve that cuts and hits the ball with a low hitting point. Often used as a first serve


What is understroke?

A hitting method in which the tip of the racket is lowered and the ball is scooped up from below.


What is Anzuker (Anzuker coat)?

One of the clay courts where soft tennis is played. Also called red clay


What is an umpire?

About the referee


What is irregular (irregular bound)?

A bounce in which the ball bounces in an unpredictable direction.

Often occurs when hit by a small stone, etc.


What is Inter-High?

National High School Comprehensive Athletic Meet. My high school soft tennis club aims to compete in the Inter-High School.

Aim for Inter-High!


What is an indoor tournament?

A competition held in a gymnasium or indoors


What is an indoor court?

A court installed in a gymnasium or indoors.


What is impact?

The moment the ball hits the racket is called impact.

In addition to soft tennis, it is also used in all sports that involve hitting a ball against a bat-shaped object.


What is in-play?

A state in which play continues. Opposite is out of play


What is Ace?

Refers to a shot so powerful that the opponent cannot touch it.

Or it refers to the strongest player/pair on the team.


What is a watch?

The act of not taking the ball hit by the opponent and missing it. Used when judged to be out. Also called judge


What is Overnet?

The racket goes over the net. If you go over the net, you will concede a point.


What is overhead?

Refers to the hitting method and ball hitting strongly from above the head.

Example → smash, service, etc.


What is Omni (Omni Court)?

One of the courts used for soft tennis, covered with artificial grass filled with sand.

Irregular bounces are likely to occur if small pebbles are mixed in.


What is an all weather coat?

A court that allows games to be played in any weather


What is all-round?

Ability to perform any play in soft tennis


What is on-the-line?

When the ball falls on the line of the court, it is called on-the-line.

It is recognized as a valid batted ball, so it is a point.


What is shadow motion?

A technique in which a partner uses their body to block the other pair’s line of sight.

Also called screen play


What is a cut?

To hit the ball in a cutting manner. Strong rotation is applied to the ball


What is gut?

About strings


What is cut serve?

A serve that hits the ball in a cutting motion, applying side spin or reverse rotation.

Often used as a second serve


What is Gankojin?

A doubles formation


What is Carrie?

The ball coming to rest on the racket. Conceding a point


What is a groundstroke?

The action from setting up a bouncing ball to finishing hitting it.

In soft tennis and tennis, the action of hitting a bouncing ball is called a stroke.


What is a grip?

The part that holds the racket. Or how to hold the racket.


What is clay court?

One of the courts where soft tennis is played. A coat made of a mixture of fine sand and clay.


What is a cross?

Hitting the ball diagonally across the court

A meeting on the right side is called a forward cross rally, and a meeting on the left side is called a reverse cross rally (the names are called forward and reverse because most players are right-handed).


What is a course?

Refers to the direction in which the ball flies.

straight course, cross course etc.


What is court manners?

Refers to manners (attitude, manners, etiquette) on the court.

If you have bad manners, the referee will give you a warning.


What is a call?

A call is when the official referee informs the players of points, fouls, etc.

Example) Advantage, score, etc.


What is a rearguard?

Basically, a player who specializes in playing near the baseline (at the back of the court).

Also called baseline player or baseliner.


What is a collection?

When the referee makes a mistake in a call or count, the caller makes a correction call.


What is consolation match?

The repechage match is called a consolation match.


What is concentration?

About spiritual unity.

If you increase your concentration just before serving and concentrate on your serve, you will get better results!


What is conditioning?

Regarding your mental and physical condition: Make sure you are in good condition before the match.


What is control (ball control)?

This refers to ball control, and players with high control are able to hit the soft tennis ball on the desired course.


What is a combination?

Collaboration and teamwork with pair partners


What is service?

The first shot at the beginning of a rally. Also called serve

One service failure is allowed, and the first serve is a powerful serve, but

If I miss the first shot, I often try to hit the second shot safely into the court.


What is Service Ace?

A powerful serve that resulted in a point when the opponent was unable to return the ball.


What is a surface?

The surface of the court is called the surface.

If the court is rough, it is sometimes said that the surface is rough (bad).


What is serve?

About service. The first shot that starts the rally

One failure is allowed, but two failures will result in points for the opponent.


What is sign play?

In doubles, a play in which two players send signals.


What is shoot ball?

A fast ball that flies in a straight line is called a shot ball (note that this is different from a baseball shot)


What is a shot?

Hitting the ball is referred to as a shot in soft tennis.


What is horizontal batting method?

Refers to a groundstroke that is hit from waist height to chest height. Basic strokes in tennis.

Also called side stroke or level swing


What is swing?

swinging a racket. Same as a baseball or golf swing


What is swing volley?

A volley shot by swinging the racket


What is Sweet Spot?

The center of the racket is called the sweet spot. Area with strong repulsive force


What is screen play?

Also called shadow motion, a play in doubles where you use your body to make your teammate’s movements invisible to your opponent.


What is stance?

The stance such as the position of the feet when hitting the ball


What is stand play?

A flashy play performed to excite the audience


What is stop volley?

A volley that does not add speed to the ball, but rather kills its momentum by volleying lightly and dropping it small at the edge of the net.


What is string tension?

The strength of the string tension is called string tension.


What is straight?

along the side lines of the court or a ball that flies along the side lines of the court

The opposite is a cross


What is a straight pouch?

In soft tennis, volleying by interrupting a straight strike is called a straight pouch.


What is a stroke?

The overall action of hitting the ball is called a stroke.


What is snap?

Refers to the way the wrist is turned and how it is used.


What is spin?

The rotation of the ball is called spin. There are topspin, underspin, sidespin, etc.

Often hits with strong spin when serving


What is Smash?

To shoot the ball into the opponent’s court as if hitting it from above.

It feels good when you land a smash!


What is a slice?

A ball with underspin is called a slice.


What is slice serve?

A serve that rotates to the right. When it bounces, it bounces a lot to the left.


What is through?

The ball falling through the net and into the opponent’s court. Since it hit the net, the player who hit it lost a point.


What is theory play?

A standard play is called a theory.

center theory, cross court theory etc.


What is avant-garde?

A player who specializes in playing near the net.

Also called net player or netman


What is center theory?

How to fight by aiming for the deep center of the opponent’s court


What is touch?

A foul if your racket or body touches the referee’s table or umpire during play. Conceding a point


What is double fault?

Failure of service twice in a row. Conceding a point


What is double rear guard?

In doubles, both players play near the baseline (at the back of the court)


What is team competition?

A game method in which two or more teams form a team and compete against each other.


What is change size?

A call ordering an exchange of serve with an opponent


What is a chip?

The ball touching the frame of the racket.


What is medium lob?

A lob that is between a shot ball and a lob. attack and hit the ball quickly


What is Twist?

an extremely short ball


What is twist serve?

A serve with a strong forward rotation. One of the overhead serves


What is Two More?

The umpire’s call when the first serve was let.


What is takeback?

The action of pulling the racket back to hit the ball


What is a dead zone?

Refers to the blind spot, or the zone between the service line and the baseline.


What is deuce?

A situation in which both sides have 3 points each resulting in a tie. After the deuce, the game continues until one player scores two points in a row.


What is a tournament match?

It’s about a knockout match. It’s a one-shot match, so upsets can happen!


What is toss?

Raising the ball during service is called a toss.


What is top hitting method (top hitting)?

Hitting the ball at a high point during a groundstroke


What is top stroke?

One of the groundstroke hitting techniques, raising the tip of the racket and hitting the ball from a high point of impact.


What is topspin?

A forward rotation in which the ball rotates in the direction of travel.


What is topspin serve?

A serve with topspin, also called a top slice serve.


What is a drive?

Hitting the ball with force while applying forward rotation to the ball


What is Tribble?

If your racket touches the ball more than once, you will be charged with dribbling and lose a point.


What is a drop shot?

A shot that applies reverse rotation to the ball. It’s best to drop it near the net.


What is a draw?

How to combine matches


What is NetIn?

When a ball passes the top of the net and enters the opponent’s court, it is called a net-in.


What is Netover?

Racket or body going over the net during play. Foul


What is Net Touch?

A player’s body or racket touching the net during play. Foul


What is net play?

A general term for plays made by forward players near the net.


What is no count?

If an accident or accident occurs, restarting from the first service without scoring points.


What is hard court?

A court made of concrete or asphalt


What is a half volley?

In soft tennis, hitting the ball with a short bounce is called a half volley.


What is a half lob (half lob/medium lob)?

A medium lob is a type of lob that is between a shot ball and a lob. attack and hit the ball quickly


What is high volley?

A volley hit from a position higher than the shoulder.


What is a back coat?

The zone between the service line and the baseline


What is backswing?

pulling the racket backwards when swinging


What is a backhand?

The side opposite to your dominant hand. Or hitting the ball with your dominant hand and the side that will be judged.


What is passing?

The ball passing past the left and right sides of the net players. Also called path


What is finish?

The end of swinging a racket is called a finish.


What is feint motion?

An action used to deceive or control another person

Also simply called a feint


What is a formation?

Doubles formations (wild geese formation, parallel formation, etc.)


What is a fault?

to fail to serve

If you fail twice, it will be a double fault and the server will lose a point.


What is a forehand?

Swinging the racket with your dominant hand and hitting the ball


What is a follow?

Returning the opponent’s decisive ball

For example, returning the ball to a volley or smash is often called a follow.


What is follow through?

The movement of the racket after impact is called “follow” in soft tennis.


What is forward swing?

Moving the racket forward from the backswing is called the forward swing.


What is footwork?

The movement of the feet is called footwork. Athletes with good footwork are strong in rallies!


What is a foot fault?

Stepping on the line when serving. Foul


What is flat?

When the ball hits the racket perpendicularly, it is called flat.


What is a flat shot (flat hitting method)?

To hit the ball flat and without spin (shot)


What is a placement?

refers to ball control


What is parallel team?

A doubles formation. There are two types: net parallel formation and baseline parallel formation.


What is a pouch (intercept)?

In doubles, hitting your partner’s ball between them (intercepting)


What is a position?

the position of the player


What is body touch?

A foul if the ball touches your body while in play. Conceding a point


What is volley?

A volley is when you hit an opponent’s ball without bounds. The forward can hit volleys frequently.


What is pompom (volley volley)?

Practice of hitting the ball without bounds


What is rising (rising stroke. rising ball)?

A ball that is bouncing and rising

Hitting the ball while rising is called a rising stroke.


What is a linesman?

The linesman who judges the ball near the line is called a linesman.


What is Larry?

hitting the ball

He who controls the rally controls the game!


What is random hitting?

Practice of hitting ground strokes


What is a league?

It’s about a round-robin battle. Compete for winning percentage


What is Reach?

The range within which a player holding a racket can reach the ball.

The longer the reach, the more advantageous!


What is return?

To return the ball to the opponent’s court

If you return the opponent’s serve and score a point, it is called a return ace.


What is reverse (reverse serve)?

to reverse. or turning to the left (reverse serve)


What is receive?

In soft tennis, hitting back the opponent’s serve is called receiving.


What is Rhett?

About redoing the service


What is Rob (Robing)?

A loose shot that follows a high parabola and hits the back of the court over the opponent’s head


What is low volley?

Volleying a low ball is called a low volley.


What is One More (One More Service)?

A call made by the referee when the second serve is let.

can serve again


At the end



How did you like the soft tennis glossary?

There were a lot of terms that were slightly different from hard tennis.

Please feel free to use the soft tennis terms introduced on this page.

Get addicted to soft tennis

It’s a lifelong sport that can be enjoyed by everyone, young and old.

I’m sure it will enrich your life!




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