Interesting volleyball practice (even two people or elementary school students can do it!)

The only way to get better at volleyball is to practice by touching the ball! …is the basics.

It’s boring if you just practice the same thing every day.


This time, we will introduce some interesting volleyball exercises to increase your motivation for volleyball practice.

The exercises introduced here can be done by elementary school students, and we also introduce exercises that can be done by two people as independent practice.

Even if you are new to volleyball, feel free to start using your favorite practice method.





interesting volleyball practice


Practice pancakes and rotational receiving using a towel

Do you know the volleyball technique called spinning receive?

Japanese women’s volleyball was nicknamed the Witch of the East due to technology developed in Japan.

After jumping in and receiving, you can rotate your body and get up quickly.

This is a technique that allows you to move quickly to the next action.


The following is how to practice pancakes (diving and receiving) and rotational receiving using a towel.

① Two people stand in front of each other holding both ends of the towel.

② The person jumping in lowers his or her hips, and the other person pulls the towel behind him on either his left or right side.

③ The person on the diving side uses the momentum of the towel being pulled to slide in the direction of the towel being pulled (if practicing spinning receive, jump while spinning).

③ Get up quickly after jumping in


This exercise is done by two people. I recommend trying it because it’s fun and will make you smile.



Practice underhand passes using a cutting board


This is an underhand pass practice using a cutting board.


A person practicing an underhand pass holds a cutting board vertically with both arms.

This is a practice where you have the ball thrown to you and you receive it on a cutting board.

The person receiving the ball lowers their hips and uses the strength of their whole body to return the ball.


Practicing undercuts using a cutting board is a practice for remembering not to swing your arms when undercutting.

Since I am holding a cutting board, it will be physically difficult to swing my arms.

When receiving the ball on a chopping block, it will inevitably be in the form of an underhand pass without swinging the arm.



Toss shot towards the basketball goal


The next thing I’ll introduce is a practice of tossing and shooting toward the basketball goal.

This will help you practice tossing accurately to the desired location and height.


This exercise is a fun way to count points and compete with two or more people.


For people with weak physical strength, such as elementary school students, there are other ways to do this, such as tossing the ball into a basket.




blindfold volleyball


By playing volleyball blindfolded, players learn to rely on senses other than vision.

This improves your hearing and sensory acuity, training your ability to sense the position of the ball and the movements of your opponent.


Here’s how to do it:

Players work in pairs, with one player playing blindfolded and the other providing support by calling out to them.

Things like “Right right! Front! Back!”


This exercise may be a little difficult, but you can expect it to greatly improve your teamwork and communication skills.



Reversal serve practice

Unlike regular serve practice, the players stand on opposite sides of the court and serve with their backs turned.

This practice not only improves the accuracy and power of the serve, but also develops players’ adaptability by seeing the game from a different perspective.







Interesting volleyball practice for elementary school students


Many elementary school students are likely beginners who have just started playing volleyball.

If you are new to volleyball, rather than doing difficult exercises such as quick

Practicing the basic techniques of volleyball with correct form is the quickest way to improve.


The next practice method I will introduce is independent practice, which is relatively orthodox in volleyball.


direct toss

Direct toss is a practice in which one person continues to raise the ball almost directly overhead.

It can be underhand or overhand. Keep raising the ball straight up with a “pop-pom-pom”

The key points to be aware of are the shape of your hands, arms, and body as you raise them.

Make sure to be aware of your form and make a direct toss.


wall hitting

Wall hitting is a practice where you attack the ball against a wall, and you can also do this by yourself.

This is an orthodox voluntary practice method for volleyball, where you will practice accurately swinging your attack on the moving ball and making sure to hit the ball firmly.

If you are not good at overserving or attacking well, practice hitting the ball accurately by hitting the wall.


Zombie volleyball

For this exercise, we will divide the court into two: Survivors and Zombies.

“Survivor” is played normally, Zombie is played only using one hand.

If a survivor drops the ball, they become a zombie, and if a zombie scores a point, they become a survivor again.

This game develops players’ adaptability and creativity through playing under restricted conditions.



Volleyball “Shogi”

Players can only move on a chessboard-like court according to certain rules (for example, the forward can move two squares forward and one square horizontally).

This exercise helps players understand the importance of strategic thinking and positioning.

Furthermore, by making movements that are different from normal, you can also discover new play styles.


volleyball quiz

During practice, the coach suddenly blows the whistle and calls for quiz time.

Players must answer volleyball-related quizzes, earning points for correct answers and penalties for incorrect answers.

This method deepens the players’ knowledge of volleyball and at the same time develops their ability to make calm decisions under pressure.



At the end



Did you like the volleyball practice method introduced this time?


If you keep practicing the same thing, you will get bored and the players will not be motivated.


Sometimes it’s good to do some interesting exercises to refresh your mood!


I sincerely hope that you will improve your volleyball skills.


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