Who is suitable as a volleyball libero?

Characteristics of people suitable for liberos


The libero position in volleyball plays an important role, specializing in the team’s defense.

People who are suitable as liberos generally have the following characteristics and skills.


excellent defensive technique

As the last line of defense for the team, the libero must have extremely high skill in serve receiving and digging (the technique of receiving the opponent’s attack before it hits the floor).

The ability to stably handle powerful spikes and serves is required.


quick reaction speed and judgment

During a match, the libero must constantly anticipate the opponent’s attack pattern and move to the optimal position.

Therefore, quick reaction speed and accurate judgment are required.


physical strength and endurance

The libero moves around the court vigorously during the game. Therefore, high physical strength and stamina are required, and tireless stamina is essential.


communication ability

The libero also plays the role of leading the team’s defense.

Excellent communication skills are required to smoothly collaborate with teammates.

You can boost team morale by giving direction to your teammates and providing positive feedback.


high concentration

During a game, liberos must always pay attention to the movement of the ball and opponent players.

By maintaining a high level of concentration, you can quickly respond to unexpected attacks.


positive mindset

Libero, a position that specializes in defense, can sometimes make mistakes that directly lead to the team losing points.

Therefore, a positive mindset is required to quickly recover from mistakes and focus on the next play.



People who are suitable as liberos often have these characteristics. Liberos can be said to be extremely valuable players in volleyball because they can support the team’s defense and change the flow of the game.



It is advantageous for liberos to be short.


Although height is not necessarily a determining factor in the libero position, there are some aspects where being short can be an advantage.

The libero is the team’s defensive specialist position, and must be excellent at serve receiving and digging (the technique of receiving the opponent’s attack before it hits the floor).

Here we will explain why being short is considered an advantage for liberos.


*In addition to the benefits, being short also has the disadvantage of shortening the reach of your arms.


close to the ground

Shorter players are naturally closer to the ground, making it easier to move and react quickly from a low position.

This improves your ability to accurately handle the ball with quick reactions.


stable receive

A low center of gravity provides a sense of stability, especially when receiving from powerful serves or spikes.

Movement from a position closer to the ground makes it easier to handle the ball consistently, increasing reception accuracy.


ease of movement

Shorter athletes often have greater agility and speed of movement.

The ability to move quickly around the court and respond to a wide range of balls is very important for a libero.


Recovery is quick

Shorter athletes tend to change their position and recover faster, and once they hit the ground, it takes less time for them to start moving again.

This works to your advantage when responding to consecutive plays on defense.


However, despite these advantages, the most important things for a libero are technique, reaction speed, game understanding, and communication skills.

Some liberos are tall and some are short. In fact, many high-level volleyball teams value a player’s skill and fit for the team more than height.

In conclusion, being short can provide certain advantages in the libero position, but success depends largely on the player’s skill set, tactical understanding, and role within the team.



If you are short, you may want to switch to being a setter.



Height is not necessarily a determining factor of success for volleyball setters.

The role of a setter is a position where technical and tactical skills are extremely important, such as orchestrating attacks, distributing the ball, and maintaining the team’s rhythm.

The following abilities are more important than height:


technique and accuracy

The most important thing for a setter is the ability to make an accurate toss in any situation. High skill and precision are required to allow your teammates to attack optimally.


tactical understanding

As the team’s commander, the setter must read the flow of the game and choose tactics to break down the opponent’s defense. This requires the ability to quickly understand the match situation and make appropriate decisions.



The ability to communicate with teammates is also essential for a setter. By adjusting your team’s attack patterns and building trust with your players, you will be able to attack effectively.


Flexibility and reaction speed

Setters must be flexible and have high reaction speed to adapt to constantly changing match situations.

The ability to move quickly and make appropriate plays is required depending on the position of the ball and the movement of the opponent.


Defense ability

They participate not only in attack but also in defense, so defensive techniques such as blocking and digging are also important.

Although height may be an advantage in blocking, the setter’s main role is to set up the attack.



A setter who is tall can give his team an advantage with the height of his powerful spikes and blocks when participating in the attack, but even if he is of average height or below, he does not have the above skills. It is possible to play at a high level.

Throughout history, great setters have ranged in height, and their success has been more about technique, tactical understanding, and mental strength than height.





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The libero does not participate in the attack and is often thought of as a simple defensive position.

The way the audience gets excited when the libero receives the opponent’s strong spike is amazing!

Looking at All Japan Volleyball players, just because they specialize in defense doesn’t mean they can’t make flashy plays.


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