football(soccer) glossary


football(soccer) glossary



Soccer is a super popular sport with the most players and fans in the world.

Continuing to evolve day by day


Many new tactics and new terms have been created.

Nowadays, people who talk about loss time have become old-fashioned.


For those who play soccer, those who are about to start playing soccer, and those who want to enjoy watching soccer games.

Learn the basic soccer terms written here and enjoy soccer even more

It’s a super major sport, so it might be a little embarrassing if you don’t know the terms and rules ^^;


What is eye contact?

Encouraging communication between players by making eye contact during a match


What is away?

A match played at the enemy team’s home base

A match played at your team’s home base is called a home match, as opposed to an away match.


What is out of play?

A situation in which the ball is completely out of the field and play is stopped.

The opposite of out of play is in play.


What is an outside kick?

A kick that is kicked with the outside of the foot, and is used when kicking the ball relatively close because it is difficult to apply force.


What is an outside front kick?

A kick that is kicked with the outside of the instep of the foot, allowing you to easily apply force and kick a strong ball.


What does it mean to rise?

Refers to moving the positions of midfielders and defenders closer to the front line.


What does it mean to raise?

About centering


What is assist?

The last pass or bus that resulted in a score.


What is agility?

Agility (ability to make quick movements)


What does it mean to win?

When defending, hitting an opposing player who has the ball with your body, such as by tackling.


What is additional time?

Formerly known as loss time

The time the referee measures wasted time due to fouls, substitutions, etc., and adds it to the first half and second half of the game after the regular game time.


What is Advantage?

Even if a foul is committed by an opponent during a match, the referee does not call the foul and continues the match.

When it would be more advantageous for the attacking side (the side receiving the foul) to commit a foul and not stop the play than to commit a foul, do not intentionally commit a foul considering the advantage.


What is the approach?

approaching the player with the ball


What is early cross?

A cross ball aimed early between the defensive line and the goalkeeper from a shallow position.

Many aim for an early cross before the defender can return.


What is a yellow card?

A warning card issued to a player who commits a serious foul.

If a player receives two yellow cards in one match, a red card will be issued and he will be sent off.

Depending on the league or competition, the number of yellow cards received may be added up, which affects more than just the match.


What does it mean to put in?

To send the ball to the center, such as in front of the goal, when attacking.


What is an inside kick?

A kick made with the inside of the foot. Easy to control, but difficult to kick the ball with force

Used when passing relatively close or when aiming accurately and shooting near the goal.


What is drinking time?

Water supply time held as part of heatstroke prevention. Time is 30 seconds to 1 minute


What is an instep kick?

A kick made with the top of the foot. It is easy to kick a strong ball with a lot of force, but it is difficult to control the ball.


What is intercept?

To cut (take away) an opponent’s pass before it passes.


What is intensity?

high intensity play


What is in-play?

A state in which a play is being made (the opposite of in-play is out-play)


What is even?

When used during a match, it means 50-50.

When used after a match, it means a draw.


What is Wing?

player playing on the side


What is the back?

space between defender and goalkeeper

If the forward moves to get behind the opponent’s defender and matches the teammate’s through ball, it is likely to lead to a score.


What is Escort Kids?

Children who enter the field holding hands with the players when entering the field.


What is an end?

against the half line drawn in the center of the field

When distinguishing between your own side and the enemy’s side, they are called ally end and opponent’s end.


What is Eguru?

Dribbling from the side into the center


What is Ace Striker?

An offensive player who is the pillar of the team. In many cases, one of the players in the forward position is called the ace striker.


What is an own goal?

A teammate puts the ball into his own team’s goal.


What is a decoy?

A movement by a player not in possession of the ball to attract a defender to open up a passing, shooting, or dribbling course for a teammate in possession of the ball.


What is offside?

One of the fouls in soccer

If the ball is received in the space between the opponent’s goalkeeper and the player closest to the opponent’s goal, it will be considered offside.

Rules established to prohibit ambushes


What is off the ball?

Players who don’t have the ball

In soccer, you need to move around even when you are off the ball in order to act as a decoy or receive a pass in a good position.


What is obstruction?

A foul act that obstructs the path of a player who does not have the ball.


What is an overhead kick?

kicking a ball in the air behind you by raising your foot above your head

kick while spinning upside down


What is overlap?

The act of a defender going to the front line and participating in the attack of an allied team.


What is open space?

A space where no players are present


What is a counter?

Immediately attacking the opponent’s goal after stealing the ball from the opposing team who is in an attacking position.


What is covering?

A defensive move

Refers to the movement of standing behind a player in case a teammate who approaches an opponent is overtaken, or the movement of moving to a space where no teammate is present to fill that space.


What is an indirect free kick?

Refers to a free kick in which a goal cannot be conceded until a player other than the kicker touches the ball.


What is kickoff?

A kick taken within the center mark at the start of a match.


What is a kick feint?

A feint in which a pass or dribble is pretended to be a kick.


What is Killer Pass?

A pass made at the last minute when it is uncertain whether it will connect reliably.


What is the opposite side?

The side opposite the player in possession of the ball


What is Keep?

Hold the ball so that it cannot be stolen by your opponent. Move on to the next development while a teammate keeps possession of the ball


What is a grounder?

A ball that is kicked without letting it float

Often refers to the nature of the ball in passes and shots


What is clear?

Kicking a ball close to your own goal towards the opponent’s area without thinking about connecting to your teammates.

Or kicking to the side and escaping into a throw to buy time.


What is a cross?

Centering (used to raise the cross)

or making a big pass from a wide position to the opposite side.


What is sharpening?

Plays that cause damage to the opponent’s mind and body


What is a corner kick?

The defending team releases the ball from their own goal line, or the defending team touches the ball just before it crosses the ball line.

The attacking team kicks the ball from the corner (this is called a corner kick)


What is a goal kick?

When the attacking team completely releases the ball from the goal line of the opposing team’s area (whether in the air or on the ground)

A defensive player kicking the ball from his own team’s goal area.


What is a goalkeeper?

A player who protects the goal. Only the goalkeeper may use his hands within the penalty area.


What is a goal post?

Both pillars of the goal


What is the finish line?

line drawn to the goal

When the ball leaves the goal line, play resumes with either a goal kick or a corner kick depending on the side of the player who last touched the ball.


What is the final line?

A defensive line created by the last defenders


What is a side?

Areas on either side of the pitch in relation to the center


What is a side attack?

Tactics to attack using empty space on the side


What is side change?

Changing the position of the ball by making a big pass from one side to the other side


What does it mean to go down?

A player returning towards his team’s goal to defend.


What is a supporter?

About fans (group of fans)


What is scissors?

A feint that moves across the ball


What is simulation?

Foul act of intentionally falling down and aiming for a foul


What is a jumping head?

Heading by jumping


What is short corner?

Passing to a nearby teammate during a corner kick


What is a short pass?

A pass in which the distance between the player and the teammate passing the pass is short.


What is a control tower?

A player who is in charge of the overall attack, mainly players below the top who play the role of a control tower.


What is Super Sub?

Players who play as substitute players


What is a screen?

To restrict an opponent’s movement by blocking it like a wall.


What is a striker?

A player whose main purpose is to score points


What is shin guard?

Equipment to protect the shins. Also called shin guard


What is space?

A field area where there are no opposing players and where players can play freely.


What is a through pass?

A pass that passes between the opponent’s defenders.

Goal chances often arise


What is a throw-in?

When the ball leaves the sideline, a player from the opposing side uses both hands to throw the ball over his head to restart the game.


What is a thrower?

A player who takes a throw-in. Or a player who is good at throw-ins.


What is the second ball?

About the spilled ball

Example: When a shot is made and the ball bounces off the goal post and rolls into a space where no player is present, winning the second ball will likely create an opportunity.


What is a set play?

A play aimed at a goal, such as a free kick or corner kick, that occurs after the ball is placed on the ground.


What is competing?

The act of competing for the ball with an opposing player. or fighting for the ball with an opponent when heading the ball.


What is centering?

Kicking (passing) the ball from the side in front of the goal

If the ball passes, it tends to be a shooting opportunity


What is save?

A keeper stopping an opponent’s shot



What is a dive?

Falling down in an exaggerated manner in order to get a foul when tackled by an opponent.


What is direct (direct play)?

Kick the ball directly without trapping it when it comes to you due to a pass, etc.

There are direct shots, direct passes, etc.


What is a diving head?

To head the ball as if jumping forward and falling down.


What does it mean to put out?

In soccer, passing into space or to a teammate is called “putting out the ball.”


What is a tackle?

A play in which a player throws his foot out toward the opponent’s feet in an attempt to steal the ball.


What is touch?

How to handle the ball during play. Soft touch, soft touch, direct touch, etc.


What is vertical path?

A pass that is directed vertically (in the direction of the opposing team’s goal) rather than horizontally.


What is Tame?

Instead of attacking all at once, keep the ball for once and calm down the flow of the game.


What is a charge?

To hit your opponent with your body. Shoulder charge, where you hit your opponent with your shoulder, etc.


What is midfield?

A player located on the center line of the field

Or the area near the center of the field.


What is a direct free kick?

Unlike indirect free kicks, direct free kicks are scored if the ball kicked by the player kicking the free kick goes into the goal.


What is Duel?

A one-on-one battle for the ball.


What is toe kick?

A kick performed with the toe. Its strength is that it can kick the ball with a compact foot swing, but it is a kicking method that can easily injure the toes.


What is the top bottom?

A position located directly behind the FW. Attack skills required

A position often called the command tower


What is drive shoot?

A shoot that falls downward with vertical rotation


What is a trap?

A play in which a pass is received

Traps can also occur when you are hit by parts of the body other than your feet, such as your chest or head.


What is dribbling?

Carrying the ball by one person while kicking it little by little


What is a draw?

about a draw

If neither team scores, it is called a scoreless draw.


What is Nicekey?

Praise the keeper for a good play, omit “nice keeper”


What is near (near side)?

When centering from the side, this is the distance closer to the ball compared to the opposite side.

Or the position closer to the ball when shooting


What does it mean to pull out?

Evading the opponent’s defense by dribbling, etc.


What is a no-look pass?

To pass the ball without looking at the player passing the ball.



What is half coat?

Half the area based on the center line drawn in the center of the court


What is a bicycle?

About overhead kick


What is vital area?

An area that can easily lead to scoring opportunities. Basically refers to the space between the DF line and the midfield.


What is peeling off?

Shake off someone who has marked you


What is scissors?

To approach an opponent player with the ball with multiple players

Go to steal the ball by sandwiching the opponent from the front, front, left, and right.


What is a pass?

Throwing the ball to a teammate


What is back charge?

To attack the player with the ball from behind


What is a hat trick?

One player scoring three points in one game


What is a backpass?

Pass the ball to the player behind you who has the ball


What is power play?

A strategy where everyone participates in the attack and tries to score points.


What is punching?

The keeper hits the ball with his hands (fists)

Prevention method used when there is no time to catch it


What is a hand?

A player other than the keeper picks up the ball (hits his hand) while in play.


What is a punt kick?

A kick that emphasizes height


What is a heel kick?

A kick made with the heel of the foot


What is buildup?

Assembling during an attack. Refers to how to carry the ball and attack when attacking.


What is a hooligan?

about violent soccer fans


What is far (far side)?

An area/shoot course far from the player in possession of the ball that is used when centering or shooting.


What is a foul?

About foul play. If a foul occurs, play is temporarily suspended and the ball is restarted from the opponent’s free kick.


What is a fumble?

The keeper misses the catch and spills the ball.


What is a feed?

kicking the ball in front


What is a feint?

A play or technique that deceives an opposing player.


What is a formation?

Regarding position placement


What is a free kick?

When a foul occurs, restart with a free kick for the side that was fouled.


What is fukasu?

Shooting too high above the goal


What is pressure?

To approach the player with the ball and apply mental pressure. Also called press


What is heading?

hitting the ball with one’s head


What is a penalty area?

A square line drawn in front of the goal

The goalkeeper may use his hands within this line.

Also, if the defender commits a foul in the penalty area, it will be a penalty kick (PK) for the opponent.


What is a penalty kick (PK)?

A play in which you can kick one-on-one with the goalkeeper.

If a foul is received in the penalty area, a penalty kick will be awarded to the fouled side.


What is post play?

A play in which the forward receives a pass in front, keeps the ball, and then passes the ball to players on the left and right or to players coming forward to create chances.


What is possession?

time holding the ball


What is a volunteer?

Defensive midfielder


What is volley?

kicking a ball in the air

There are volley kicks, volley shots, etc.


What is Home?

A match played at your team’s home base

A match played at the opponent team’s home base is called an away match.


What is a negative ball?

A ball kicked in a direction away from the opponent’s goal.

Mainly used for centering


What is one-on-one?

Tactics used in defense. to mark someone closely


What is a midfielder (MF)?

A player in a midfield position


What is middle shoot?

A shot taken from a medium distance (a shot taken from a long distance is called a long shot)


What is a mark?

To play defense on the side of an opponent player


What does it mean to have?

Keeping the ball or holding the ball alone, such as dribbling


What is a utility player?

A player who can play multiple positions


What is a horizontal pass?

Pass to the side towards the goal


What is sending?

Approaching an opponent and applying pressure


What is Last Pass?

Pass just before scoring


What is a reserve?

About reserve players


What is lifting?

Use your body to continuously raise the ball without letting it fall to the ground.


What is loop shoot?

A shot that goes over the goalkeeper’s head.


What is Legace (Shin Guard)?

About shin pads


What is a red card?

A card issued for a malicious violation. A player who receives a red card must be sent off from the match, and a substitute player cannot be substituted for the player who received a red card.

The remaining time must be fought with fewer than 11 people.

Even two yellow cards will be shown.


What is loss time (additional time)?

The referee will take into account the blank time and the time will be added to the regular time for the first half and second half.

Lost time is an old term, and more recently it is called additional time.


What is long throw?

Throwing over a long distance

Long throws are sometimes used as an alternative to centering.


What is long pass?

A long path



What is one touch?

Moving directly to the next action without trapping the ball

One-touch pass, shoot, etc.


What is One Two (One Two Pass)?

In a one-two pass, the player with the ball passes the ball to his teammate and at the same time runs to the position where he wants to receive the ball, and the player who receives the pass immediately passes it to the running player.



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