Baseball glossary


Baseball glossary


Baseball is a very popular sport, especially in Asia.
I don’t think there are that many people who live in areas where there is no professional league and are completely familiar with the rules of baseball and the terminology used in baseball.


but it’s okay! Baseball terms are all things that can be easily imagined.

With just a little study, you will be able to understand most of the terms.


Here we explain the basic terminology and rules of baseball.

For those who are about to start playing baseball, those who are new to baseball, and those who want to enjoy watching baseball games even more.

Please try to master the baseball terminology introduced here.

I’m sure you’ll love baseball even more than you already do!


What is icing?

The act of cooling a part of the body with ice. Pitchers often ice their shoulders after pitching to cool them down.

By the way, in the past it was recommended to warm the shoulders instead of cooling them.

Many people in the baseball world still dispute the effectiveness of icing.


What is eye black?

Painting the area under the eyes black or placing black stickers under the eyes

It has the effect of preventing the ball from becoming difficult to see due to sunlight.


What is out?

In baseball, an out is when the attacking batter or attacking runner loses the right to continue attacking.

In baseball, the inning ends with three outs, and it is the opponent’s turn to attack.


What is Outcourse?

The outer (farthest) side of the batter. Conversely, the inside (closer side) of the batter is called in-course.


What is a bad throw?

When defending, throwing a ball that the opponent cannot catch. Also called wild pitch


What is a play ball?

To throw a ball that is intentionally off the strike course in order to destabilize the batter.


What is bad ball hitting?

Hitting a ball that is clearly off the strike course

Batting technique that Iwaki from the baseball manga Dokaben specializes in

Even in professional baseball games, there were occasional scenes where players scored points by making hits with balls that were shot far away (nowadays, forced shots are used, so it is no longer possible to see shots where balls that are shot shy are used as hits).


What is upper swing?

swinging the bat upwards. prone to fries

Conversely, the downward movement of the bat is called the downswing.


What is appeal (appeal play)?

An act in which the defending team urges an out by appealing to the referee about the attacking team’s violation of the rules.

Mainly when a runner does not touch up correctly or forgets to step on the base, touch the runner and appeal to the umpire.


What is an average hitter?

A batter who specializes in single hits.


What is a sweet ball?

A ball that is easy for batters to hit


What does it mean to enter sweetly?

The ball thrown by the pitcher ends up in a position where it is easy for the batter to hit it.


What is a rough ball?

Unstable pitching with unstable ball control.


What is Alps Stand?

A large spectator seat located between the infield and outfield seats at Hanshin Koshien Stadium.


What is under throw?

Throwing a ball by swinging the arm from below horizontal.

A straight ball thrown by an under-throwing pitcher appears to be floating when viewed from the batter.

This is also Satonaka’s pitching method, teaming up with the main character of the baseball manga Dokaben.


What is an umpire?

About the referee


What is the yips?

A phenomenon that is said to come from a mental standpoint, where you suddenly become unable to play as you would like.

In baseball, pitchers are particularly prone to yips, which can cause them to suddenly lose control and become unable to control the ball as they had previously.


What is the one-legged batting method?

One of the hitting forms when standing at bat

A batting technique in which one leg is raised high and the stance is held without lowering the foot.


What is an inning?

An inning is XX times, and according to the regulations, there are 9 innings and a competition is held to see who scores the most points.

If both teams have the same score after 9 innings, one extra inning will be added.


What is irregular (irregular bound)?

A ball hit by a batter that bounces in an unpredictable direction

Irregularities are more likely to occur when the ground is uneven and uneven.


What is in-course?

A course that is close to the batter’s body. Conversely, a course farther from the batter’s body is called an out course.


What is an interval?

The interval used in baseball refers to the time between each pitch a pitcher throws and the number of days until his next pitch.


What is Interfair?

An act of sabotage. This includes hitting interference, defense interference, base running interference, etc.


What is Inhai?

A ball thrown onto a course with a high inside course. When batters are thrown high, straight, fast pitches, batters are more likely to whiff or give up.

It is often used as a deciding pitch to get a strikeout.


What is an infield fly?

This rule prevents the defender from intentionally dropping a fly ball when there is a runner, resulting in a double play.

When it is determined that the fielding side can easily catch an infield fly ball and the bases are occupied, the umpire may decide to call the batter out during the fly ball.


What is in-play?

Play continues


What is a winning shot?

A pitcher’s match ball used during two strikes.


What is Miss Warbler?

An announcer who informs the stadium of player changes etc.

A word derived from a person who has a beautiful voice like a warbler.


What does it mean to hit and catch?

Letting the batter hit refers to pitching that focuses on getting the batter to bat rather than striking out the batter.

The advantage of pitching by letting the ball hit is that you can complete innings with fewer pitches.


What is right middle?

The zone between the light and center


What is Ace?

In baseball, the ace refers to the pitcher who is the most powerful player on the team.

Aces often wear number 1 in high school baseball and number 18 in professional baseball.


What is an error?

Defensive mistakes such as wild pitches, tunnels, and missed catches



What is flaming?

In baseball, when a pitcher is hit by the opposing team, it is called a flare-up.


What is entitlement to base?

If the ball lands in the hit zone and then bounces out of the hit zone, making it impossible for the player to pick up the ball.

The player who hits the ball will be awarded two bases. This is called entitlement-to-base.


What is extra time?

If the score is still tied after 9 innings, extra innings will be added such as 10th and 11th innings.


What is End Run (Hit and Run)?

A strategy where the runner runs at the same time as the pitch and the batter hits a grounder.


What is OPS?

An index that evaluates batters based on the sum of on-base percentage and slugging percentage.


What is overthrow?

A form of throwing the ball from above the shoulder. An overthrow is called an overthrow, but an underhand throw is called an underthrow.


What is overrun?

A runner running too far past the base.


What is open stance?

A batter opening his body to the pitcher. A batter’s form


What is an open game?

A game played before or after an official game in professional baseball.


What is the All-Star Game?

A professional baseball game in which only players selected by popular vote participate. Exhibition match that is not an official match


What is an all-round player?

A player who can defend multiple defensive positions, and who can smoothly perform everything from bunting to hitting.

A player who can play a wide range of games


What is large?

A type of baseball batting swing that refers to a large swing that appears to be aiming for a home run or extra-base hit, but is generally used in a negative sense.

On the other hand, a small swing that appears to be aiming for a single hit is called a compact swing.


What is extrusion?

A point is scored by walking or hitting a hit ball (dead ball) when the bases are loaded.


What is the ball I left behind?

A ball that aims for a strike by suppressing the power of the ball and setting a course with an emphasis on control.

It is often hit hard and is used in baseball with a negative connotation.


What is a sending bunt?

In order to advance the runner, the batter should bunt, even if the batter is out.


What is a restrainer (closer pitcher, restraining pitcher, closer)?

A pitcher who comes in to finish the game when his team is winning late in the game.


What is “address”?

Batting that skillfully deals with balls from inside corners


What is a bean bag?

About fumble. Mainly refers to failing to grasp the ball in the glove when throwing a ball defensively.


What is obstruction?

Interfering with base running. A foul act in which a defensive player obstructs an offensive runner from running on base.

No foul will be charged when the defender is handling a batted ball or throwing a ball.


What does it mean to be forced to swim?

A situation in which a batter is forced to swing the bat without his or her hips due to the timing being off.

What is a card?

refers to the combination of opponents


What is a curve?

One of the curveballs

From the pitcher’s perspective, the ball falls to the bottom left if he is pitching right-handed, or to the bottom right if he is pitching left-handed.

An orthodox breaking ball that has slow speed and has been used for a long time to add speed to pitching.


What is an exterior angle?

About out course. A ball thrown far from the batter’s body

The opposite is an interior angle (incourse)


What is an outfielder?

Players in three defensive positions: right, center, and left

He has a wide field of defense and a long return distance, so foot speed and shoulder strength are important.


What is a count?

The number of strikes, balls, outs, etc. is called a count.

For example, the commentary explains, “The count is 2 balls and 1 strike.”


What is a hidden ball?

When the pitcher pretends to have the ball and an infielder has the ball and the runner is in the lead, he touches the ball and takes an out.

It is prohibited in youth baseball because it is considered an act that violates sportsmanship.

It is considered a cowardly act even in high school baseball and professional baseball.


What is a cut?

Batting for a foul

Cut batting is prohibited in high school baseball because it wears out the pitcher.


What is a cut ball?

A ball that curves slightly to the side at a speed close to that of a straight ball.


What is cut play (relay)?

The infielder receives (relays) the return ball from the outfielder.

An infielder who receives the ball and throws it to the base.

When the distance from the outfield to the bases is long, it is faster to throw the ball over the base through a cut play.


What is a cover?

When the ball goes backwards, move behind and follow the player who is catching the ball to prevent it from going further behind.


What is slow and fast?

Slowness in pitching refers to the proper use of the speed of the ball.

Disturb the batter’s timing by pitching slowly and rapidly, such as by using curveballs.


What is a perfect match?

To win by pitching the 9th inning by yourself without a single hit, walk, or hit by a pitch.

A perfect game is also called perfect pitching.


What is a complete game?

One pitcher completes all pitches in one game


What is a shutout?

A pitcher must pitch all games in a game (complete pitch) and hold the opponent’s batting lineup to 0 points.


What is a danger ball?

A ball thrown near the batter’s head

A pitcher who throws a dangerous ball may be ejected.


What is a sacrifice bunt?

Similar to a sending bunt, a bunt that allows the runner to advance even if he or she is out.

Recorded as sacrifice hit


What is a sacrifice fly?

With no outs or one out, a runner on third base, the batter hits an outfield fly ball.

If the runner on third base advances home on a touch-up and scores a point, it is called a sacrifice fly.

Recorded as sacrifice fly


What is a regular turn at bat?

The minimum number of at-bats used to determine the ranking of batters competing for batting average, such as number one hitter and highest on-base percentage.


What is a reverse ball?

Pitching in which the ball is thrown in the opposite direction from the course the catcher is aiming for.


What is a catcher?

A player who receives the pitcher’s ball. Also called catcher

When defending, wear protective gear such as a helmet, mask, protector, and leggings.

This is a position that requires a lot of mental effort, such as thinking about the pitcher’s pitch distribution and understanding the batter’s strong and weak courses in professional baseball.


What is Kyuui?

Refers to the force and force of the ball thrown by a pitcher (it is not actually defined as a ball speed of XX km or more)


What is ball banquet?

About the all-star game


What is a relief pitcher?

About relief pitchers

This is because the starting pitcher often brings in relief pitchers when he is in a pinch.

The term relief pitcher was coined.


What is a raid?

A very strong ball that hits a fielder. When it becomes a hit, it is called an assault hit.


What is sharpness?

The sharpness of the ball thrown by a pitcher

When used for a fastball, it refers to the fact that the ball’s power and speed do not decrease even when the ball gets close to the batter.

When used as a breaking ball, it refers to a ball that has a large speed or change in speed (or curves greatly close to the batter)


What is a metal bat?

A metal bat. Not allowed in professional baseball

In baseball, wooden bats are used in addition to metal bats.


What is quick motion?

A pitcher pitching with a fast motion to prevent base stealth.


What is a cushion ball?

A ball that bounces off the outfield fence.

Players who are good at handling cushion balls can also prevent their opponents from hitting triples or doubles.


What is a glove?

A tool used in defense to catch a ball


What is a Grand Slam?

About a bases loaded home run


What is cleanup?

Refers to the number 3, 4, and 5 batters.

A batting order that allows you to score with one hit and is said to have a high possibility of being batted in scoring position.


What is a clean hit?

A hit in which the ball flies cleanly into the outfield.


What is a grip?

The part where you hold the bat is called the grip.

Holding the grip short means holding the upper side of the grip (the tip of the bat).

*The shorter you hold it, the more compact your swing will be.


What is closed stance?

One of the hitting forms

Refers to a form in which the front of the body is positioned toward the catcher from home base.


What is Crossfire?

A pitch by a left-handed pitcher that sharply cuts into the inside corner of a right-handed batter.


What is cross play?

A play in which a runner and a defender fight over the out safety on the base.

Used in situations where out or safe is determined at the last minute.


What is K?

In baseball, if a batter strikes out, it is recorded as a K.

Add the number of strikeouts the pitcher has at the beginning and write it as 〇〇K.


What is shunning?

Deliberately giving away a four-ball. Throwing a ball far off the strike course in order to avoid being hit

Because he doesn’t get hit with extra-base hits, when he is likely to score a point with just one hit, he sometimes gives away instead of competing with strong or good batters.

*Declared shunning is a rule in which you do not have to throw the ball to be shunned by declaring your shunning to the referee.


What is succession pitching?

A pitcher’s change is called a transfer pitch.


What is Getzu?

About double play


What is check (check ball)?

Throwing a ball to a base with a runner on it when the pitcher is in set position


What is wide-angle batting?

The swing of a player who can hit the ball strongly in each direction: right, center, and left. or refers to the batting technique

Bull hitters are good at pulling the ball, but players who can hit wide angles are a threat to pitchers because they can hit the ball in all directions: pulling, returning to the center, and hitting the ball. Batting average is also high


What is a hard ball?

One of the types of balls used in high school baseball, professional baseball, etc.

A hardball is a ball wrapped in cow or horse skin. There are also softballs used in youth baseball and grass baseball.


What is a cold game?

If there is a difference of 10 points or more at the end of the 5th inning, and a 7 point difference at the end of the 7th inning

As a called game, the team with the lead at the time wins.


What is grounder?

A ball rolling on the ground.

(In contrast to a ground ball, a ball that rises high into the air is called a fly.)


What is convert?

Changing the main defensive position to another defensive position

Example) Converting from infield to outfield, converting from pitcher to fielder, etc.


What is a compact swing?

A small, sharp swing aimed at a single hit.


What is third (third base)?

third baseman or third base


What is Circle Change?

A type of change-up in which you hold the ball in an eagle-like grip and form a circle between your thumb and forefinger and throw it.


What is a cycle hit?

Hitting a single, double, triple, or home run by one player in one game.


What is side throw?

About side throw. It has the advantage of being easy to control.


What is a sign?

Instructions given by the manager, coach, or catcher

Send a signal for your next action (send bunt, steal base, etc.) without letting your opponent know.


What is southpaw?

refers to a left-handed pitcher


What does it mean to be inserted?

Batting in which the ball’s contact position shifts backwards due to the force of the opponent’s pitch.


What is left middle?

Outfield zone between left and center


What is Submarine?

One of the pitching forms

Also called underhand throw or under throw


What is goodbye?

When the victory is determined by scoring a point in the bottom of the 9th inning or later.

Examples) Typical examples include walk-off hits and walk-off home runs.


What is the Triple Crown?

A title given to the player with the best three results: batting average, RBI, and home runs.


What is three-party withdrawal?

To finish an inning with three players without any runners during the inning.


What is a strikeout?

Swinging with two strikes and failing to hit the next pitch with the bat.

Or when you have two strikes and miss the next strike ball without swinging the bat.

If you swing the bat and strike out, it is called a strikeout.


What is remaining base (runner left on base)?

When a runner is on base and gets three outs, the inning ends.


What is seesaw game?

A game in which reversals and reversals occur repeatedly within the same match.

Its origin comes from the fact that the top and bottom are reversed, like a seesaw. Also used in sports other than baseball


What is stabbing?

Throwing a ball to put a runner or batter out

Mainly used when stealing a base, when a runner is taken out on base by the catcher’s throw.


What is an earned run?

Points that are the fault of the pitcher, such as hits, walks, wild pitches, etc.

Points scored due to fielder errors do not count as earned runs.


What is a self-hit ball?

Hitting a ball hit by the batter himself. counts as a foul


What is a blunder?

Defensive fielder’s error


What is shift?

The fielders change their defensive position depending on the situation of the opponent’s batter or runner.

A well-known example is the king shift, in which the fielder takes a position extremely close to first base.

It is often named 〇〇shift (〇〇 is the batter’s name) after the batter.


What is a designated hitter (DH)?

A player who does not play defense but only bats, acting as a substitute for the pitcher.


What is Just Meat?

Catching the ball thrown by the pitcher with the center of the bat at the right time

A ball hit just right will fly strong.


What is a shoot?

One of the breaking balls thrown by a pitcher

If you are throwing right-handed, turn to the right side; if you are throwing left-handed, turn to the left.

There are two types of shots: one that curves while sinking vertically, and the other that curves horizontally without falling vertically.


What is shortstop?

A fielder who plays the field between second base and third base.


What is defensive interference?

A foul act that obstructs an opponent’s defense

Mainly, if a runner or batter interferes with the ball being thrown by the defensive team with their body, they will be charged with defensive interference.


What is short bound?

A ball that bounces small in front of the fielder.

Although it is a difficult ball to catch, infielders often have to deal with balls that bounce short.


What is competitive strength?

Represents the power (strength) to overcome a crisis and take advantage of an opportunity. Often used in the phrase “Are you going to show your competitive strength?”

For example, in the final inning, with two outs and 2nd base, the score was tied at one hit, but if the batter showed his competitive strength, he would get a hit to tie the game and make the most of his chance.

The batter who hit the ball can be said to be a competitive batter.

The term “competitive strength” is commonly used, but in baseball it is often used in critical situations.


What is a sinker?

One of the breaking balls, from the pitcher’s point of view, a ball that curves and sinks to the bottom right if pitched right-handed, or to the bottom left if pitched left-handed.


What is advance on base?

runner advancing to next base


What is a switch hitter?

A batter who can hit from either the right or left bat.

He says he switches when changing his turn at bat.


What is squeeze?

To bunt and return the runner home when there is a runner on third base.

In a squeeze, the runner on third base runs to home plate at the same time as the pitcher throws the ball, similar to an end run.


What is a screwball?

Shoot A ball that falls while spinning. Also called sinker


What is scoring position?

There must be a runner in a scoring position such as 2nd or 3rd base where you can score with one hit.


What are the starting members?

The members who participate at the start of the match are called the starting members.

Widely used in sports where players can be substituted


What is steel?

About stealing bases


What is a strike?

The ball thrown by the pitcher passes through the strike zone and lands in the catcher’s glove.

Alternatively, when the batter swings but the ball does not hit the bat, it is called a strike.


What is a strikeout?

About striking out


What is the strike zone?

The area where a ball thrown by a pitcher becomes a strike.

Although it is roughly determined, there are subtle differences in the strike zone depending on the referee.


What is a straight ball?

The most orthodox ball. Also called fastball or straight

The ball follows a trajectory that moves straight to the catcher, so it does not put strain on the shoulders or elbows compared to a breaking ball.


What is snap?

flexion and extension of the wrist

It is used when the snap is strong or the snap is effective.

If you take advantage of the snap when throwing a baseball, you can throw a stronger ball.


What is a speed gun?

An instrument that measures ball speed


What is a spitball?

A ball that is thrown with saliva or sweat on it. Banned in matches due to irregular changes


What is practice swing?

Training to swing the bat without hitting the ball


What is split-fingered fastball (SFF)?

A pitcher’s breaking ball, also known as a high-speed fork. In Japan it’s called a split.

The difference from a fork is vague, but the ball is faster and has less change than a normal fork.


What is a slice?

If you are a right-handed batter, the ball will curve to the right; if you are a left-handed batter, the ball will curve to the left.


What is a slider?

One of the curveballs that curves in the opposite direction to your dominant arm.

The difference with a curve is that a curve naturally curves down after release, but

A slider curves to ball speed at one point.

Also, compared to the curve, it does not fall downward as much.


What is sliding?

When a runner slides into the base feet or head first.

Used to avoid overruns and collisions with fielders, or when the timing is delicate between going out or being safe.


What is a slugger?

A strong hitter with long hitting power


What is three quarters?

A pitcher’s pitching form. Throw by swinging your arm from diagonally above, between side throw and over throw.


What is three bunt?

bunt with two strikes

In baseball, if a bunt from a second strike is fouled, the batter will strike out and be out.


What is safe?

A runner reaching a base without being out


What is a safety bunt?

To bunt from a stance to bat

The defender cannot take forward defense because he does not know whether to hit or bunt.

A bunt that allows the batter to aim for a hit.


What is ball control?

About control. Ball control refers to the ability to control a thrown ball.


What is second (second base)?

A player who protects the space between first base and second base.

or second base


What is set position?

The posture a pitcher must take before pitching

Position generally used when there is a runner

The posture of throwing with a large swing is called the wind-up position.


What is uniform number?

The number written on the back of a player’s uniform

In baseball, uniform numbers are often assigned according to position.

1, pitcher

2, catcher

3, first

4, second

5, third

6, short

7, left

8, center

9, light


What is forward defense?

A fielder defending from a position further forward than normal.


What is center return?

Batting aimed toward the center. The ball passes through the side and above the pitcher.


What is base running obstruction?

A foul act that obstructs a runner from running on base.

If a fielder hits a running runner with his body, arm, or leg, regardless of any defensive action, he will be charged with interfering with base running.


What is tie score?

Refers to a situation where there is a tie


What is a pinch runner?

Substitution of runners. Also called pinch runner

When a runner is out late in the game, a fast player is often sent out as a pinch runner in order to score a point.


What is pinch hitter?

A change of batter. Also called pinch batter

Players who are sure to hit when given a chance are often sent out as pinch hitters.

In addition, players on the bench who did not have the opportunity to participate in high school baseball games as regulars will be able to create memories of their high school life.

He often appears as a pinch hitter in the final stages of the final game (of course, when that player hits, his teammates and the audience get excited)


What is thyme?

The match is temporarily stopped by the referee.

Players, managers, and coaches may report their times as necessary.

Convey and confirm the strategy during the time.

By the way, in high school baseball, you can only report up to three times in one game, and the time is limited to 30 seconds.


What is a timely error?

An error that allows a goal to be scored.


What is a timely hit?

A hit that resulted in a score. A two base hit is called a timely two base, and a three base hit is called a timely three base.


What is diving catch?

When catching a fly ball or a ball that passes through the fielders, the fielder throws out his body and dives to catch the ball.


What is a diamond?

A term referring to the square connecting the first, second, third, and home bases.


What is an octopus?

People make fun of no-hits and call them octopuses.

If you stand at bat three times and get a no-hitter, use something like “three tacos.”


What is rising?

Refers to the condition during the first to third innings after a pitcher takes the mound.


What is a strikeout?

to strike out


What is hit interference?

A foul act that interferes with a batter’s ability to bat.

Catchers sometimes hit their bats with their mitts, but this is often unintentional.

Strike interference rarely occurs


What is touch play?

An act in which a fielder with the ball tries to get an out by touching a runner whose feet are far from the base.

To call out a runner who advances to second base or higher, the fielder with the ball must touch the ball without the runner’s body touching the bases.

Touch plays occur frequently in baseball.


What is touch-up?

When a fly ball goes up and is caught, the runner takes his feet off the base and aims to advance to the next base.


What is double steel?

Two runners stealing a base at the same time


What is double play?

Getting two outs on one play. Also called Getzu

This tends to happen when you hit an infield grounder when the bases are occupied.

If you get three outs, it’s called a triple play.


What is ball foot?

The force of the ball hit by the batter

When the force of the ball is strong, it is expressed as “the ball is fast.”

However, it is not often used if the ball is slow.

If the ball is hit quickly, it is likely to pass through the infield, but if the ball is supplied with a ground ball that is fast, it is easier for the defense to aim for a double play.


What is batting average?

The batter’s number of hits divided by the number of at-bats


What is change?

After getting 3 outs, the attacking and defending teams switch places.


What is a changeup?

A slow straight. By throwing slow pitches that are off-time to the batter, he aims to cause the batter to miss or lose.


What is a chip?

hitting the ball with the bat


What is slugging?

A hit with a double or higher

Refers to three hits: two base, three base, and home run.


What is slugging percentage?

Percentage of long hits


What is slugging power?

The power and ability to hit a ball bigger than a double or higher.


What is a fishing ball?

A ball that causes batters to whiff

Throwing a high pitched ball away from the strike zone to induce the batter to miss, etc.


What is Texas Hit?

A batted ball that rises weakly and falls into a fair zone with no fielders and becomes a hit.

Also called a pop hit


What is a dead ball?

A ball thrown by a pitcher that hits a batter who is not swinging the bat. Also called a hit ball

The batter who receives a dead ball advances to first base.

By the way, if the ball hits the batter’s body in the strike zone, it is not a dead ball but a strike.


What is stolen base?

The runner runs to the next base at the same time the pitcher throws, aiming to advance.

You may run to steal a base when the pitcher is in the setup position before pitching.


What is the scoring zone?

A situation where there is a runner on a base (2nd or 3rd base) that can score with one hit.


What is triple play?

Getting three outs on one play

very rare play


What is a tunnel?

When a fielder fails to catch a batted ball while defending, the ball passes under his thigh.

Embarrassing play for a baseball player


What is Donmai?

A shout of encouragement used when a player fails or loses a point

An abbreviation of the English word “don’t mind” and is widely used outside of baseball.


What is an interior angle?

Naikaku (inner corner) is a term used to refer to courses close to the batter.

On the other hand, the term used to refer to courses further away from the batter is the out course.


What is night game?

A match that is held at night

In America it’s called a night game.


What is an infielder?

A player who is in a position to protect the infield.

Refers to first, second, short, third, pitcher, catcher.


What is an infield hit?

A ball hit into the infield becomes a hit.


What is nagashiuchi?

If you are a right-handed batter, move to the right (right direction)

If you are a left-handed batter, hit the ball to the left.


What is a knuckle (knuckleball)?

A curve ball that changes irregularly.

By throwing the ball so that it does not spin, the ball vibrates due to air resistance and changes irregularly in the batter’s hands.


What is a softball ball?

A hollow rubber ball that is lighter and bounces better than a hard ball.

Youth baseball using soft balls is popular in Japan because it is less likely to cause injuries compared to hard balls.


What is dual wielding?

One player can play both batter and pitcher as a regular player.

Two-way play is often seen in high school baseball, but it is rarely seen in professional baseball.


What is a seam?

The seam of the ball.It is easier to throw a strong ball by hooking your finger on the seam.

Pitchers use seams well to add rotation to the ball and throw sharp curveballs and powerful fastballs.


What is a missing ball?

A pitch thrown by a pitcher. The ball deviates significantly from the strike zone.


What is Next Batters Circle?

Where the next player in the batting order waits

A round circle is drawn in the next batter’s circle, and the next batter waits inside that circle.

(You don’t necessarily have to wait inside the circle.)


What is Nocon?

A term used to make fun of a pitcher who lacks ball control.

Abbreviation for no control


What is a no-hitter?

To win by pitching a complete game without allowing a single hit.

The difference from a perfect game is whether or not there is a hit-by-pitch (walk-by-pitch is not allowed in a perfect game, but a walk-by-pitch is allowed in a no-hitter).


What is a knock?

Basic defensive training

A practice in which a knocker hits a ball to a player and the fielder handles it.


What is elongation?

This refers to the quality of a straight ball, as a straight ball with a lot of elasticity requires less deceleration before the ball reaches the catcher.

From the batter’s perspective, the ball appears to be floating in his hand.

By throwing a ball that rotates vertically as much as possible and has as many rotations as possible, you can throw a straight ball that has an extension.


What is a half swing?

In batting, a swing that is stopped midway because it is determined to be a ball before the bat has fully swung.

A swing that is considered a swing and a strike is taken.


What is Perfect Game (Perfect Pitching)?

About a perfect match


What is defeat processing?

Mainly in professional baseball, in games where there is a large score difference and it is difficult to come back.

Refers to a pitcher who is brought in as a substitute in order to preserve a pitcher who can be a force for the losing side.

Handle the game by pitching the opponent’s offensive innings after a (almost certain) losing game.




What is Buster (Buster Hit)?

Batting method that changes from bunt stance to hitting


What is a passed ball?

About later. The catcher is unable to catch the pitcher’s ball and deflects it backwards.


What is back home?

A return ball to the catcher. A term used not only when an outfielder returns the ball to the catcher, but also when an infielder returns the ball to the catcher.


What is the batter’s box?

The place where the batter stands when batting


What is a battery?

refers to the pair of pitcher and catcher

Example) A well-matched battery


What is early firing?

When a batter hits with a fast count


What is a power hitter?

A batter who can be expected to hit for long distances or a batter who has long-hitting power.


What is bunt?

A play in which the bat is held horizontally and the aim is to hit the ball and make it roll.

In addition to bunts that simply advance the runner to the next base,

A safety bunt in which you aim for a hit, a push bunt in which you push the bat out and force the ball to roll, a squeeze bunt in which you aim for a runner on third base, etc.

There are various types of bunts


What is bunt shift?

A shift in which the third baseman and first baseman take forward defense in preparation for a bunt.


What is a bunt-and-run?

The runner runs at the same time as the pitch is pitched, and the batter bunts.


What is beanball?

A ball intentionally thrown by a pitcher towards the batter’s head. Also called a danger ball

Beanball is a serious offense that will result in ejection.


What is hit and run?

About the end run. A strategy where the runner runs as soon as the pitcher throws, and the batter hits a grounder.


What is a pitcher?

A player whose role is to throw the ball to the batter during defense.

A player who is active as both a pitcher and a fielder is called a dual-wielding player.


What is pitcher return?

A batted ball that is aimed at the pitcher or a bat that is aimed at returning to the pitcher.


What does pulling mean?

If you are a right-handed batter, you should hit to the left (third direction), if you are a left-handed batter, you should hit to the right (first direction).

If you swing the bat in a pulling motion, the ball will fly in that direction. Players who are good at pulling are also called bull hitters.

If you hit in the opposite direction, it is called Nagashi-uchi.


What is a pinch hitter?

A pinch hitter is a pinch hitter.

A batter who replaces the batter who is standing at bat and stands at bat.

If a pinch hitter is sent, the previous batter’s count will be taken over.


What is Fine Play?

Refers to a great play such as handling a difficult ball or catching a ball that is difficult to catch and putting it out.

This is a word used when someone makes a great play or deed outside of baseball.


What is First?

Infielder position that protects the area around first base


What is First Mitt?

Mitts (gloves) used by first team players

First fielders often receive the ball, so their first mitts are longer and vertical, unlike other fielders.


What is a foul?

If the batter’s ball falls to the ground or enters the stands without entering the fair zone, it will be a foul.

In the case of 0 strikes or 1 strike, if you commit a foul, the strike count will be added by one.

If you have two strikes, no matter how many fouls you make, the strike count will not be added any further.


What is a fumble?

Bounce the ball while catching

If the ball is hit hard, it will not be judged as a mistake by the defender, and even if a fumble occurs, it will not be recorded as an error.


What is Fielding?

A series of defensive movements such as catching and throwing balls.

Good fielding means good defense.


What is Fielders Choice?

When a fielder makes a wrong choice while defending and fails to get any outs in a situation where he should have been able to get outs, this is called a fielder’s choice.


What is a fair?

The ball hit the fair zone


What is a forkball?

A type of curveball in which the ball falls quickly near the batter.

It is called this because of the way the ball is thrown as if it is held between a fork.


What is force out?

A fielder who has the ball throws it to the next base before the runner reaches the next base, making him out.

Example) If a player catches a batted ball while the runner is on 1st base, and throws the ball to 2nd base before the runner on 1st base reaches 2nd base, and the player who receives the ball touches the base before the runner. The runner on first base is forced out.


What is Four Ball?

About four balls

If the pitcher gives the batter four balls, the batter has the right to advance to first base.

If there is a runner on 1st base, the runner on 1st base advances to 2nd base.

If the bases are loaded and a four-ball is issued, the runner on third base will return home and score one point.


What is a hook?

If you are a right-handed batter, turn to the left, if you are a left-handed batter, turn to the right.


What is a push bunt?

A bunt in which the bat is pushed out to cause a strong ball to roll.

Roll the ball past the fielder who is running to handle the bunt.


What is a fly?

Refers to a ball hit high up.

It is often called 〇〇 fly depending on the place where it landed.

Example) Position name + fly, such as pitcher fly, catcher fly, and words such as infield fly and outfield fly.


What is free batting?

Unlike practice swings, we have students actually throw the ball.

batting practice to hit it


What is swing escape?

If you whiff or miss a strike with two strikes, or if the catcher is unable to catch the ball,

If the batter reaches first base before the fielder throws the ball to first base, he is not out.

According to this rule, reaching 1st base is called swinging away.


What is full count?

3 balls, 2 strikes situation


What is a bull hitter?

A batter who is good at pulling batting.


What is full base?

Bases loaded (a situation where runners are occupied from 1st to 3rd base)


What is a bullpen?

A pitching practice field where backup pitchers are on standby.

Relief pitchers who are likely to pitch should warm up their shoulders in the bullpen before pitching.


What is a double play?

About double play (getz)


What is head sliding?

Reach out toward the base and slide in head first.

There is a risk of injury to fingers, hands, and shoulders.

Some players, such as pitchers, do not intentionally slide their heads.


What is a curveball?

A ball thrown by a pitcher to a batter that changes its trajectory.

There are various breaking balls such as curves, forks, and changeups.


What is Bork?

A foul act in pitching.

A pitcher who touches the pitcher’s plate stops pitching or pitches without touching the plate.

This is taken if you do not perform the pitching motion specified by the rules.

When a balk occurs, the attacking team can advance one base.


What is Home Steel?

Stealing base to home base


What is Home Base?

Judging strikes and balls

A base placed at the catcher’s position that a runner can touch to score points.

Also called home plate.

The other bases are square, but the home base has a triangle on one side.


What is a home run?

It was a home run when it crossed the outfield fence in the fair zone and entered the stands.

Runners and batters on base can return to home plate and score points without being taken out by the defense.

Also called a home run

Even if a runner hits a home run, the runner must make firm contact with each base.

The name may change depending on the number of runners.

(If there is only one runner, a home run is a 2-run home run, if there are two runners, a 3-run home run, and if the bases are loaded, a home run with the bases loaded)

By the way, there are examples of home runs that don’t go over the fence.

(If the batter makes it all the way to home plate, it is called a running home run.)


What is a ball?

Judgment given for not passing through the strike zone

If you give four balls to one batter, it will be a four ball.


What is defense rate?

The ratio of innings pitched by a pitcher to the number of runs scored.


What is a wild pitch?

The pitcher throws a ball that the catcher cannot catch.


What is botebote (botebote grounder)?

A ground ball that rolls very weakly.

If a fast batter hits a loose grounder, the fielder must dash to deal with the battered grounder.

First base is often safe.


What is Potenhit?

A Texas hit is a fly that rises weakly and falls between the fielders, resulting in a hit.


What is a hit?

Hitting a ball that does not result in a hit and resulting in an out.


What is a home run?

About home runs


What is a mound?

Refers to the pitching area where the pitcher throws. The ground of the mound is slightly raised.


What is magic?

The number of wins in the countdown to victory


What is a mask?

Protective masks worn by catchers and umpires on their faces.


What is bases loaded?

1st base, 2nd base, and 3rd base are filled with runners

Also called full base


What is meat?

Hitting the ball with the bat is called a hit.

Also, the ability to hit the ball with the bat is called contact power, and players with good contact power have fewer strikeouts and more hits.

“Keep in mind to hit the ball” means hitting the ball with the center of the bat with a compact swing, without swinging too far.


What is a mitt (catcher’s mitt)?

Gloves used by catchers

Unlike the gloves used by other fielders, it has a shape that makes it easier to catch the ball.



What is a fielder?

General term for defensive players

Sometimes it refers to the eight players excluding the pitcher, or the other seven players excluding the pitcher and catcher.


What is a shortstop?

About short hair


What is 4-6-3?

A double play when the ball goes to second.

This is because the ball is passed to players in order of jersey number: 4 (second), 6 (short), and 3 (first).

In the case of a double play when the ball goes short, it is called 6-4-3.


*In baseball, uniform numbers are often assigned in order of position.

1, pitcher

2, catcher

3, first

4, second

5, third

6, short

7, left

8, center

9, light


What is light?

A player in a position that protects the right side of the outfield as seen from the catcher.


What is a light line?

A ball hit to the right of right field as seen from the catcher.

Right field line edge refers to a ball that passes through the border between the right field fair zone and the foul zone.


What is a liner?

A ball hit with momentum that flies at a near-horizontal angle, rather than a fly ball.


What is line out?

When a runner deviates from the designated running path to avoid being touched out by a fielder.


What is the lineup?

Referring to the starting members and order, lineup is used to emphasize the batting order of the batters.


What is a brawl?

Players from both teams punching, kicking, or fighting.


What is a runner?

In baseball, a runner is a runner who reaches base.


What is a running home run?

A running home run is when a player who hits a hit runs to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd base, returns to home plate, and scores.


What is a lead?

A lead in baseball is when a runner moves slightly away from the base to look for an opening in order to steal a base.


What is release point?

The position where a pitcher releases the ball when pitching.


What is a relief pitcher?

A pitcher who is replaced after the pitcher leaves the game.

There are intermediate players, stoppers, one-point relievers, etc.


What is a base?

About the base

There are four bases: 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, and home base.


What is Legace?

About shin guards


What is left?

A player whose position protects the left side of the outfield as seen from the catcher.


What is the left line?

A ball hit to the left side of the field as seen from the catcher.

A ball hit just past the left field line is a ball that passes through the border between the fair zone and foul zone on the left side.


What is Rosinback?

A small bag containing non-slip white powder

Mainly used by pitchers


What is a long hit?

About slugging


What is windup?

A pitcher’s pitching posture

To wind up, raise your hands above your head, arch your chest, and throw the ball with a large swing.


What is Wild Pitch?

Allowing a runner to advance due to a pitcher’s wild pitch


What is a one-sided game?

Refers to a match in which there is a large point difference.


What is a one-handed throw?

To catch the ball with the throwing hand and then throw the ball without replenishing it with the glove.

Used for ground balls that roll without power.


What is One Point Relief?

Only one inning, one at-bat, etc.

A relief pitcher who makes one point for a very short period of time.






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Baseball has a long history and has many different terms. We are also making progress every day

The ball that used to be called a drop is now called a curve.
I think it was a good opportunity to learn more about baseball.

When you are about to play baseball or watch baseball on TV

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