golf glossary


golf glossary



Golf is a sport that is less about physicality and more about technique.

It has long been popular as a lifelong sport that can be enjoyed by everyone from children to adults and even the elderly.

In addition, there has been a golf boom among young people recently.

Young men and women gather at the golf course and enjoy playing golf among friends.

I went to the course by myself and went around the course with people I met for the first time.

The number of people playing golf in various ways is rapidly increasing.


However, golf is a gentleman’s sport!

If you don’t know the rules or terminology, you’ll be a nuisance to the people who are going around the course with you.


For golf beginners and those who want to enjoy golf

Let’s study with the golf glossary posted here!


What is Early Bird?

Playing golf early in the morning from 4am to 6am


What is iron?

A general term for clubs whose heads (tips) are made of metal such as titanium or stainless steel.


What is out of bounds?

About OB. (The ball flies into a no-play area off the course. Or refers to that area.)


What is Outcourse?

The golf course has a total of 18 holes, but this is the general term for the first half, holes 1 to 9.


What is Against?

A situation in which a headwind is blowing is called “against.” Because the ball is subject to wind resistance, it is harder to fly farther than usual.

Shots hit high are likely to be affected by the wind, so it is a good idea to consider shots with low trajectories as well.


What is an upright swing?

When swinging, the arm holding the club and the curved surface of the club should be nearly perpendicular to the ground.


What is an address?

In golf, the stance you take when hitting the ball is called address.

The stage to determine that the player is in the stance (address) is when the sole of the club touches the ground.


What is Albatross?

To go up (finish the hole) in 3 shots less than par


What is an approach (approach shot/chip shot)?

A shot aimed at the hole from around the green or close to the green is called an approach.

Approach is also called approach shot or chip shot.


What is anchoring?

Refers to the act of holding a part of the putter tightly against your body, such as your belly, when making a putt.

By the way, anchoring was banned in 2016.


What is unplayable?

Determining that it is impossible to continue playing is called unplayable.

If it is unplayable, add one stroke to the number of strokes and restart from the position one stroke before.

Play can be continued and resumed from behind the line that connects the ball green, or from a position two club lengths away from the hole from the ball.


What is Eagle?

To go up (finish the hole) with two shots less than par


What is the yips?

When you suddenly become unable to do something you would normally be able to do while playing. thought to be influenced by psychological factors

Psychiatric symptoms that occur outside of golf. (e.g. baseball pitcher)

In golf, some players suffer from yips when they hit a putt.


What is in-course?

The last 10 to 18 holes of the 18-hole golf course are called the in-course.

However, depending on the golf course, the notation may be different, such as East Course or West Course.


What is impact?

The moment when the face of the club hits the ball (the moment when the club hits the golf ball)


What is in-play?

The period from hitting the tee shot to hitting the hole is called in-play.


What is water hazard (penalty area)?

Waterways such as ponds and streams within the course

From 2019, the name has changed to penalty area.


What is hitmanashi?

A golf practice facility where you can practice your shots.

A practice facility similar to a baseball practice facility


What is wood?

A general term for clubs with large heads. Although it means wooden, stainless steel and titanium are currently the mainstream.

Mainly used for tee shots


What is OB?

Abbreviation for out-of-bounds. A penalty that occurs when the ball goes outside the playing area.


What is OK?

When the ball gets so close to the cup that there is no way to miss it, it is considered to have gone in with the next shot.


What is an order?

The order of hitting


What is overspin?

A ball hit in the forward direction (forward rotation)


What is open face?

Refers to the club face opening to the right of the target.


What is Honor?

the first person to hit the tee shot

The order for the first hole is determined by agreement, rock-paper-scissors, lottery, etc., and from the next hole onwards, the person with the highest score on the previous hole takes the honor.

However, in order to shorten the playing time, players are encouraged to hit the tee shot when they are ready (referred to as “ready golf”) with the consent of their companion.


What is a guard bunker?

A bunker placed near the green. Its origin is a bunker that guards (protects) the green, but it is actually a Japanese-English word, and overseas it is called a greenside bunker.


What is casual water?

Refers to temporary puddles that form on the course, mainly due to rain.


What is a cup?

A hole drilled on the green, and the rule in golf is to put the ball into the cup at the end of each hole.

The official name is Hall.


What is a kick?

When a ball is hit and bounces off the ground, it is called a kick.


What is a caddy?

A person who supports a golf player in a wide range of ways, such as carrying a golf bag on behalf of the player and giving advice on playing.


What is a cavity back?

A head with a hollowed out part of the back face placed on the outside, which has the characteristic that there is less wobbling even when the new head is removed.


What is Carrie?

The distance that a shot ball travels until it falls.


What is a glass bunker?

A depression where the grass has grown is called a grass bunker.


What is a club?

Equipment for hitting golf balls. There are various types


What is a club head?

The tip of the club, the part that hits the ball


What is club face?

The surface where the club head hits the ball is called the club face.


What is club length?

This refers to the length of the longest club, excluding the putter.


What is green?

The area around the cup on the green is surrounded by grass, and refers to the area where the grass grows.


What is Green Edge?

A place where the grass surrounding the green is slightly longer than the green.


What is green fee?

The fee for using the course is called the green fee.


What is Green Fork?

Golf equipment for repairing dents caused by the impact of a golf ball falling onto the green. The origin of the green fork is that it resembles a tableware fork.


What is a grip?

The part of the golf club you grip, or the way you grip the golf club, is called the grip.


What is a cross bunker?

A bunker (sandbox) that is set up to cut into the fairway.


What is course rate?

The difficulty level of the course. Set by the Japan Golf Association


What is Koryo Green?

A green made from Koma grass is called Koma green.

Goryeo greens are characterized by the ball rolling heavily and slowing down.


What is a wrong ball?

Hitting the wrong ball. A two-stroke penalty will be imposed as a penalty.

To prevent incorrect balls, let your companion know which ball you will be using.


What is a condor?

To go up in 4 strokes less than par


What is a competition?

About the golf tournament


What is a provisional ball?

A ball that is hit in advance to shorten the time it takes to return to the ball if it goes out of bounds or is likely to be lost.

Once the ball is OB or lost, continue playing using the provisional ball that was hit in advance as the main ball.

When hitting a provisional ball, it must be declared in advance.


What is a sand wedge?

A type of golf club used to drive the ball out of a bunker (sand)


What is the general area?

Refers to all areas within the hole excluding the teeing area, green, and hazards.


What is Shibame?

The direction in which the grass grows is called the grass grain. Terms often used on the green


What is a shaft?

The handle of the club. The longer the shaft, the more difficult it is to handle.


What is a shank?

When the ball hits the base of the face and flies to the right, it is called a shank.


What is ground under repair?

An area under repair within the course.


What is short iron?

Generic term for 9-iron, SW, PW (iron club number 8 or smaller)


What is a shortcut?

On a curved course, it refers to going over the shortest distance of the course over the pond or trees that are blocking it.


What is short hole?

About a par 3 hole


What is a shot?

hitting the ball. In golf, a shot is also called a stroke.


What is a stroke?

Same meaning as shot. hitting the ball


What is stroke play?

Refers to a match format in which the winner is determined by the total score of all holes.


What is spat?

Marks placed in front and behind the ball when addressing the ball.


What is a spoon?

Golf club, 3 wood


What is a slice?

The shot ball curves to the right


What is through play?

After playing the 9th hole, which is the first half, continue playing up to the 18th hole without a break.

(Most golf courses have a lunch break after the first nine holes)


What is slow play?

An act or play that delays the progress of a competition without justifiable reason.


What is second putt?

The second putt on the green is called the second putt.


What is a semi-public course?

Visitor-oriented golf course with few members


What is self-play?

A style of play in which the player plays a round without a caddy.


What is sole?

refers to the bottom of the club head


What is downswing?

The action of swinging the club down when swinging


What is Duffuru?

Accidentally hitting the ground in front of the ball when hitting the ball. Common in inexperienced players


What is double bogey?

To go up by two strokes more than par


What is Chipin?

Shots that are too curved


What is Chip-in?

Balls hit from outside the green after the second shot go directly into the cup.


What is Choro?

Choro refers to a missed shot in which the ball does not rise and rolls only slightly.


What is 2Sam?

Play with 2 players per group


What is toe lift?

Refers to a situation where the ball is higher than the feet due to the slope.


What is sagging toes?

This refers to a situation where the ball is lower than the feet due to the slope. Difficult to hit with the tip of the toe down


What is takeback?

The initial movement of a shot that starts the backswing from a static address state.


What is tee-up?

To place the ball on the tee. Basically used for tee shots


What is teeing area?

The area where you hit your first shot. Start the hole from the teeing area


What is a tee shot?

The first shot hit from the teeing area.


What is Dipot?

The chunks of grass that fly away when a shot hits the ground and duffs.


What is a tea marker?

Marks to determine the range of the teeing area


What is Tempura?

Hitting the top of the head when taking a shot, causing the ball to barely fly forward and instead go upwards.


What is Dormy?

A term used to describe a situation in which you win if you don’t lose on the hole in question.


What is dogleg?

A hole that curves left and right like a dog’s leg is called a dogleg.


What is top?

hitting the head of the ball


What is a driver?

The No. 1 club (No. 1 wood). The driver is the club that provides the longest distance, so it is mainly used for hitting the first shot.


What is a drop?

When a ball falls into a pond or land under repair, pick it up and drop it from waist height according to the rules.


What is a nice shot?

This is the shout you make when you make a good shot. In order to play comfortably, when your companion makes a good shot, call it a nice shot! Let’s call out


What is Niceper (Nice Birdie)?

This is the shout you make when you finish the hole with a good score (par, birdie, etc.). Praise your companions when they play well so that you can play comfortably.


What is night play?

Being able to play at night using lighting


What is near pin?

Bringing the ball close to the hole cup


What is the nearest point?

A reference point for determining the area to drop the ball when taking relief.


What is a neck?

The connection part that connects the club head and shaft.


What is par?

The standard number of strokes set for that hole. When your companion makes a par, say “Nice par!”


What is Paron?

Subtract two strokes from par and place the ball on the green


What is birdie?

To go up in one stroke less than par. If your companion makes a birdie, praise him by saying “Nice birdie!” just like “Nice birdie!”


What is half?

playing a round of 9 holes


What is high side?

A putt that bends the ball from right to left and misses to the right side is called a high side.


What is a hazard?

An artificially created obstruction area during a call is called a hazard.

Typical hazards include bunkers, ponds, and streams.


What is a putter?

A club designed to roll the ball when making putts on the green


What is a backswing?

The trajectory of the club when it swings back is called the backswing.


What is backspin?

The rotation (spin) in which the ball rolls backwards.


What is a putting line?

Refers to the expected line along which the ball will roll before entering the cup when putting.


What is Pat?

Rolling the ball with a putter. Also called putting

This is basically done when putting the ball into the cup on the green.


What is Puffy?

About the 4 wood


What is a public course?

Golf courses open to the public (not membership-based)


What is a bulge?

The roundness on the side of the wood face.


What is a bunker?

One of the hazards. A depression in the sand


What is a visitor?

A player who is not a member of the golf course is called a visitor.


What is a pitching wedge?

A club with the second largest loft angle after a 9-iron. Use for approach shots


What is a pin?

Also called a pin flag, this is a flag that is erected to clearly show the location of the cup to players.


What is a pin flag?

Same meaning as pin. A flag to indicate the position of the cup (hole)


What is fur?

When the ball flies toward the adjacent hole, say “Far” out loud to avoid an accident.


What is a foot?

A unit of distance. 1 foot is 30cm

In golf, it is often used to indicate the distance from the ball’s position on the green to the cup.


What is finish?

The position at the end of the swing


What is fairway?

Refers to the entire area between the tee and the green where the grass is mowed short.


What is a face?

The inside of the club head (ball hitting surface)


What is 4 over?

To go up by 4 strokes more than par


What is follow through?

A video of what happens after the ball hits the player during a swing.


What is a hook?

When the ball is shot and curves to the left, it is called a hook. Curving to the opposite side is called slicing.


What is a flyer?

When the ball flies over the green, it is called a flyer.


What is Flex?

The hardness of a golf club shaft. The stiffer the shaft, the less it will flex.

Choosing one with a soft shaft is recommended for women as it will allow you to hit the ball farther; however, if it is too soft, it will bend too much and will not transmit enough force to the ball.

Choose a club with the flex that suits you


What is a head?

The tip of the golf club is called the head.


What is heads up?

During a swing, your head rises just before you hit the ball and you take your eyes off the ball.


What is a penalty?

Punishment given for breaking rules


What is a penalty area?

Areas marked with red stakes and red lines, yellow stakes and yellow lines, and are generally areas where play is not possible or areas designated by the committee.

You can choose to hit either penalty area as is or take relief with a one-stroke penalty.


What is Bent Green?

A green made from evergreen bent grass.


What is Hole Out?

To end play on a hole by placing the ball in the cup.


What is a hole in one?

When the first shot goes directly into the cup, it is called a hole-in-one.


What is a ball mark?

A mark placed on the ground instead of the ball when picking it up.


What is bogey?

To go up by one stroke more than par


What is a marker?

someone who keeps track of scores


What is Marshall?

In self-play, the person in charge of adjusting the time.


What is match play?

Match format where the winner is determined by the number of strokes per hole

If you win on that hole, it’s called “up” and if you lose, you’re called “down.”


What is mulligan?

Allowing revisions in private rounds


What is man-furi?

About a full swing


What is a middle iron?

Metal drivers with sizes 5, 6, and 7 are called middle irons.


What is middle hole?

par 4 hole


What is a manufacturer?

Billi is called maker in golf.


What is a yard?

A unit of distance used in golf. 1 yard is approximately 90cm


What is Utility Club?

A club located between a long iron and a fairway wood is called a utility club.


What is Yosewan?

To get close to the cup on approach and go up on the next putt.

It is called yose-wan because it rises only once after it is brought to the cup.


What is Rai?

The condition of the grass, terrain, etc. around where the ball comes to rest is called a lie.

If the ball is in an easy-to-hit spot, a lie is good. If it’s the other way around, I’ll say it’s Lie’s fault.


What is a round?

All 18 holes or playing 18 holes


What is rough?

A long area of grass outside the fairway (usually outside)


What is orchid?

The way a shot ball rolls after it hits the ground is called a run.


What is the running approach?

An approach shot in which the ball rolls from around the green and approaches the cup.


What is a rake?

Golf equipment for leveling bunkers


What is a layup?

A strategy of carrying the ball (shot and carrying) to a place where it is easy to hit the next shot.


What are local rules?

Local rules determined by each golf course other than the official rules.


What is low side?

Missing to the left when making a putt that bends the ball from right to left


What is Lost Ball?

losing sight of the ball. If the ball is not found within 3 minutes of starting the search, it will be considered a lost ball.


What is loft?

The angle of inclination of the surface of the head that hits the ball.


What is a long iron?

Generic name for 3, 4, and 5 irons


What is long hole?

A par 5 hole. Long holes are long!


What is one-on?

The first shot, the tee shot, hits the green.

By the way, one-on means the first shot, two-on means the second shot, and three-on means the third shot hits the green.


What is one-way start?

Play in order from the first hole to the last hole, the 18th hole.




At the end



How did you like the golf glossary?


When playing golf, think about your companions and the people who will follow you around the course.

If your companion plays well, praise him or her by saying, “Nice!”

We are thinking about shortening the time so that people who go around the course will not have to wait.

It may be difficult for beginners to play alone, but once you get used to it, you can save time and communicate easily.


If you are thinking of playing golf for the first time, be sure to read the following before going around the course.

Please use this glossary of golf terms as a reference to improve your knowledge while practicing.




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