badminton glossary


badminton glossary



Badminton is a sport that you can enjoy playing without worrying about getting injured.

Because you move around the court quickly, you sweat as much as you do in tennis.

The exhilarating feeling when you land a smash is amazing!

When it comes to a match, it’s a sport that both players and viewers can enjoy, as it’s very important to negotiate with your opponent!


Badminton has simple rules, but the terminology used can be quite difficult.

On this page, we have compiled a glossary of badminton terms.

If you want to try badminton, please study it♪


What is out?

A shuttle falling outside the scoring area. The side that hit the ball loses the point.


What is attack lob?

An aggressive lob that flies in a slightly low trajectory.


What is an address?

The address used in badminton refers to the position where you hold your hand.

A tactical battle with your opponent. Get a good address!


What is Above the West?

A type of fault in which the shuttlecock is above the waist (the height of the lowest part of the ribs) at the moment of serving.

Badminton serves should not be hit from above. The rule is to always hit the serve below the waist.


What is an underhand stroke?

Underhand, a stroke made from below


What is Eastern Grip?

The Eastern grip is a way of gripping the racket in which the surface of the racket is perpendicular to the ground, like when gripping a kitchen knife.


What is Inn?

A badminton shuttle entering the inside of the court (it is also considered in if the tip of the shuttle touches the court line)

If the ball is determined to be in, the team that hit the ball will score. Conversely, if the ball falls outside the court, it is called an out (a point conceded by the team that hit the ball).


What is an interval?

time between games


What is Interfair?

If you intentionally obstruct an opponent’s movement, you will be charged with a foul called interference.


What is impact?

The moment the shuttle hits the racket


What is Western Grip?

How to hold the racket. With the Western grip, grip the racket so that the surface is parallel to the ground, like holding a frying pan.


What is Ace?

A shot that scores a point is called an ace in badminton.


What is an end?

about either coat


What is over-the-net?

Racket or body part going beyond the net


What is an overhead stroke?

A stroke in which the shuttlecock is hit from above the head. Hit a strong shot!


What is offense?

An attack is called an offense. On the other hand, defense is called defense.


What is a cut?

A shot made by cutting the shuttlecock. This is a shot that catches the opponent by surprise.


What is gut (string)?

The string that is attached to the racket. Also called string


What is clear?

A shot in which the shuttlecock is sent high and deep into the opponent’s court.


What is a grip (handle)?

Refers to how to grip the racket and the position of the hands when gripping it.

There are power grips, pen holder grips, finger power grips, universal grips, etc.

The key to improving your badminton skills is to choose a grip that suits you!


What is a cross?

Hitting the ball diagonally is called a cross. By the way, hitting the ball straight is called a straight.


What is Crossnet?

A shot hit at the cross direction of the net at the moment of impact using the same form as the hairpin.


What is the game?

A set in volleyball or tennis. Badminton is usually a two-game game.


What is Game All?

A situation in which both players have won one game each (a situation in which the game count is 1 to 1)


What is a game set?

About the end of the game


What are game points?

A score that allows you to win the game if you score just one more point.

What is a call?

In badminton, a call made by the referee during a game is called a call.


What is a server?

A player who serves


What is service?

The first shot that starts a rally. Also called serve


What is service over?

The movement of the right to serve is called a service over.


What is a service court?

Refers to the place where the service should be placed. The size of the service court is different for singles and doubles.


What is a service judge?

An umpire who determines whether a service is a fault or a valid hit.


What is a serving side?

The side that provides the service.

Used for the receiving side (the side that receives the service)


What is side arm stroke?

A stroke in which the shuttlecock is hit next to the body. Let’s take care of the basic strokes!


What is side-by-side?

A tactic used in doubles formation to divide the court into two left and right sides to protect each area.


What is sideline?

vertical line drawn straight on the net


What is thumbs up?

In badminton, placing the pad of your thumb along the grip is called a thumb-up.

Literally, a grip with the thumb raised (up)


What is Chasse?

Refers to the forward movement of footwork. Basic steps in badminton


What is a shuttle (shuttlecock)?

A shuttlecock is the feather that strikes each other in badminton, and its official name is a shuttlecock.


What is a shaft?

The part of the rod that connects the racket frame and grip.

If you hit the ground with your racket as hard as you can, the shaft will break, so don’t hit it with your racket even if you’re angry.


What is jumping smash?

A smash hit by jumping. You can hit a fast shot with an angle, and when it lands, both the player who hit it and the viewers get excited.


What is short service?

A service in which the shuttlecock goes just over the net and falls near the opponent’s service line.


What is short service line?

two lines drawn parallel to the net


What is singles (singles game)?

A match played between players one on one. By the way, a 2-on-2 match is called doubles.


What is the sweet spot?

The center of the racket surface. The part where the rebound is the strongest when hitting the shuttlecock

If you are new to badminton, your first goal should be to hit the sweet spot!


What is swing?

The way you swing the racket is called a swing. Same as the swing used in golf and baseball


What is a score?

About scores and grades


What are strings?

About gut


What is stance?

refers to the way the feet are held


What is a stop?

One of the variations of push, a shot that kills the momentum of the opponent’s shot and causes it to fall at the edge of the net.


What is spinnet?

A shot in which the shuttle is rotated using the same form as a hairpin shot.


What is Smash?

A shot that is hit at an acute angle as if hitting the shuttlecock into the opponent’s court.

A smash that is hit by jumping is called a jumping smash.


What is center line?

Refers to the center line that divides the service court into two.


What is Touch the Net?

A foul in which a racket, clothing, or part of the body touches the net during play.

According to the rules of badminton, players are not allowed to touch the net during play. Be careful when hitting a jump smash near the net!


What is Tats the Body?

The shuttlecock touching your clothes or body during play.

According to the rules of badminton, you cannot touch anything other than the racket on the shuttlecock.

Be careful if the shot is hit in front of your body, as the shuttle will easily hit your body!


What is doubles?

A game of badminton played 2 on 2.

Same as table tennis or tennis doubles games


What is double touch?

A foul act in which two players hit the shuttlecock consecutively in a doubles match.

Try not to interfere with your teammate’s play


What is a change end?

To change ends (one’s court) with an opponent during a match


What is takeback?

The action of pulling the racket back. Same meaning as golf takeback

When practicing swinging the racket, pay attention to what’s behind you when taking a takeback.


What is Deception?

to outwit one’s expectations

Win the battle and take deception!


What is defense?

About defense. On the other hand, an attack is called an offense.


What is deuce?

If the score is 20-20, it’s a deuce and the first one to gain a two-point difference wins.

Also, in the case of badminton, you win even if you are the first to score 30 points.

Please note that it is slightly different from the deuce used in other sports such as tennis and volleyball!


What is tension?

The force that tightens the gut


What is toss?

Before play begins, the decision to decide whether to serve or choose an end is called a toss.

If the person loses the toss, the winner chooses the rest that they did not choose.


What is top and back?

In doubles, a formation that divides the court into front and back.


What is Drive (Drive Service)?

A service shot that follows a flight (trajectory) parallel to the floor.

A good service is to hit a drive shot close to the net!


What is dribbling?

A foul in which the same player hits the shuttlecock twice in a row.


What is Driven Clear?

A clear shot made with an overhead stroke, which is a low, fast, aggressive clear.


What is a drop?

A shot that is hit with an overhead stroke and lands at the opponent’s net.

Incorporate drops into your rally and shake up your opponent!


What is Netshot?

Any shot that is hit near the net is called a net shot.

Net shots include hairpin, push, cross net, etc.

Let’s train to hit all the shots at the net so we can win the game.


What is Netpost?

A post that secures both ends of the net.

Be careful not to hit the net post while chasing the shuttle.


What is a knock?

Basic badminton practice method

A practice in which a shuttle is presented to a player with his hand or racket, and the player hits it.

Basic training on how to use a badminton racket and develop footwork


What is a knocker?

The person who knocks (the person who issues the shuttle to the player)

The knock level changes depending on the knocker technology. To become a good badminton player, have a tough knocker or a good knocker knock you!


What is a partner?

Players who play doubles together

If you want to win the game, the shortcut is to improve your cooperation with your partners.


What is a half point?

The area between the front and rear guards during doubles.

If you drop the shuttlecock here, you may end up giving up the shuttle to your opponent or making a mistake, so be careful when defending.


What is a half push?

A shot aimed at the center of the opponent’s court or between the players in doubles.

For half pushes, try to hit a place where there are no players.


What is High Clear?

A clear ball that flies high to the opponent’s back line.

It is called high clear because it draws a higher orbit than normal clear.


What is highback?

An overhead stroke made with a backhand.

Beginners should be careful, as failure to practice properly can lead to injury.


What is a backswing?

Swinging the racket backwards


What is a backhand stroke?

How to hit a shuttlecock that flies toward the opposite side of the arm that is holding the racket.

Same as backhand in tennis or soft tennis. Difficult way to hit for beginners


What is the back boundary line?

A back line drawn parallel to the net at the back of the court


What is a handle?

The grip of a badminton racket is called the handle.


What is a hit?

Hitting the shuttlecock is called a hit.


What is the final game?

About the third game


What is fake?

Same meaning as feint. The act of deceiving someone

It’s cool to trick your opponent with fakes and score points!


What is a formation?

Formation when playing doubles

Create a formation that allows you to easily collaborate with your partners.


What is a forehand (forehand stroke)?

A method of hitting the shuttlecock that is on the side of the arm holding the racket.

Same as forehand in tennis or soft tennis. This is the first method for beginners to learn.


What is a fault?

A violation is called a fault


What is follow through?

The movement of the racket after impact

When practicing swings, be aware of follow-through.


What is a foot fault?

A foul in which a portion of the server or receiver’s feet leave the floor when a player serves.


What is footwork?

How to move and move your feet

Footwork is very important in a badminton match.


What is push?

A shot that is hit as if pushing into the opponent’s court.

Often used as a feint. The basic rule of pushing is to land in an area where there are no opposing players.


What is a flight?

The orbit in which the shuttle flies


What is a placement?

Hitting the shuttle where you want it to land


What is a frame?

The frame of the racket

Don’t hit people with the frame!


What is a block?

Refers to the shot made when receiving a smash from an opponent.

Successful blocks require high reflexes from players.


What is a hairpin?

A shot in which a shuttlecock flies at the net, narrowly crosses the net, and falls into the opponent’s court.

It’s extremely frustrating when you fail at a hairpin.


What is home position?

The central position of the court. Or the position from which you start your movement during a rally.

It is difficult to play against players with unique home positions.


What is a holding?

A foul shot made while the shuttlecock is on the racket.

It rarely happens in matches


What is a point?

About the score


What is a body shot?

A shot aimed at the opponent’s body

In badminton, if you let the shuttlecock touch your body, you lose a point. In order to successfully receive body shots, footwork and skillful use of the racket are essential.


What is a match?

About the match

Same as matches often used in general sports


What is match point?

The score at which the game ends if one more point is scored first.


What is meat?

A moment of impact. It also refers to the technique of hitting the racket with the shuttlecock.


What is mix?

Mixed doubles


What is mid court?

The center part of the coat


What is light coat?

Right side of the court facing the net


What is line cross?

A foul act in which a server or receiver steps on or crosses the service line during a service.

When you are tired, it is easy to misplace the line, so be careful when servicing.


What is Round the Head Stroke?

A stroke in which the shuttlecock that flies toward the backhand side is hit with the forehand instead of the backhand.


What is a racket?

Equipment for hitting the shuttlecock in badminton


What is a racket head?

The oval part of the racket where the gut is stretched.

It is called the racket head because it is the head part of the racket.


What is Rush?

Dashing toward the net to hit the shuttlecock during a rally


What is Larry?

A shuttle fight with an opponent

Same as tennis or table tennis rallies


What is lunge posture?

A posture in which the player takes a wide stride and bends his knees at the time of impact.


What is a wrist stand?

How to hold a racket with your wrist raised


What is return?

return the shuttle to the opponent’s court

Let’s practice to give a good return.


What is a lift?

hitting the shuttlecock upwards


What is a receiver?

The player who receives a service is called a receiver in contrast to a server.


What is the receiving side?

The receiving team (player)

The team (player) on the side that serves is called the serving side.


What is Rhett?

A stoppage of the match by the referee


What is left court?

The left side of the court facing the net.


What is roving?

A lob is a shot that is driven deep into the opponent’s court with an underhand stroke.


What is long service?

Service that flies high and far


What is wiper shot?

A shot where you swing a shuttlecock that flies towards the net so that it is parallel to the net.

The name wiper shot comes from its resemblance to car wipers.







How did you like the badminton glossary?

We have explained the terms you need to remember when playing badminton, but whether or not you enjoy playing depends on how you and your opponent feel!

Badminton does not require strong physical strength.

This is a sport where agility and judgment are important.

Unless you have a body that can move to a certain extent, you won’t be able to make dynamic and flashy plays.


Let’s practice repeatedly and have fun playing badminton while observing courtesy, etiquette, and rules!




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