I often use! List of game terms (game glossary)


Game glossary



I think every modern person has played games at least once.

Up until now, various software has been released for various hardware.

From the birth of games to the present, various terms have appeared.


This time, we have summarized the terms of such historical games (computer games).

I’m sure you’ll come across a variety of terms, from those that everyone knows to those that you don’t often hear.

If you like games, please join us.



RTA (Real Time Attack)

RTA is a play style in which players compete by measuring the actual time from the start of the game to its completion.

In this competition, all time including rest time is subject to measurement.

RTA requires a deep understanding of the game, as not only the player’s skill, but also in-game route selection and strategy rework are important.

It is also gaining increasing attention in the field of e-sports.

RTA brings out new appeal in games and further enriches the community.


arcade game

Arcade games refer to games played on large game machines installed in public places such as game centers.

In recent years, the number of games has decreased due to the spread of smartphones and online games, but the unique operating feel and shared experience still attracts many fans.

The appeal of arcade games lies in the unique experience that can only be enjoyed on the spot.



Artifacts refer to man-made items and decorations used by players in-game.

In RPGs, etc., they appear as valuable equipment with specific abilities, and have a great impact on the player’s adventure.

Artifacts are important elements that add depth and appeal to the game world.


action role playing game

Action role-playing games are a genre that combines the direct control feel of action games with the character development and story-enhancing elements of role-playing games.

Players directly control their characters, grow them, and progress through the story.

This genre is perfect for players who want to enjoy both easy controls and a deep story.



Active refers to the nature of a player or enemy taking aggressive and proactive actions in a game.

This term is especially used when enemies are actively attacking the player.

Active enemies bring an element of tension and challenge to the game.


Active Time Battle (ATB)

Active Time Battle is a combat system in RPGs that combines real-time and turn-based elements.

Each character’s actions are determined by a gauge that fills up over time.

The ATB system brings dynamic flow and strategic depth to combat.



Agility is an attribute that represents a character’s agility and explosive power, and affects reaction speed and order of actions in the game.

Characters with high agility have the advantage of being able to act before the enemy.

High agility can give you a significant advantage in combat.


guess throw

Hitting is a tactic used in fighting games where you approach your opponent while he or she is defending, and then perform a throwing technique the moment the opponent’s guard is released.

This allows you to break down your opponent’s defense and deal damage.

Hitting throws add a sense of urgency to the game as a strong defense against.


analog games

Analog games are a general term for games that are enjoyed without the use of a computer, and include board games and card games.

Playing face-to-face with people encourages communication and strategic thinking.

Analog games continue to be appealing and fun even in the digital age.


Among Us

Among Us is a game where players take on the role of a crew member on a spaceship, carrying out missions while trying to find an Imposter who has slipped inside.

The Imposter’s role is to eliminate them without the other crew members noticing.

Suspicion and cooperation between players are key. This game requires simple but deep psychological warfare and strategy, and has become extremely popular all over the world.

Among Us is a game about the thrill of walking the thin ice of trust and betrayal.


Safety zone

A safe zone is a specific bug or designed area in a game where the player will not be harmed by any attack.

Such locations can affect game balance and create unfairness between players.

Safe zones are sometimes treated like hidden “secret locations” of gameplay.



Anti-aliasing is a technology that smooths out jagged edges in images and game graphics, creating more realistic and beautiful images.

However, it increases the graphics processing load and may affect performance.

Anti-aliasing is an essential technology for a beautiful visual experience.


unreal engine

Unreal Engine is a powerful 3D game engine developed by Epic Games. Due to its high-quality graphics and flexibility, it is used for game development in various genres.

In addition, its uses are not limited to games, as it is also applied to the production of movies and TV programs.

Unreal Engine is a revolutionary tool that expands the possibilities of creative expression.



E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) is one of the world’s largest video game exhibitions held every year in the United States.

It attracts a lot of attention from industry insiders and fans as a place where new games and the latest technology are announced.

E3 is the highlight of the year’s event, where you can see the latest trends in the gaming industry at a glance.


Training (simulation) game

A development game is a type of simulation game in which players grow characters, creatures, or organizations.

The player’s choices directly affect the growth of the target, and it is characterized by a variety of endings.

Raising games are an attractive genre that allows you to enjoy the joy of raising children and a sense of responsibility at the same time.



Porting is the redevelopment of a game released on one platform so that it can be played on another platform.

It requires some technical adjustments, but is important as a way to bring games to a wider audience.

Porting brings classic games back to life on new platforms.


Potato (potato)

“Imo” is a slang term especially used in FPS games, and refers to a player who wastes time by hiding instead of attacking.

This behavior can have a negative impact on team play.

“Imoru” players need to choose strategic hiding places.



Retirement means a temporary hiatus from gameplay. Indicates that you are taking a break for a period of time, rather than completely retiring.

Retirement is a temporary respite for players to refresh.


invader game

Invader games are a genre of arcade games where you fight off invading enemies, such as “Space Invaders” released by Taito in the 1970s.

This genre represented the early days of video games and influenced many later games.

The Invaders games are classics that hold a timeless place in video game history.



Wii is a home game console released by Nintendo in 2006, and is characterized by a wireless remote controller that can be operated intuitively.

This game console became a worldwide hit, offering the fun of gaming to a wide range of age groups, and the concept that the whole family could play together.

Wii established a new style of enjoying video games by moving your body.



A trick refers to an unofficial strategy within a game that may not have been intended by the developer, or a hidden feature that can be accessed through specific operations.

These provide unexpected fun for players and lead to a rediscovery of the game.

Tricks are an element that makes exploring the game even more appealing.


Luck game

Luck game is a slang term that refers to a game in which the element of luck is more influential than skill or knowledge. These games rely more on random events and probabilities than on player choices and actions.

One of the charms of luck games is the unpredictable development.



Aiming, especially in FPS (first-person shooting games), is the art of precisely aligning the aim with the enemy.

Players with good aim will have an easier time securing advantageous positions in battle.

Aim accuracy is the key to victory in shooting games.



NPC is an abbreviation for non-player character, and refers to a character that operates automatically in a game without being controlled by the player.

These enrich the game world, serve to advance the story and provide quests.

NPCs are an important element that adds to the realism and depth of the game world.


FF (Final Fantasy)

FF is an abbreviation for the RPG series “Final Fantasy” produced by Square Enix.

Since its first release in 1987, it has continued to attract many fans with its original worldview and deep story.

The FF series has carved its name into gaming history as a monumental RPG.



MMORPG is an abbreviation that refers to role-playing games played by a large number of people online at the same time.

In a vast world that progresses in real time, you will grow your character while cooperating and competing with other players.

MMORPGs provide the fun of adventure and interaction in a virtual world.



Encounter refers to when a player encounters an enemy in an RPG, etc., and it means switching to a battle screen.

There are two types: symbol encounters and random encounters.

Encounters add to the tension and strategy element in the game.



Overkill refers to killing an enemy with a more powerful attack than necessary.

This act provides players with a sense of superiority and satisfaction in the game.

Overkill can be an overwhelming display of power.



A chase refers to the act of attacking your opponent further when he or she is weak.

It is a strategy seen in fighting games, etc., and aims to completely destroy the enemy.

Moments in which chases are possible add to the sense of realism and tactical depth in the game.


response speed

Response speed refers to the speed at which a display or monitor receives information and displays it on the screen, expressed in milliseconds.

A display with a low response time is suitable for smoothly displaying fast-moving games and videos, especially important for competitive play and high-speed action games.

This is one of the specifications that cannot be overlooked and is the key to determining the gaming experience.


Get up and attack

Wake attack refers to an attack in fighting games that is aimed at the moment when an opponent stands up from a down position.

This tactic creates an opportunity to inflict additional damage by attacking your opponent at a moment when their defense is inadequate.

This is an important technique to overwhelm your opponent without letting him catch his breath.


falling game

A falling game is a genre of games where you manipulate blocks and pieces that fall from above, clear them, and earn points, like Tetris or Puyo Puyo.

Although simple, it requires deep strategy and reflexes, and is popular among a wide range of age groups.

It’s a game style with universal appeal that everyone can enjoy.


drop down

“Falling” refers to temporarily leaving the game in an online game.

This is an expression used when a player needs to take a break or take time away from the game to attend to daily chores.

Even in the world of online games, real-life balance is important.


music game

A music game is a music game where you follow the instructions displayed on the screen in time with the music.

It is a genre that tests your sense of rhythm and reflexes, and features a wide variety of songs.

You can play games while enjoying music, and it is loved by many fans.

The unique fun that comes from the fusion of music and games is appealing.


online game

Online games are games in which you play against or cooperate with players from all over the world over the Internet.

You can enjoy it on a variety of devices including PCs, smartphones, and game consoles.

It allows for real-time interaction and functions as a place for community formation.

A modern form of gaming that offers new experiences through connections.



guard cancel

Guard cancel is a technique used in competitive fighting games.

Players can switch directly from guard state to other actions (attack, move, etc.).

This allows you to instantly go from defense to counterattack.

This technology is an element that further deepens the bargaining in the game.


counter stop

Counterstop refers to the phenomenon in which a number reaches the upper limit that can be processed in the game and no longer increases.

For example, your score or level may reach the maximum value and you will not be able to progress any further.

This phenomenon is an interesting aspect that shows the depth and limitations of the game at the same time.


sure kill

Definite kill means to definitely kill an enemy player, mainly in FPS (first person shooter) games.

Also, in team battles, it refers to the action of defeating everyone on the enemy team and securing victory.

Accurate kills are an important tactic that is the key to victory in team battles.


Augmented reality (AR)

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that superimposes digital information on the real world.

Games provide new experiences by using real environments as the stage for gameplay and by displaying virtual objects in the real world.

Pokemon GO is a typical game that uses this technology.

AR technology is an innovative way to extend gaming experiences into the real world.


fighting games

Fighting games are a genre of competitive games in which players control characters and fight one-on-one or in teams.

Strategic thinking and reflexes are required, such as exchanging techniques and combo attacks.

Fighting games are a genre that thrives on direct competition and deep tactical depth.



Gacha is a payment system that allows players to randomly obtain items and characters within the game.

Like real Gacha Gacha, what comes out depends on luck, providing surprises and anticipation for players.

Gacha, while increasing expectations for the game, has also become a source of discussion regarding payment.


hunting ground

A hunting ground is a place in a game where players can efficiently defeat enemy characters and gain experience points and items.

This is a term used especially in MMORPGs, and is an essential area for efficiently leveling up and collecting resources.

The hunting ground is an area that plays an important role in the progression of the game.


gun shooting game

Gun shooting games are a genre of games where you use a gun-shaped controller to shoot targets on the screen.

It imitates the realistic shooting experience and tests the player’s sniping skills.

This genre is appealing for its visceral fun and tension.



Countdown refers to the state in which the in-game value has reached the set upper limit and will not increase any further.

This is often a turning point in the player’s strength and game progression.

Quantum Strike provides players with one major sense of accomplishment in the game.



Kick refers to the act of forcibly forcing a specific player to leave an online game or chat room.

There are many reasons for this, the main ones being rule violations and inappropriate behavior.

This feature is used to maintain a healthy community environment.

This is a necessary measure to maintain order in the community.


character makeup

Character makeup is a feature that allows players to customize the appearance and abilities of the characters they control in-game.

This feature allows players to further personalize their gaming experience.

The fun of creating your own character deepens the immersion of the game.



Carry refers to the act of supporting a less experienced or skilled player, especially in team games, by a more skilled player, leading them to victory.

This term symbolizes the importance of team coordination and cooperation.

Mutual support is the key to successful team play.


killer title

A killer title is a game that has such an impact that it’s worth buying a particular console just for it.

These games greatly contribute to the adoption of new hardware.

A killer title that has the power to influence the fate of your hardware with just one game.



A guild is a group of players formed in an online game, where members can exchange information and enjoy playing together.

Guilds serve as in-game social gathering places.

Guilds are the core of a community that helps you enjoy online gaming even more.



k means kilo (1000) in the numerical unit and is mainly used to briefly indicate amounts or quantities.

It is also used to indicate the amount of rewards or achievements in the game.

A useful abbreviation to simplify the representation of numbers.


king of fighters

King of Fighters is a fighting game series developed and released by SNK, and is an all-star game in which various SNK game characters come together to fight.

The series is popular for its deep tactics and variety of characters.

The richness of the characters and the depth of the tactics are what keep fans captivated.


Kingdom hearts

Kingdom Hearts is an RPG released by Square Enix, and is a game with a unique world that combines the world view of Disney and the characters of the Final Fantasy series.

This series has gained many fans with its unique concept and fascinating story.

The unique charm created by the fusion of different worlds is the core of Kingdom Hearts.



crap game

Kusogame is a slang term used to refer to games whose gameplay or design is of unsatisfactory quality.

However, for some players, this imperfection can be an attraction, and it can even become a cult favorite.

The unique attachment created by imperfection is the mysterious charm of crap games.


cloud games

Cloud gaming refers to a technology where games are processed on a remote server and streamed to players’ devices over the Internet.

You can enjoy high-quality games on a variety of devices without the need for high-performance hardware.

This is an innovative service that opens up new possibilities for gaming experiences.



GRAVO is an abbreviation for graphics board, which is an important component responsible for image processing within a computer.

Equipped with a high-performance graphics card, it is possible to achieve high-resolution graphics and smooth video playback.

Grabo selection is the key to maximizing the beauty of the game.



Credits is a section that introduces the people and organizations involved in the creation of your game.

For players, it’s an opportunity to pay homage to the creators of the game.

This is an important moment when we must remember to express our gratitude to the people behind the creation of the game.


Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is an RPG released by Square (now Square Enix) in 1995 that depicts a timeless adventure.

This game, created by the top creators of the time, is still highly praised for its innovative gameplay and engaging story.

This is a timeless masterpiece that continues to captivate players with its timeless adventure.


game archives

Game Archives is a service that resells game software released in the past on PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and PC Engine in digital download format.

This allows you to enjoy nostalgic game titles on modern game consoles.

This is a great service that allows you to easily enjoy classics from the past.


game over

A game over occurs when the player’s character meets the defeat conditions set in the game, and means the end of the game.

This includes running out of lives, running out of time, etc.

Game over is an inevitable moment in a series of challenges.



A game center is a facility equipped with arcade game machines, where you can experience a wide variety of games.

Recently, a variety of entertainment has been provided, such as VR games and action experience games.

Game centers are unique playgrounds where digital and real intersect.



Gamers are people who avidly play video games as a hobby. They are deeply immersed in the world of gaming and enjoy a variety of titles and genres.

Gamers are adventurers who explore the endless possibilities of gaming.


game book

A gamebook is an interactive book in which the reader makes choices in the story and the story branches depending on the outcome.

It can be said to be a paper version of a sound novel, and the reader becomes the main character of the story.

Gamebooks have the charm of allowing you to enjoy a different adventure each time you read them.


primitive meat

Primitive meat is a symbolic depiction of a large piece of meat, often seen in games and comics.

This meat, which is rarely seen in real life, symbolizes strength and richness in characters’ eating scenes.

Primitive Meat strongly expresses the rich food culture of the fictional world.


ghost of tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is an action-adventure game developed by Sucker Punch Productions.

This game, set in Tsushima during the Mongol Invasion era, has received high praise for its beautiful graphics and realistic combat system.

Ghost of Tsushima is a work that allows you to experience a page from history in a powerful way.



CoD is an abbreviation for Call of Duty, which is an FPS game series themed around historical wars including World War II.

Many series have been released and are widely played all over the world.

The CoD series is one of the most enthusiastic titles in the FPS genre.


Strategy book

A strategy book is a guidebook that explains in detail the strategy, data, secret elements, etc. of a video game.

Help players understand the game more deeply and overcome challenges.

The strategy book is a treasure map for exploring the depths of the game.


typographical error

Typographical errors refer to typographical errors or mistakes in text or digital content.

Typos in games can sometimes create unintentional humor.

Typographical errors are a small sign of humanity in the pursuit of perfection.



Coneros is a slang term that refers to a loss of connectivity in online games or applications that require an Internet connection.

Especially in online games, if your connection drops while playing, it can affect the game in progress and cause frustration.

It’s a true “time is money” moment that tends to happen in the most frustrating moments.


consumer games

Consumer games refer to video games played on game consoles to be enjoyed at home.

These include PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and more, allowing you to enjoy games from a variety of genres.

It is the centerpiece of entertainment at home.



Continuing refers to restarting the game from where you left off after failing or getting a game over.

Many games allow you to continue by consuming a certain amount of resources.

It is a ray of hope for gamers who can continue to take on challenges without giving up.



Combo refers to a system in the game where players can obtain higher scores or additional effects by successfully performing a series of techniques or actions.

It is especially important in fighting games and action games.

This is one of the best parts of the game, testing the player’s skill and explosiveness.


side view

Side view refers to the way the game screen is designed to be viewed from the side.

This perspective is often found in action games and platformers because it provides the player with a wide field of view and allows detailed movement of characters and objects.

The side view is a perspective that allows you to experience the game world clearly.


Search for enemies

Searching refers to the action or ability to locate and locate enemies in the game.

It is especially important in strategy games and shooting games, and is the key to players securing an advantageous position.

Spotting your enemy is an important skill for gaining strategic advantage.


sound novel

A sound novel is a game in which you read the story as you progress through it, and it incorporates music and sound effects as important elements.

The story branches depending on your choices, and you can enjoy multiple endings.

Sound novels offer a unique format for deeply immersing yourself in a story.


Live Powerful Professional Baseball

Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball is a professional baseball game series released by Konami that features player development elements and side stories.

The unique deformed character is one of its charms, and it has remained popular throughout the series.

PowerPro continues to create new appeal for baseball games.



Self-destruction refers to failure in a game due to the player’s own actions.

This includes intentional sacrifices and mistakes.

Self-destruction sometimes appears as a strategic choice or as an accidental incident.



JOYCONBOYZ is a Nintendo fan community centered around the late Etika, and is a group formed by his passionate fandom.

This community represents the unity of people who love the game.

JOYCONBOYZ is a testament to the strong bond we share in the love of gaming.


the cross key

The cross key is a button on a game controller that allows you to move up, down, left, and right.

Since its introduction in Family Computer, it has become a standard operating tool for many game consoles.

The D-pad is a masterpiece of design that allows for simple yet intuitive operation.


shooting game

Shooting games are a game genre that focuses on players shooting targets using various weapons.

The genre is very wide-ranging, ranging from classic arcade-style games where you pilot a spaceship to highly realistic first-person shooters.

Shooting games often require reflexes and strategic thinking, providing players with the opportunity to develop split-second judgment and precise aiming skills.


Instant death

“Instant kill” literally means to defeat or be defeated by an enemy in an instant.

Instant kills in games can sometimes indicate a high level of player skill and strategy, but they can also occur in surprise attacks or in situations where there is a huge difference in power.

This terminology can increase the tension of gameplay and create unforgettable moments on the way to victory.


Beginner hunting (shoshinshagari)

Beginner hunting refers to the act of experienced players targeting novice players to easily win.

This behavior is often viewed as problematic within the online gaming community and is considered to be against the spirit of fair play.

Beginner hunting can be discouraging for new players and can detract from the gaming experience.



Processing sluggishness refers to a phenomenon in which the performance of games and applications decreases, causing delays in screen drawing and input.

This typically occurs when the processing demands of the software exceed the capabilities of the hardware.

Processing lags can have a negative impact on gameplay and can be a source of frustration for players.


simulation game

Simulation games are a genre that mimics real-world activities and processes and puts players in control.

This includes things like city planning, business management, and even simulating life in another world.

Simulation games develop skills in strategic thinking, planning, and resource management while giving players the freedom to experiment and error in a virtual environment.


super nes

The Super Famicom is a home game console released by Nintendo in 1990, and is the successor to the Family Computer.

Its groundbreaking graphics and sound, as well as its extensive game library, were loved by many users and marked an important milestone in the video game industry.

The Super Nintendo had a huge impact on gaming culture and is still loved by many fans today.


score attack

Score attack refers to a play style where you aim for the highest possible score in the game.

This approach encourages players to hone their skills and dig deeper into each aspect of the game.

Score Attack fosters competition within the community and creates an environment where players aim to exceed their limits.



Steam is a digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation.

It revolutionized the world of PC gaming by providing a place to buy, download, play, and engage with the community.

Steam is embraced by gamers around the world for its convenience and extensive library.


Throwaway game (terrible game)

A throwaway game refers to the act of abandoning an arcade game midway through.

This behavior is often caused by the game’s difficulty or the player’s situation.

A throwaway game can indicate a player’s frustration with a particular game or situation.



Strategy games challenge players to achieve goals through strategic planning, resource management, and fighting adversaries.

This genre emphasizes thinking and understanding assumptions, and often requires complex decisions.

Strategy games can provide players with a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.



The save game feature is a feature that allows players to save their game progress and resume from that point at a later time.

This feature is especially valuable in long or difficult games, allowing players to take a break or move on to other activities without losing the progress they have made.

The proliferation of save functions has greatly improved the flexibility of gameplay.




Punching is a phenomenon especially seen in competitive fighting games, where a player hits the game console or arcade table out of frustration after losing.

This is a sign of a momentary loss of emotional control and can be seen as disrespectful to the players and equipment around you.

It is important to maintain self-control and not lose your cool.


time attack

Time attack is the act of clearing the game in the shortest possible time, or competing for the record.

This challenge requires a deep understanding of the game, meticulous planning, and provides players with the opportunity to push the limits of the game.

By playing the game over and over again, small techniques and shortcuts may be discovered, which stimulates sharing and competition within the community.



Cheating is the act of using illegal means to make it easier to win a game, or giving a character abilities that are not possible during normal play.

This is widely criticized as it makes the game less fair and takes away the fun from other players.

Skilled players can sometimes be mistaken for cheating, but true skill should only be appreciated in fair competition.



Cheetahs are people who cheat or use special techniques to gain illegal benefits in games.

The presence of cheaters disrupts the balance of the game and erodes trust between players.

Gaming communities should value fair play, and cheaters are typically subject to strict action.


Super reaction (chohannou)

Hyperreactivity refers to reaction speeds and actions that exceed human capabilities.

We see this in-game primarily due to the CPU and advanced AI, which is difficult for players to imitate.

These super reactions are an element that increases the difficulty of the game and poses a great challenge for players.



TAS, or Tool Assisted Speedrun, is a time attack performed using special software tools to optimize game play.

This allows for reaction speeds and perfect movements that are impossible for humans, and brings out the maximum potential of games.

TAS reveals hidden techniques and bugs in the game, helping you to understand the game better.



Twitch is a live streaming distribution platform provided by Amazon that specializes in game distribution.

It is used by many users around the world, and not only games but also various entertainment contents are live-streamed.

The platform enables direct communication between broadcasters and viewers, and plays an important role as a place for sharing gaming culture, exchanging information, and building community.

The appeal of Twitch is the real-time interaction.

The ability to share gameplay while communicating directly between broadcasters and viewers sets it apart from traditional gaming experiences.

In addition to games, the distribution of music, art, and other content is also increasing, and the fact that a variety of creative activities are being carried out is attracting attention.


grab game

Refers to a game where you use chopsticks or other difficult tools to grab and transfer red beans or other small items to another container.

It is mainly enjoyed as a children’s play or party game, and is suitable for testing manual dexterity and concentration.

It’s especially valuable as a realistic experience, since it’s difficult to fully recreate that physical element in computer games.

This game is simple and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

In addition, by adding a competitive element, it has an element that can be very exciting at parties and other occasions.

But it’s also interesting that its simplicity sets it apart from modern games that demand a variety of gameplay and storytelling.


Stuffed meat

A shogi term that refers to a situation where no matter what moves you make, defeat is inevitable.

It is also used in games and in various situations in daily life to express a hopeless situation where no solution can be found.

This term symbolizes the importance of strategic thinking and planning, and teaches us the importance of calmly considering the best option in any situation.

The concept of “tsumu” is more than just a gaming term; it symbolizes an attitude toward the difficulties and challenges faced in many aspects of life.

The process of overcoming setbacks and failures and finding solutions can be an important opportunity for growth and learning.


stacking game

This refers to games that you have purchased but have not played due to time constraints or other priorities.

This phenomenon is especially noticeable in modern times, when it has become easier to purchase games.

Due to sales, discounts, and bundle packs, players may purchase many games at attractive prices, but have limited time to actually play them.

Stacking games reflect the characteristics of consumer culture and the gaming industry.

At first glance, the act of accumulating purchased games may seem like a waste of resources, but it also helps maintain anticipation and enjoyment of the game.

This phenomenon also provides a good opportunity for players to reevaluate their interests and priorities, deciding which games they should devote their time to.


Landing hunting (chakuchigari)

In fighting games, this refers to the tactic of attacking the opponent at the moment they land from a jump.

This technique requires advanced skill in anticipating the opponent’s actions and launching attacks at precisely the right time.

Land hunting is an effective strategy for limiting your opponent’s movement and swaying the flow of the game in your favor.

Land-hunting tactics epitomize the deep strategic and technical demands of competitive fighting games.

Players must predict their opponent’s movements and use their reaction speed and technique to create advantageous situations.

This shows the importance of psychological warfare and tactical decisions in the game.


copyright law

Copyright law is a law that protects the creator of a work certain rights regarding the use of that work.

In the gaming industry, it plays an important role in protecting the copyright of content (gameplay footage, music, character design, etc.) created by game developers and publishers.

Copyright law prevents others from copying or distributing works without permission, and protects the rights and interests of creators.

However, this law often creates tension with fan activities such as game reviews and playthrough videos.

How to balance the scope of copyright law and the freedom of fan content is an important debate in the game industry.

Promoting creativity and innovation while respecting the rights of creators is a major challenge in this field.



Tier is a concept used in-game to rank the strength of characters and equipment, or the skill of players.

This system is very useful as it makes it easier to understand the balance of the game and helps players develop strategies.

Tier 1 is considered the most powerful or desirable, with higher numbers decreasing its strength and usefulness.

This also has the effect of making it easier for players to understand where they stand and set goals for improvement.



Discord is a particularly popular communication tool among gamers due to its versatility and ease of use.

You can easily talk to friends while playing the game, which helps improve teamwork during cooperative and competitive play.

You can also create communities around specific games or hobbies, making it easy to connect with people who share your interests.


Dead by Daylight

“Dead by Daylight” is a survival horror game designed as an asymmetric multiplayer game.

The game offers different experiences by allowing the player to play the role of either a killer or a survivor.

As survivors, your goal is to work together to survive, while as a killer, your goal is to capture survivors one by one.

This game is tense and provides players with an unforgettable experience.



Debugging is a very important part of game development.

This process ensures the quality of the game and provides a comfortable gaming experience for players.

Debugging can be time-consuming and sometimes challenging, but it’s an essential step for development teams, as neglecting it can have a huge impact on player satisfaction.


The “ceiling” in gacha refers to the reward that is guaranteed after the player consumes a certain amount or number of times.

This system was established as a guarantee to ensure that players can receive a certain amount of rewards even in gachas that have a strong luck element.

The ceiling system allows players to reduce some of the frustration caused by extreme bad luck, reducing the risk that their investment in the game will be completely wasted.


doping items

Doping items are items that players use to improve their character’s abilities permanently rather than temporarily.

These are especially common in the RPG genre, and are an essential element for character enhancement.

Such items can have a huge impact on the progress of the game and are a source of great joy for players.

The presence of doping items is extremely important for strategic planning in the game, and it is up to the player to determine how best to use them.


tokyo game show

Tokyo Game Show (TGS) is one of the largest gaming events in the world, and is a place where many game fans and industry professionals gather every year.

It contributes to the development of gaming culture by announcing new games, trying them out, and interviewing developers.

The fact that it was held online in 2020 shows the gaming industry’s willingness to respond flexibly to the global situation, and provided a new experience for many participants.

TGS will continue to play an important role in capturing trends in the gaming industry and creating a new gaming culture.


dragon quest

The Dragon Quest series is a pioneer in the RPG genre and continues to be loved by many fans.

Its simple and easy-to-understand game system and heartwarming story have been accepted by players of a wide range of age groups.

Dragon Quest has also received high acclaim for its game design, music, and storytelling, and has had a great influence on gaming culture.

The impact this series has had on the gaming industry is immeasurable, and there is no doubt that its tradition will continue into the future.



Trailers are an important tool for condensing and conveying the appeal of a game.

With little information available about new games, trailers not only heighten fans’ expectations, but also serve as an effective means of conveying the game’s world, characters, and gameplay features in a short amount of time.

The quality of a trailer has a huge impact on the first impression of the game, so a lot of effort and creativity goes into its creation.

A visually appealing trailer can captivate players and take a big step towards the success of the game.




Nerfing is an act in which a game operator adjusts the balance within a game by weakening certain items, characters, abilities, etc.

This is done to prevent overly powerful elements from compromising fairness between players.

Nerfs can sometimes be controversial within the community, but they play an important role in preserving the quality of the long-term gaming experience.

Personally, I feel that when properly implemented, nerfs encourage players to explore new strategies and playstyles.

This keeps the game fresh and keeps players entertained.



Namco is one of the pioneers in the gaming industry, creating many innovative titles from arcade games to home video games.

Through the management integration with Bandai, we are further expanding our influence as Bandai Namco Holdings.

Games created by Namco, such as Pac-Man and Xevious, continue to be loved by generations, and their spirit of creativity and innovation has influenced many game developers.

For me, Namco games are inextricably linked to fond childhood memories, and I consider their history and heritage to be of invaluable value.



Nintendo is one of the most iconic companies in the gaming industry, with many innovative consoles and legendary titles.

Their products consistently set new industry standards and are loved by people of all ages. Nintendo’s success lies in its commitment to always putting the user’s enjoyment first and never compromising on quality and creativity.

I’m deeply impressed by how Nintendo games can bring people together across generations.

Nintendo is more than just a game maker; we are artists who create stories and experiences that leave a lasting impression on people.


Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch blurs the line between home and handheld game consoles with its unique hybrid design.

This flexibility makes it possible to provide a high-quality gaming experience anytime and anywhere, and has offered many players new ways to play.

The Switch has been embraced by a wide range of people, from families to hardcore gamers, and its popularity has not waned even several years after its release.

I’m a big fan of the Switch myself, and I love its portability and rich game library.


nintendo direct

Nintendo Direct is highly regarded as a novel way to deliver the latest Nintendo information directly to fans.

Information about new games and updates announced through this event always arouses great anticipation and excitement.

For me, Nintendo Direct is a source of conversation and fun to share with friends and family. I think this is a great example of how Nintendo is actively trying to engage with the community.


Nuru game

Nurugame refers to games that can be played in a relaxed manner without any particular stress.

These games are ideal for players who tend to get discouraged by too much difficulty, or for people who just want some casual fun.

I believe that Nurgames play an important role as a means of relaxation and distraction through games.

It’s a reminder that games are meant to be fun, not just a challenge.



The Neo Geo was an important platform, especially for fans of fighting games, and its high performance allowed them to enjoy arcade-quality games at home.

The work produced by Neo Geo remains highly regarded today as an example of innovation in game design and character development.

We pay our respects to the unique charm of Neo Geo games and to the series of works that continue to be loved throughout the ages.



Nekama refers to the act of misrepresenting one’s gender for a specific purpose in online communities or games.

This phenomenon has sparked widespread debate about identity fluidity and anonymity online.

Nekama’s presence highlights the complexity of human relationships and communication in online spaces, and provides an opportunity to deepen our understanding of identity in the digital age.

As online interactions become more commonplace, I feel that we need to constantly think about how to respond to and deepen our understanding of such phenomena.


Internet game

Net games, also known as online games, are games in which many players from all over the world participate via the Internet and enjoy interaction and competition in real time.

These games range from MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) to online shooting games and strategy games.

Online games make the gaming experience more social, encouraging communication, cooperation, and competition between players.

Personally, I find the sense of community and the experience of connecting with people from all over the world that online gaming provides extremely appealing, and it represents a new form of interaction in today’s digital age.



Nenabe refers to people who act like men online even though they are women in real life.

This phenomenon can result from a desire to be free from gender-based expectations and stereotypes or to try a different social experience within a particular online community or game.

Nenabe is an example of how online anonymity offers people new forms of self-expression.

Regarding this phenomenon, I am interested in how online spaces enable the exploration of diverse identities, and how this changes discussions about gender roles in the real world.


no continue

No Continue refers to completing the game without continuing at all, and is often considered a particularly challenging achievement.

This term is often used in fighting and action games that test the player’s skill and tenacity, but can also be found in time-consuming RPGs and the like.

Completing the game without continuing brings a great sense of accomplishment to the player.

This achievement shows a deep understanding and mastery of the game, and I personally find it fascinating to rediscover the depth of the game through such challenges.



NP stands for “No Problem” and means “no problem” or “okay.” This phrase is frequently used when communicating with overseas players in online games, guilds, and parties.

This abbreviation facilitates quick interactions in-game and facilitates smooth communication across language barriers.

Concise phrases like NP play an important role in deepening understanding and cooperation between players from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

This shows that online games are a unique platform for fostering friendship and cooperation on a global scale.





A party, also abbreviated as “PT”, refers to a group of people who form a group when they cannot conquer a game alone.

This system offers the best of co-op play, allowing players with different roles and skills to work together to achieve goals.

The concept of parties in games promotes cohesion with friends and strategic thinking, enriching the gaming experience.


party games

Party games refer to games that can be enjoyed by multiple people, and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, not just computer games.

These games are meant to be enjoyed in a social atmosphere and often encourage interaction and laughter between participants.

Party games are a great way to bring people together and share a good time.



A cadaver refers to a person or person who is so engrossed in games that it interferes with their daily life.

This condition is an extreme example of how a hobby can negatively impact your health and social life, and is a reminder of the importance of a balanced lifestyle.



A bug refers to an error present in a program, which in games causes a result that was not intended by the developer.

Bugs are often discovered even after release, and developers are constantly working to fix them.

The presence of bugs highlights the complexity of software development and emphasizes the importance of quality assurance.


Explosion (bakushi)

Explosive death refers to a situation where you are not able to get a satisfactory result despite investing a large amount of money in gacha etc.

This term refers to the risk and randomness of in-game purchases and encourages consumers to spend wisely.



Box is the common name for Xbox, coming from its box-shaped case.

This nickname indicates how the game console’s design is recognized and loved among users.


Miniature garden game (Hakoniwagame)

A miniature garden game is a simulation game whose purpose is to cultivate and grow within a certain closed worldview.

This genre inspires creativity and exploration, offering players the joy of building their own worlds.


puzzle game

Puzzle games are a type of game in which you find a solution based on regularity, and they exist in various forms, not just on computers.

These games develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills, while also providing an opportunity to use your brain while having fun.



A patch is an update program that fixes bugs or changes the contents of a game.

This system is essential to keeping the game up to date and providing the best experience for players.


bad ending

A bad ending refers to a bad ending that comes to you due to your choices, even though you have cleared the game.

This concept emphasizes the fact that in-game choices have important consequences, increasing the variety and depth of the story.


Battle Royale

A game that allows multiple players to compete against each other, and is sometimes abbreviated as Battle Royale.

This genre is characterized by the simple yet tense rules of fighting until the last man standing, and requires strategic thinking and instant decision-making skills from players.


Battle Royale series

It’s a battle royale type game, where a large number of players fight for survival.

This genre is popular all over the world due to its appeal of psychological warfare and tactics between players.



An original PC game that has not had any functional enhancements such as various updates.

Games in this state can be enjoyed in their original, pure form, which makes them highly valued by a certain fan base.



A term that refers to strengthening the abilities of a character or opponent in a game.

This mechanic adds depth to gameplay and allows for a variety of strategies.


Asymmetric fighting game

A competitive game where the positions differ depending on the affiliation.

This type of game allows you to enjoy conflicts between players with different roles and abilities, offering a diverse experience.


HP (hit points)

HP is an abbreviation for Hit Point and refers to physical strength points.

This system is an element that increases the sense of tension in the game and encourages players to play strategically.



In a fighting game, etc., when the character you are using becomes temporarily unable to operate when you are repeatedly attacked one-sidedly.

This expression gives players a unique impression as one of the damage expressions in the game.



This command measures the response speed with the connected server in online games, etc. The lower the value, the easier the playing environment will be.

This index is an important element for comfortably enjoying online games.



A game where the object is to bounce a ball and send it toward a target, similar to pachinko.

Although this game is simple, it requires a high level of skill and concentration, and is loved by many people.



A word that refers to increasing one’s results all at once, and in games, the act of creating free space by deleting cache data that has been accumulated or freeing up memory when processing slows down in an online game etc. It often refers to

This action is essential for the player to enjoy the game smoothly.


first person shooting

First-person shooter (FPS) is a genre of action games in which players experience the game world through the eyes of a character.

This perspective makes it easier to immerse yourself in the in-game environment, while also allowing you to enjoy the direct action of defeating enemies using weapons such as guns.



A home game console developed by Nintendo, it is a revolutionary presence in the gaming market.

This game console provided many people’s first video gaming experience and had a huge impact on the gaming industry later on.


Part destruction

It mainly refers to the act of destroying a specific part, such as an opponent’s arm, and in certain games, it is set up that you can get special rewards by destroying that part.

This mechanic provides players with strategic choices during combat.



An element in a game or system that triggers an action when certain conditions are met.

By raising flags, the story progresses or certain events occur.



Getting a new product sooner than its scheduled release date.

This phenomenon is especially indicative of high expectations and enthusiasm for games and entertainment products.



This refers to a state in which the game is interrupted for some reason and becomes inoperable.

Freezes can be an unexpected inconvenience for players and cause great frustration, especially when saved data is lost.



Each still image that makes up the screen of a game or video.

Frames directly affect the smooth movement and video quality of your game.


frame rate

This is an indicator that shows the number of frames displayed per second in games and videos.

A high frame rate allows for smoother video expression.



Abbreviation for Player Killer, which refers to the act of attacking and defeating other players in online games, or such players.

Penalties are an element that increases competition and tension in games, but they can also be viewed as problematic depending on the rules and etiquette of the game.



A character that the player can control in a game.

Playable characters provide players with a window into experiencing the game world.



It is an abbreviation for “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” and is a familiar expression among fans.

The game has received critical acclaim for its vast open world and highly flexible gameplay.



Hate refers to the hostility or aggressive focus that enemy characters have towards players or NPCs (non-player characters) in a game.

This mechanism allows the enemy to choose what to attack and shapes the dynamics of the battle.

This is especially important in genres such as MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games), where strategies and role sharing are required among players to attract the enemy’s attention.

This system provides a more engaging experience for players by adding depth and strategy to the game.



PvE, or Player versus Environment, refers to a mode in which players challenge the in-game AI and environment.

In this mode, players will face computer-controlled enemies and obstacles and attempt to complete various quests and missions.

PvE is the perfect mode to deeply explore the game’s world and relive the story, and supports co-op play and solo challenges.

The story-driven gameplay that PvE offers is an attractive element for many players.



PvP, or Player versus Player, is a gameplay mode in which players compete directly against each other.

This mode provides a great opportunity to test your skills, strategy, and reflexes, and stimulates your competitive spirit.

PvP is found in many online games and can be enjoyed in a variety of formats, from ranked matches to friendly matches.

For players, playing against other human players provides an unpredictable and challenging experience, increasing the replay value of the game.


benchmark test

Benchmark tests are conducted to evaluate a computer’s performance in playing PC games.

This test will determine if the game meets the recommended spec requirements or if there are any hardware upgrades needed to enjoy the game at optimal settings.

Benchmark testing is an important tool for players to improve the quality of their gaming experience and helps ensure smooth and comfortable gameplay.



A bot refers to an automated character or program in online games.

This includes AI characters provided by game operators, as well as programs created by players to automate gameplay.

Bots are sometimes used to act as enemies to players or to automate repetitive tasks, especially in genres such as MMORPGs.

However, it can also be used for fraudulent activities, which can impair the balance and fairness of the game, so the management has taken measures to manage this.



mother 2

This is an RPG game released by Nintendo in 1994, and is a masterpiece that became a hot topic for its unique characters and story.

Its unique worldview and heartwarming story continue to be loved by many fans.



Abbreviation for Magic Point, which refers to the points consumed when a character uses special abilities such as magic in RPG games.

Managing MP effectively is an important strategy for progressing through the game.



A technique used in fantasy games that imitates natural phenomena such as fire, water, and lightning, or has special effects such as restoring physical strength.

Magic adds variety to combat and puzzle solving in the game.



Refers to cooperative play in online games, a style of gameplay in which multiple players work together to achieve a joint goal.

Multiplayer provides a different sense of fun and accomplishment than playing alone.


multiple endings

A feature of the game where the ending differs depending on the choices made, meaning that the player’s choices have a major impact on the game world.

This system gives the game replayability and emphasizes the importance of player choice.


Multiplayer online battle arena

MOBA is a competitive game in which two teams aim to destroy the opponent’s base.

Teamwork and strategy are the keys to victory, and it is supported by many players around the world.


infinite loop

This refers to a situation in which a player is unable to progress in a game, and can occur due to a program malfunction.

This condition can be a source of frustration for players.


Silent Guild

A guild in online games that minimizes communication.

This type of guild is suitable for players who want to focus on gameplay rather than words.



In competitive fighting games, this refers to a technique in which you get behind your opponent to throw him off guard.

This technique requires advanced strategy and instantaneous judgment, and plays an important role in battles.

By using it, you can turn the battle to your advantage, further deepening the psychological warfare between players.


metal gear solid

An action game for the PS1 released by Konami in 1998, it offered an innovative experience at the time with realistic graphics and cinematic production.

The series has a deep background and storytelling, and it can be said that it has opened a new horizon in the way stories are told in the game industry.

Its huge hit around the world is proof that its innovation and high quality have been recognized by many players.



Work necessary to operate a game server includes updating programs, increasing servers, and fixing problems.

Games are often unavailable during maintenance periods, but it is an essential process to provide a better playing environment.

These maintenance efforts support an environment where players can enjoy the game comfortably.



A general character or player who doesn’t stand out in the game, and plays a mostly background role.

Although this term is sometimes used with a negative connotation, it is essential for enhancing the reality of stories and game worlds.

When you consider that each mob character has a background that enriches their worldview, it gives you a sense of the depth of the game.




A word that refers to a specific group or group, and in games, it is used to refer to a specific group, regardless of whether it is a player-controlled character or friend or foe.

This term is particularly useful when considering the importance of strategic combinations and placements.

It’s a fascinating process to think about how units work together in a game and come up with strategies that take advantage of each unit’s unique characteristics.

The possibilities of the game will expand infinitely depending on the combinations of each unit.



final boss

The strongest enemy that awaits you at the final stage of the game. They usually appear at the climax of a game’s story or quest, and serve as the ultimate test for the player.

This showdown serves as the culmination of the game and provides players with memorable moments.

Final boss battles often require special strategy and preparation, and test the player’s skill and knowledge to win.



A delay that occurs during gameplay, especially noticeable in online games.

This issue has a significant impact on the player experience, and can have devastating consequences, especially in games that require instantaneous reactions.

Lag is an ever-present problem in online gaming, although it is hoped that it will be alleviated through technical improvements and server optimization.



An expression widely used on the Internet, used to express strong laughter or surprise.

Often seen in game chats where players share fun moments.

Such abbreviations enrich online communication and bring players closer together.



A player who ranks high in a particular performance or ranking within a game.

These players are often respected and admired by other participants, and play an important role in the community both in and out of the game.

Becoming a ranked player is a goal for many players and is a great motivator for competition and growth.


random number

A number used to randomly determine events and outcomes in a game.

This system allows the game to have an element of unpredictability, providing a fresh experience each time you play.

The use of random numbers is essential to keeping the game fair and balanced.



Particularly in competitive games, the unexpected participation of other players.

This element of surprise adds tension and an exciting challenge to the game.

However, unexpected intrusions can be a challenge for players.


reaction video

A video that captures the reactions of live broadcasters to game events and new release announcements.

These videos are extremely popular within the gaming community as a way to share empathy and excitement, deepening bonds between fans. Sharing the excitement of an event in real time is a new way to enjoy the digital age.


real time strategy

A strategy game genre in which the game progresses in real time.

This format requires split-second judgment and adaptation of strategy, and provides players with the opportunity to develop advanced strategic thinking and rapid reaction skills.

Real-time strategy games have become an attractive option for players who love dynamic gameplay and deep strategy.



RMT, or Real Money Trading, is the act of buying and selling in-game items and accounts for real money.

This behavior is considered problematic and prohibited by many gaming communities and developers.

RMT reduces the fairness of the game and may have a negative impact on the economic system.



Results are game results that evaluate player performance and show scores and rankings.

This feedback is an important indicator for players to understand and improve their skills.



Respawning is when a character starts playing again from a specific point in the game after being defeated.

This system gives players the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and try again.


reset button

The reset button is a button that is used when the game cannot proceed, and has the function of restarting the game.

This button allows players to reset the game and try a new one.


reset marathon

A reset marathon, or reset marathon, is the act of repeatedly reinstalling a game, especially in app games, until you get the desired item or character.

This effort goes into giving players the best possible start at the beginning of the game.


refresh rate

Refresh rate is a value that indicates how many times a display refreshes the screen per second.

A display with a high refresh rate provides smooth images even in fast-moving games for a better visual experience.



Remakes improve graphics and gameplay by rebuilding past titles with new technology and perspectives.

This gives classic works a chance to be embraced by a new generation of players.


Ryu ga Gotoku

The “Ryu ga Gotoku” series is an action RPG game set in the Japanese underworld, published by SEGA.

Throughout the series, the unique storytelling and deep characters have captivated many fans.


Theoretical value

Theoretical value refers to the highest score or performance that can be achieved in the game.

In particular, it is often used in score attack type games such as music games, and the goal is to get close to this theoretical value through the player’s skill and strategy.

Challenging the theoretical values ​​requires a deep understanding of the game and a high level of skill, and is a big challenge for players.


retro games

Retro games refer to games that were popular in the early 1990s or earlier, and include games released on platforms such as Famicom, Mega Drive, and PC Engine.

These games offer simple yet engaging gameplay that is different from modern games and continue to be loved by many fans.

Retro games also have important value for modern game developers and players, as they allow you to experience the origins of game design.



Levels in games are indicators of a character’s stage of growth and ability.

In games such as RPGs, by raising your character’s level you will be able to learn new skills and magic, allowing you to face more powerful enemies.

Leveling up is an important element that increases the player’s sense of accomplishment and progress in the game.


rapid fire/consecutive hits

Rapid fire refers to performing attacks one after the other, and rapid fire refers to the act of repeatedly pressing a button.

These are operations often seen in action games and shooting games, and require instantaneous reaction speed and sustained input.

Rapid fire and repeated hits have the effect of increasing the tension and excitement in the game.


roguelike game

A roguelike game is a dungeon exploration RPG game inspired by Rogue, which was released in 1980.

These games feature randomly generated dungeons and perma-death, making each game a different adventure.

Roguelike games are supported by many game fans due to their high level of difficulty and high replayability.


role playing games

Role-playing games (RPGs) are a genre of games in which players control characters, advance through a story, form a party, and go on an adventure.

Famous series such as Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy are widely regarded as prime examples of this genre.

RPGs provide players with an immersive experience where they can enjoy the depth of the story and the growth of their characters.



spring up

“Spring” is an in-game slang term that refers to the appearance of many players or characters in a specific location.

In online games and multiplayer games, it is used to express the phenomenon in which a large number of players gather in the same place due to specific events or conditions.

This term is often used in communication between players and message boards.

This phenomenon indicates active community and player interaction within the game, and is often part of the engaging gaming experience for players.

Especially when “springing” phenomena occur to obtain rare items or participate in events, cooperation and competition in the game are encouraged, resulting in rich changes in the dynamics of the game.

The sense of realism and tension created by players coming together in this way can be said to be one of the unique charms of online games.




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